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"The experience of the United States is a happy disproof of the error so long rooted in the unenlightened minds of well-meaning Christians, as well as in the corrupt hearts of persecuting usurpers, that without a legal incorporation of religious and civil polity, neither could be supported."

Fight the H8 in Your State"A mutual independence is found most friendly to practical religion, to social harmony, and to political prosperity."

~ Honorable James Madison, Jr., President, The United States of America, 1809–1817. The Father of the Constitution, Author of the Bill of Rights, Co Author of The Federalist Papers

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16 January 2013

Sometimes you Wade other times you Roe ... Unfortunately we keep sinking the boat before we make it to dry land. How long can we tread water?

Regarding the March For Life this Saturday I would like to provide both a libertarian and personal commentary as well as a small amount of pastoral instruction as we approach the 40th Anniversary of the Supreme Courts decision in Roe vs. Wade which legalized a woman's equal access to terminate their unborn child. .

Even the Early Church Fathers and St Augustine and Jerome (both contemporaries and Doctors of the Church) considered Aristotle's theories of a gradual intellect being formed up to 40 Days after Conception as the child being non human or not having been ensouled yet; the Greek Septuagint (LXX) translation of the Hebrew text, a pre-Christian translation that the early Christians used, introduced a distinction between a formed and an unformed fetus and treated destruction of the former as murder. (wiki: Ensoulment) Certain readings of Sacred Text would limit the definition of "Life Being Present" to the sixth month mark (John The Baptist in his Mother's womb danced), or when the baby takes its first breathe and "Breathes in the Spirit", or the reverse from Jeremiah's perspective is held true as well: "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations I appointed you. ~Jeremiah 1:5 (NABRE, USCCB.ORG)" etc., which asserts preconception knowledge not just post conception awareness. All are equally valid arguments based on particular interpretations of the same over all Sacred Volume of Texts. 

Unfortunately for those holding to which ever position they so choose, and citing which ever passage they prefer, the Courts cannot legislate morality from Scripture or Philosophy only justice from law and Supreme Laws. Those same limitations which allow one to hold any of those if not more positions, are countermanded by the the same protections which prevent the Courts from viewing this mandate from an authentically questionable alternative source and restore permission back to the individual to terminate a pregnancy without  any other scrutiny then a legal or scientific viewpointe.  

Scientifically speaking the modern very basic definition of life at least exists from the ninth month all the way back to the first week after Conception. I, as most rational thinkers also, have a problem with people taking the assumption then that the basic definition of life is still defined scientifically within the first week, as no evidence still exist nor can it be measured. So for lack of a better phrase, it would be scientifically heresy to make that leap of seven days prior in defining life as sacred, from the very moment of conception; and therefore a logical fallacy to do so within legal definitions as well, even taking it back to two weeks prior to conception for certain birth control legislation, as profoundly ridiculous, let alone unconstitutional to the hilt.

Being prolife or prochoice?

And that is where the rubber fell to the floorboards. The scientific definition while a little more stable than the religious interpretation and philosophical exercise that this debate has turned into is also not definitive when it comes to a Court of Laws. The Law has four main documents that it can look at: The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation (Under the United States Code as part of the "Organic Laws") and of course primarily the Constitution of the United States as well as any International Treaty which also has the ability with Constitutional force to override any law at the state or federal level. The Courts are bound by what we wrote down so many years ago whom we considered a life and alive.

The question the Court must ask, pertaining to the Constitution
 is not, "Whom is a Life"; it is, "Whom is a 'Person'?"

"Persons" are one of the two main classes which are the subject of rights, powers, and duties, the other being "citizens". Persons may be "natural" or "corporate". "Citizens" are a subclass of "natural persons". Only persons have standing as parties under due process. Each government has the power to define what is and is not a "person" within its jurisdiction, subject to certain restrictions of Common Law and the Constitution, the 15th Amendment to which requires that it not exclude anyone based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude. Under Common Law existing at the time of the adoption of the U.S. Constitution, "natural personhood" was considered to begin at natural birth and end with the cessation of the heartbeat. But technology has created a new situation, opening the way for statute or court decision to extend this definition and set the conditions under which personhood begins and ends. (http://constitution.org/powright.htm)
I think both arguments limit the discussion to the pointe of fierce contention rather than conversation. While I do have my concerns over multiple theological, scientific, and legal, definitions of life, and I also know that while life is sacred, the question of when life begins and whom has rights over that life need to be examined without shouting and propagating misinformation and vilifying another fully formed mature conscious equal human beings right to have any opinion or Society to evolve in its consensus regarding the issue.

If you want to claim Pro Life ... Be Pro Life!

I also hold that we have a twisted moral and legal compass when it comes to assuring life within this Country. For instance, were you aware that, right now in the State of Indiana, a Father has no legal rights over a child, unless a DNA test is performed and validated by the Courts. I believe that Fathers deserve at least a 25% stake in the legal remedies for their offspring. This would prevent so many children from being left in a quasi abusive or neglectful maternal living situation overnight, and give fathers one leg to stand on with surrogacy and adoption issues too. Please note with all emphasis that, just because your name is on the kids birth certification doesn't mean jack squat when dealing with Police, DCS, or the Courts until a DNA test has been certified!!

Like I said many times before that if we truly treasure life we would compensate mothers and or fathers with a moderate stipend around ($14-20,000), housing allowance, and reduced cost technical training, for the first two years so that they can focus on raising their child without having to worry about when their next meal comes in, or where they lay their head at night, and what they are going to do for the next twenty years to support and raise their children, because it is in our best interest as a Civil Society. As a Society bound together by our Sacred Honour to "Secure the Blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our posterity" to say with one voice we want you to not just pursuit happiness but achieve it and succeed to make this Nation better for all of us .... Plus if we help in the beginning we wont have as big of a mess to clean up afterwards when they become teenagers or grown up into adults.

There is a big difference between being an Activist and being an Active Participant In Society! 

Both are necessary but the later will make this one of the most beautiful Cities and Counties in America bar none!! That is the true libertarian message we look out for each other and don't just rely on government to do everything and anything for everyone and take care of one another rather than sticking them in a program that doesn't even begin to meet their needs without making them jump threw twenty hoops to get a loaf of bread, a two dollar pound of bologna, and maybe a couple squirts of mayo on the side if they are lucky in some cases. Fortunately though Allen County has several great food bank network that serves at least a 25,000 households per week; but like any network or agency, they can always use some tweaking and oversight.

So instead of marching, I am going to assist a single father I've known for fifteen years in securing him and his three sons housing by writing a letter of recommendation and sponsoring his application process so that they can actually begin to excel in life around our three rivers not just exist. I will also donate my limited resources to Charis House, and many other charities that help fledgling and struggling families get threw another week a little less stressed than they were before. 

If you do choose to parade around the Courthouse and threw the streets this time though look down the alley and invite the person raiding the trash can behind the restaurant or grocery store to feed his family of five something other than mac n cheese or an item from a fast food chains value menu over for a wonderful homemade dinner and show them what Hoosier Hospitality is all about. You could also volunteer to take someone to Miss Virginia's or any of the other food banks throughout the week so they and their children will be able to eat better frequently.  

No matter the circumstances, Cherish and Nourish Life! and please don't forget about Liberty either!

~ MRev. Kenneth White, Jnr., Editor of F6; 
Apostolic Chair, Our Lady Rejoice Ministries; 
Vice Chair, Libertarian Party of Allen County; 
Vice President, Heartland Communities, Inc

Please check out these websites for more information to form your own opinion:

12 February 2011

BULLOCKS: Bitching About Budgets

With all the talk in Washington D.C., Indianapolis, and City Hall, about budgets, I figured I would share our household budget for a two week period for groceries, as one of the things that gets touted aimlessly about is social security welfare and food stamp benefits reduction without reserve or cause. This is just food and doesnt include somethings as it is always an on going process and shifting from one thing to another to make things stretch and operate with less than you have or need. But as with every budget process you have to start somewhere in order to figure out if you have fucked something up along the way. I prefer to start at the top and work my way down.

One thing that is not listed in the budget is our beverage consumption as it varies based on the individual another is that I try to set aside up to $40 per month for really good deals that come up over the course of the month that allow me to stock up on stuff that then gets dissipated over next several months of savings by not having to purchase stuff at normal or increased prices and or quantities because I was able to purchase for dimes on the dollar now. This doesnt happen every month but its always in the back of my brain as a consideration. It also helps that I own a deep freezer too. Anybody hit a deer lately?

I encourage everyone to put their grocery budgets out there on the web, especially FACEBOOK, as a way of telling Congress (tag your member of Congress) and your State Legislature and City/County Council and pundits to get real about debates and budgets and have an honest conversation about where our dollars are spent, and quit trying to use or malign those whom barely have enough to survive on a monthly basis or receive benefits, because as I can attest below, it doesn't go to waste.

Grocery $77 for two weeks for basics for 3-4 people.

30 medium eggs $ 2.85 = $74.15
3 Gallon vD Milk $ 7.50 = $66.65
2 8oz pk cream cheese $3.21 = $63.44
3 loaves of bread $3.00 = $60.44
8 5oz cans Tuna $5.60 = 54.84
(+or 2 cans of Salmon $4.00 @FD)
3lbs roll of hamburger $6.00 = 48.84
Cottage Cheese tub $2.50 = $46.34
2 lbs Turkey Lmeat $8.00 = $38.34
1 48oz Butter Tub $ 2.25 = $36.09
3lbs Turk Burg/Sausg $6.00 = $30.09
3lbs Chicky Breast @1.79/lb = $24.72
Cereal/Oatmeal/Waffles $3 = $21.72
2lbs bolonga cheap shit $2.50 = $19.22
Herbs and Spices (AN) $3.22 = $16.00
Veggies Can & Froze $8.00 including:
+ 2 1lbs Broci &Chz Sau $4.00 WM/F
+ 2 13oz net Mushrooms $3.00 WM/C
+ 4 28oz cans of tomatoes $6.00 SL/C
+ Unknown Carrots/Peas/Corn $4.00
+ 3lbs bag of yellow onion $3.00
+ 5lbs bag of taters $3.00
1 8.5oz Olive Oil $3.00 = $5.00
1lbs Colby Cheese $4.00 = $3.00
1-3 pkgs of seeds $1 = $00 budget met

09 February 2011

Thank you for reading F6 all these years

Hello and again thank you for taking the time to read F6 Queer Views Of Life Along Our Three Rivers even while it has been inactive for the last year and a half. I truly do miss contributing within this forum and getting to meet all of you across the electronic superhighway and side roads that we all slide down from time to time. I thank you for traveling down my dirt road from time to time. With all the changes that have occurred over the last eighteen months there have been and still are numerous times where I have wanted to return and share those stories and my commentary and illustrate the beauty of the male body and bond of brotherly love in the midst of all the chaos, if only to bring even for just a moment my unique perspective and order to the disillusion many feel on a daily basis.

There were other reasons that facilitated me taking a break, it was also right when GOOGLE was cracking down unjustly on questionable (at best mature, but not porn) gay content specifically, on blogger/blogspot. From a personal perspective, I took a break after my fathers passing and my health taking a turn for the worse temporarily. I waited for a year to decide whether or not to come back to it or clean it up a bit and turn it into a resource page while still keeping the historical record in tact. When that year happened to pass I was recovering from two major surgeries within a three month time frame and dealing with life issues and roommate issues and such. So as that deadline passed in October 2010, I just let it sit still and serve for the historical record and what little up to date resources there still were.

I hope that helps explain some of it. I am putting together a compendium of my writings and updating them to current sources and will probably have that published either this year or next. Sorry for being so morbid, but as it stands now, I dont foresee my being able to publish F6 any further on a regular basis. While there will be a few posts as I update and finish telling stories begun on here many moons ago, as much as I miss it and as much as I miss each of you, I must preserve what is already here so that we never forget and then make it the best resource possible for the future generation to see and remember the struggle and sacrifice for equality.

Enjoy this adventure of my life and may you have many Blessings Along The Journey,
Fr. Fozy Bear, MRev. Kenneth White, Jnr., Editor of F6

This wouldnt be a proper F6 posting without a video from Jay Brannan

25 November 2009

Whether you have been naughty or nice shouldnt matter before Thanksgiving

Sasha Native Headdress Souix NationPreparation for Christmas has been moved back to Halloween and we're thinking about candy corn on the Fourth of July....the only reason we still celebrate Thanksgiving anymore is because food merchants want to get in their deals and steals throughout the holiday seasons too and the poultry industry wouldn't be the same if everyone just ate Chicken and told the Turkey to go screw off like it normally does in the wild. If it gets any worse improperly anthropomorphic animated Witches will be traveling around while straddling bottle rockets on Mother's Day delivering carnations to Church's flower sales with miniature bunnies siting on the other end to act as a tail fin.

We are allowing corporate greed and political correctness to bury our nation's history and broken promises but yet lofty dreams and bold ideals all at the same time by covering over part of the distinct position of this pseudo secular religious holiday. We see Thanksgiving as the beginning of a really expensive pipe dream that y'all will be paying off for six months or longer, rather than a moment to stop and give thanks for the year that has just passed, the harvest in our pantries and cellar storage, and the fact that for at least half the country we are gathered around with friends and/or family and taking a moment to share ourselves with each other, and perhaps a perfect stranger.

Like the story of the first Thanksgiving, that we were told growing up, when the Native people of this land shared the skills to survive in this new climate and circumstances, take a moment to remember this past year before you embark on the next journey in faith and peace. Also remember though to serve those whom do not have what you have been blessed with, by being the first to open your home and share it freely, as the Good News of Him who was, is, and will be, asked us to do, so that He may come and dine with you and your family today too.

There was suppose to be a post today...what happened?

The crack staff of F6 received word today that Father Fozy has been called away this Thanks Giving weekend on an issue of Apostolic proportion. All we could find was the prior pastoral commentary you all just read and then we received word as to where Father Fozy was called away towards, we never had no idea it was for this:

:: Breaking News ::
Santa's Workshop overtaken by drunk teen boy band
...live coverage coming soon....

Apparently the SeVille boys were a little depressed this Holiday Season with their second movie being pushed back three months (from March 2010 to Christmas this year) and album sales diminishing, but they were confident they would come in first place at the Mythical Creatures Annual Dinner & Karaoke Contest, and win the coveted Crown of Prosperity for another year. What they didn't know is Mr. Freeze's Assistant had spiked the eggnog at the table they all were sitting at to try to warm up everyone on a very chilly night at the North Pole....they are now holding the elves hostage.

Santa is okay, The Bishop from Turkey is on his personal yacht sailing around the Netherlands region, looking in on small children as they sleep. and is receiving reports from Fr. Fozy's staff who is making a SITREP from the scene hourly. To hear more live coverage call 260-312-2200 and listen to the report filed last night in the field by Father Fozy's staff Guardian Spirit, Weasel (Weasie) and Guardian Angel, Julian (Jules) Reign.

Happy Thanksgiving! everyone and to our men and women serving in the Military, HooRah! to you also.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The preceding news report and subsequent voice mail message are fictitious.
They are a continuation of a personal tradition to bring some bad comedy throughout the holiday season courtesy of my voice mail. I hope you all enjoy and check back for further installments in this year's series. No underage mythical or animated creatures were harmed or hammered nor were any copyright infringements intended in the making of this and subsequently following story lines.

06 November 2009

Split Pea Soup: Entrepreneurial Spirit abounds at the Pontiac Mall this holiday season.

As most of my really close friends are aware I am in the process of moving from the north end of the City by Glenbrook Mall to the southwest side of town. Between the adventure of getting the house ready to move into (putting visquinne on the windows, getting utilities turned on), meeting my crazy neighbors, and getting to know the neighborhood I will now reside in, I found something really cool to tell you all about.

Three days ago I found myself in the throws of my stomach revolting against the idea of going another a hour without food, it was really warm that day so I had burned through my breakfast relatively quickly with everything going on, plus being hypoglycemic trying to stave off a protein deficiency and a sugar crash at the same time means only one option, milk product (milk has equal parts, protein and sugar, instant fix) and rest then food; cigarettes and nicotine and string cheese can only get you so far. So I went looking for a diner or cafe; I knew there had to be one somewhere. Somewhere down Pontiac Street there had to be a classic hole in the wall diner, some place with inexpensive, good quality, old soul style, food, (or as we use to call it, grubbins); the free market, my wallet, demanded nothing else. I wondered aimlessly across Pontiac looking for said restaurant, I wanted a real restaurant something with character and community fried into its pores.

After turning around one time to check back at the Pontiac Mall I happened across a sign at the very bottom that I didnt see the first time I passed thanks to a light pole and a bus blocking the sign from view at 30 mph. I park and walk in only to find a sign that said the cafe was only open from 11a-1p. Completely disheartened and my blood sugar levels close to crashing, I went into the convience store to grab a soda as a last ditch effort to give me a quick boost until I could find dinner, only to find out that the restaurant is open and the entrance is on the west-south-west (right of the main entrance) side of the building. I will be okay, yeah!

I went in and standing behind the service window of Mattie Mae's Cafe is a short and stocky middle age woman with a cheerful grin and a mild roar greeting me saying "how is you doing?" and "what will you have?" her name is Marnetta. Marnetta named the Cafe after her Aunt, there are several pictures of her in the Cafe. I would recommend that you try the signature Mattie Burger Combo which consist of a seasoned 1/4 lbs (after cooking) of meat cheese and the works including mayo, with a side of seasoned fries, and a can of Big K Soda (additional sodas are by the can at 50 cents each) for about 5.00. The other menu I can recommend is the Nachos both of these will fill anyone up easily. Mattie Mae's is open Tuesday through Saturday from 8a-7p and is located at the Pontiac Mall 1108 East Pontiac across from the Whitney Young Early Childhood Center.

The reason I am telling you all of this is because of what I found while I was there. At the service window on the counter they had a contest, for a dollar you got to guess how much candy was in this 2 pound container, if you won you got a free meal on the house. The donations from the game are going to put on a Thanksgiving dinner for the area homeless and hungry and the whole mall is participating and hosting the venture of service to those in need. So my request to each of you that read this blog is that if you like good food, and you want to spread the ideas of libertarian philosophy around, and support group of businesses that are reaching out to serve the community they are in, spend a dollar, take a guess, and then stay for dinner. At Mattie Mae's a family of four can still eat for less than a quarter of a buck (that is $25) in the Summit City and it doesnt have to be fast food.

Think about it and then do something about it!

24 September 2009

Recent road collapse causes speculation on origin and prevention but also leads me to call out and question local broadcast stations

Photo by Indiana News CenterMonday evening the road collapsed on US Highway 27 northbound, south of State Boulevard, just before the Kroger Fueling Station. This incident caused major headaches as the road in question is a primary route through town and the lights are timed at 28-32 miles per hour to make traffic flow smoothly, typically a twenty minute trip one way. According to an interview given to Stephen Parker @ Around Fort Wayne by Rachel Blakeman, a former blogger, and current Public Information Officer for the City, they checked all possible causes and their working position now is that a water main break ten years ago caused the soil to move or become settled and therefore caused the road pavement to buckle under and take the City on a wonderfully (35 miles per hour, across a 12 inch dip in the road, on a curve, at night) fun ride. The City hopes to have the road repaired, at a cost of 26 thousand dollars (INC 23 September 2009), by Friday, weather permitting.

The only question left to ask now is: Does the City need to go back and check the sites of all other previous water main breaks to prevent this from happening yet again?

My Problem With Local Broadcast Media

This incident was responded to promptly so I wont critique the City on interdepartmental communication this time but I will critique the local broadcast media establishments for not broadcasting the traffic alert at the bottom and top of the hours as the incident unfolded and progressed. Most of the radio stations that I tuned into were on national syndication at the time with no one answering phones or able to announce the obstruction to traffic on the air. Maybe we need to take stock in what we want from local radio? I am not saying that national shows and prerecorded programs are a bad thing, but when there is no one present to put out the traffic advisory for such a major road closing, or receive up to date information from average citizens at the event's occurrence, we begin to see another issue at play. What does that say about the intention of these people we entrust with our airwaves?

That is right, our airwaves!
Publicly owned airwaves!

This isn't an issue of local only it is an issue of local at all. Most radio stations rely on the prepackaged or syndicated programs to fill time and just milk the advertising dollars from such programs. I miss the days of long term, local hired, Disc Jockeys (excuse me, Personalities) whom actually get involved in the Community they serve and do more than slut out the top 40 list every couple of hours, we need more indie and local music.

We need independent stations that aren't owned by conglomerates in the same market. We need to celebrate the arts and music but also receive our news and commentary from many different sources rather than allowing one or two stations to provide every comment or thought from a biased, small minded, position of assumed public trust. We need to start having public conversations again on air and actually invite the best people to the airwaves not just the ones who have the loudest mouths or the most clout in the industry or social landscape.

Allen County needs its own radio station that celebrates the people, arts and music, cultures, reports the news, and offers a balance of commentary on everything. My only question, Whom is willing to start providing and maintaining a truly free press for everyone to participate in? Are You?


give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!