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31 March 2008

News From Kansas: 400+ show for Million Fag March on Sunday

We are finally getting news stories, blog reports, and video out of Kansas regarding the Million Fag March that was held yesterday at Gage Park in Topeka, Kansas as a "queer benefit" for Rev. Fred Phelps and his melancholy crew of followers and family members.

Here are some of the articles just now hitting the news services and wires:

Marching against Phelps
Group gathers to protest church's controversial messages

By Taylor Atkins
The Capital-Journal

Monday, March 31, 2008

It was a love fest Sunday morning at the corner of S.W. 10th and Gage. The Million Fag March, started by Chris Love, of Leavenworth, drew more than 400 demonstrators with signs, shirts, even pants touting messages of compassion and tolerance. Homosexual, heterosexual and transgender pickets lined the corner of Gage Park. They hugged, danced and cheered as passersby honked their support.

"It's about time we did something like this again," said Hope Prescott, of Topeka, who waved a rainbow banner. "We feel somewhat responsible for the Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church. It's about time we show our support for gays rights and all rights."

Love said the idea for the march came after Westboro members picketed actor Heath Ledger's stateside memorial service, but the theme for Sunday's event encompassed more than funeral picketing. "It's not just about the Heath Ledger thing," Love said. "We're against everything that church does. The theory has been to ignore them, and they'll go away. It's been 20 years, and they're still here. Now we are too."

Picketers began lining up as early as 10 a.m., making signs on the side of the road. By 11 a.m. the crowd had overtaken the southeast corner of Gage Park waiting for the march to begin.

"I think it's good that all these people are here to march," said Ashley Lankard, a 12-year-old Landon Middle School student, who came with friends and family. "The Phelps always come to my school to picket. If they can say whatever they want, then we should be able to say what we want, too." With a magic marker, Lankard wrote her chosen words — "God loves everybody" — on a neon poster. At noon, she held it above her head as the crowd began to march.

Traffic slowed to watch the parade travel north on S.W. Gage then circle back through Gage Park. The Topeka police mobile command unit and several officers were on scene to ensure the event remained peaceful. Love wasn't worried about violence.

"I invited Westboro to come out and join us, but they didn't come," he said. "I don't think what we're doing is going to change them. It's just time to show people that not everyone in Kansas is like the Phelps'."

Hundreds protest peacefully against Westboro Baptist Church

Story by Marshanna Hester

KTKA ABC Channel 49

7:06 p.m. Sunday, March 30, 2008
They came with signs of love, respect and tolerance in all different races, sexual orientations and age groups, to show members of the Westboro Baptist Church that they too have first amendment rights.

“Standing up is the right thing to do,” said JD Stottlemire, march participant. “I think it's exciting it's the million fag march today, not because it has anything to do with homosexuality but because it dis-empowers the Phelps.”

“I think it’s cool and awesome,” said Elliot Nold, march participant.

Chris Love is the organizer of the march, but you didn't have to be homosexual to participate. So what's behind the name? Love said it has to do with the church's use of the word. “Generally it seems to be the case with them that anybody who's not apart of their church gets called a fag, so in that situation everybody here is a fag,” Love said.

Nold, 12, stood among the hundreds holding her sign "Love It or Leave it." She said she's grown up seeing the church's message. “[It] makes me feel sad because they think that that's the truth but it's not because God loves everybody no matter how they act,” she said.

The Phelps have been around for 17 years and have done more than 34,000 pickets. They were invited to the march to express their views but didn't show up. “They said that they didn't feel they could be kept safe,” Love said. With police protection on the ground and in the air participants peacefully walked the streets of Topeka.

And though the demonstrators know they won't change the minds of the Westboro members, Love had this to say. “You can at least have your voice heard,” he said. Topeka police say there were no problems with the march.

Because of the large turnout, organizers are planning to make the protest an annual event.

[EDITOR'S NOTE:] As more stories come in we will link to them below. THERE WILL BE A SEPARATE POST IF EITHER REV. PHELPS (OR OTHERS) PUTS OUT A RESPONSE OR IF CHRIS LOVE SENDS OUT A LETTER REGARDING THIS EVENT. Per the response to our previous post, feel free to comment below.

30 March 2008

They are all not just another soldier.

Tributes to a fallen hero; but wait,
what about Dont Ask, Dont Tell?

I have been sitting on this post for a day or two. So, I now have the right amount of information to be able to comment. A controversy has erupted in Washington D.C. over the combat death of Major Alan Rogers on the 27th of January and the failure of the Washington Post to disclose his sexual orientation during recent coverage.

Army Officer Remembered as Hero
Friends, Fellow Soldiers Mourn Loss of 'Exceptional' Man

by Donna St. George
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, March 22, 2008; Page B03

He was a soldier first, and that was clear when Army Maj. Alan G. Rogers was buried at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors. Rifles were fired. A bugler played taps. An Army chaplain said the decorated officer would be remembered as "one of the heroes of history."

Rogers, 40, was killed by a makeshift explosive device in Baghdad on Jan. 27 while in a Humvee. "As God would have it," his commanding officer wrote to his family in a letter, "he shielded two men who probably would have been killed if Alan had not been there."

Rogers was a military intelligence officer who had worked at the Pentagon, served in the Persian Gulf War and was on his second tour in Iraq. When he was killed, he was attached to the 4th Infantry Division as part of a team that was embedded with and trained Iraqi soldiers.

"What an exceptional, brilliant person -- just well-spoken and instantly could relate to anybody," Col. Thomas Fernandez, his commanding officer in Iraq, said in an interview. "He had a gift. He was unlike anybody I've met before."

The Army officer was awarded a Purple Heart posthumously and his second Bronze Star, then laid to rest March 14 at a morning service set against the bare trees of March and attended by more than 150 mourners. Friends and fellow soldiers came from as far away as Iraq and South Korea.

[...7 IP....]

In a recent posting by Deborah Howell, Ombudsman of the Paper, she corrected the oversight very well but still left open some very harsh wounds and questions that we in the GLBTIQAS Community need to take a serious review of and introspection as to where our moral stand should be and why.

Public Death, Private Life

What should a newspaper print about a person's most private life in a story after his death?

The Post ran a story March 22 about the burial at Arlington National Cemetery of Army Maj. Alan G. Rogers, a decorated war hero killed in an explosion in Baghdad. The subject of much journalistic soul-searching, the story did not mention that Rogers's friends said that he was gay and was well known in local gay veterans' circles. The Washington Blade, a gay-oriented newspaper, identified him as gay in a story Friday that was critical of The Post.

For The Post, Rogers's death raised an unanswerable question: Would he have wanted to be identified as gay? Friends also struggled with that question but decided to tell The Post that he was because, they said, he wanted the military's "don't ask, don't tell" rule repealed. Yet a cousin and a close friend felt that his sexual orientation was not important; his immediate family members are deceased.

[...2 IP....]

Many editors discussed the issue, and it was "an agonizing decision," one said. The decision ultimately was made by Executive Editor Len Downie, who said that there was no proof that Rogers was gay and no clear indication that, if he was, he wanted the information made public.

Downie said that what Rogers's friends said and the fact that Rogers was a former treasurer of American Veterans for Equal Rights (AVER) were not enough. Downie pointed out that many straight journalists belong to the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association.

Downie's ruling was in line with The Post's stylebook policy. "A person's sexual orientation should not be mentioned unless relevant to the story . . . . Not everyone espousing gay rights causes is homosexual. When identifying an individual as gay or homosexual, be cautious about invading the privacy of someone who may not wish his or her sexual orientation known."

[... 5 IP....]

Sharon Alexander, director of legislative affairs for the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, was a friend of Rogers and lobbies for the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell." She ultimately concluded that he would have wanted "that part of his story to be told to help move the issue of repeal forward."


The Post was right to be cautious, but there was enough evidence -- particularly of Rogers's feelings about "don't ask, don't tell" -- to warrant quoting his friends and adding that dimension to the story of his life. The story would have been richer for it.

Finally the last comment on this I am pulling from Steve Ralls @ BILERICO.

[... 3 IP....]

The conversation surrounding his tragic death has been off-point, and, as a result, Americans are being denied an historic opportunity to discuss the enormous sacrifice our LGBT neighbors and loved ones are making in defense of freedoms abroad that they are often denied right here at home.

I first met Alan a few years ago, during a fundraiser here in Washington. He was, as his commanding officer also observed, "an exceptional, brilliant person -- just well-spoken and instantly could relate to anyone." He had offered to allow a friend from San Francisco to stay with him while visiting D.C. for the weekend, and we instantly became friends. After the fundraising dinner concluded, he asked if I wanted to go to the now-defunct gay dance club Nation, which was hosting a Madonnarama party that night.

We had a blast. Alan was effervescent, full of joy and just one of the nicest people anyone could hope to meet. After that night, we stayed in touch, meeting for cocktails and dinners and emailing each other about what was happening in our lives. Alan had an enormous heart and always cared about everyone in his life. And he had a deep commitment to the United States military and his work as an Army Major.

[...9 IP....]
Steve's tribute is the one that made me decide to finish and make this post. In the concluding nine paragraphs of his post he expresses outrage but also asks some serious questions about our future and what this situation reveals about the ongoing debate in this country over gays and lesbians serving in the military or issues of equality in general.

It is situations like this that should call the public to review their biases and the country to take an honest hard look at what we truly mean by We The People and All Men Are Created Equal. Major Rogers was not equal, he was exceptional! He has offered his life along with not being allowed equality based on whom he chose to love. How much more prejudicial can America become?

A lot of my friends and kids are exceptionally serving silently as Service Members of the seven different branches of the Uniformed Forces proudly. I am a military brat and if I could have I would be serving my Country also.

These laws were not started until after 1916 under the bad influence of Calvinism by those who held the Office of President and need to be repealed by Congress today. We need to stand up and say no longer will this discrimination happen in the land of the free, and the home of the brave!

[NOTE: ...#IP.... denotes numbers of paragraphs edited, no number just means one.]
[NOTE: Other articles by F6 on Gays in the Military and Links are found in this forum.]
[CITE: Here is the correct link to the Washington Blade story as cited in the last two articles.]


Seven branches? I thought it was only four: Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines?

You are not mistaken just misinformed. The other three branches of the United States Uniformed Services aren't always "armed". There is the Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service under the direct command of the Surgeon General; The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, under the Secretary of Commerce; and of course the United States Coast Guard, under the Secretary of Homeland Security which is both armed and uniformed.

There is another Tribute by Tony Smith of Maj. Alan Rogers
@ The Gay Military Times hosted by Denny Meyer

27 March 2008

Comics and Animation Series: strike chords; challenge stereotypes!

At long standing within gay and lesbian youth and young adults maturity rituals is the affection for Science Fiction and the Superhero Comic Industries. This theory is proven still true more recently with the more detailed male to male intimate Animation/Manga Series, with even an entire subculture of them made for specifically for straight female readers (Yaoi).

Whether the stories displayed were of hot boys in their unitards, tights, made costumes, and bikini underwear being intimately bound and tortured (HERO by Perry Moore) by their best friend whom was also there secretly sworn arch nemesis, or just normal everyday occasions of young men (or women) being so close to one another that an impassioned love between the characters regardless of gender, status as friend or foe, develops. Just the idea alone of Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne swallowing down each others poles after defeating any of the vast enemies of the City of Gotham, make a homo erotic suggestion and foreplay throughout comics and sci-fi a part of most GLBT youths and young adults experiences and early formation and understanding of self.

While mapping out their sexual curiosity and stimulation as well as their personal sense of internal security, many GLBT youth relied on the stories of survival and right judgment of these characters, while embracing their own meekness.
When it comes to dealing with the diverse issues of coming out and living as a gay or lesbian in a very harsh society and cultures, these comics and science fiction genres gave us a idea of our true power while giving us the ability to stand firm, even when everyone else said that we were worthless and less than equal. Now we have a long list slowly building of GLBT authors writing out their stories and dreams of that hope for the next generations to not suffer like we had to through innuendo and hidden thoughts.

PRIDE HIGH Comic Series passes into its sophomore year

Just recently PINK KRYPTONITE spotlighted that the kids over at Poseidon Preparatory Academy for Heroic Youth are getting ready to go through another term at PRIDE HIGH! The sixth issue in the PH series Kid Gloves includes a bonus mini comic regarding one of the characters Kid Olympus.

I have been acquainted for a long time with Tommy Roddy through MySpace. We have shared resources before and carry a common passion for serving and protecting GLBT Youth and Young Adults. F6 has been proud to cross link and support the PRIDE HIGH Comic Series since our reintroduction in this newer blog format and we encourage everyone to check out both the vast array of Queer Comic and Animation Series older resources over on our LINKS PAGE and new links (some are in this post) that will be updated to the F6LP this weekend.... I promise.

By the way, as I was reviewing information for this post I found that PRIDE HIGH's Anniversary is the same as martyred gay coupled Saints Sergius and Bacchus, the 7th of October, kewl!

[REFERENCE:] For More information on GLBT Comics/Animation Characters and Fetishes check out Ray Randell's
Super Underwear Perverts (+18)

1st picture is from
Chicago's Stephen Rader @ Are you there blog? It's me, Stephen!
2nd picture source not known at time of publishing will cite asap!

25 March 2008

Im totally GAY for America by Trevor Moore

From the small comedy act that brought us such sketches as Office Circle Jerk comes another awesome song I'm Totally GAY for America by Trevor Moore of THE WHITEST KIDS U KNOW.

Hat tip to Waymon @ BILERICO

22 March 2008

FAG FAQS Who knew they made a movie with the same name?

So I was randomly searching WATCH-MOVIES.NET for something to do and to kill time and came across an awesome recent release JUMPER. A genetic anomaly allows a young man, David Rice, to teleport himself anywhere. He discovers this gift has existed for centuries and finds himself in a war that has been raging for thousands of years between "Jumpers" and those who have sworn to kill them, a secret generational society known as Paladins [IMDB]. In my opinion they should make JUMPER a regular series without hesitation. It was fucking phenomenal! Plus, Hayden Christensen is an absolute Hottie! By the way, no worries about gay sex, it is a science fiction chick flick. Is that even possible?

If you follow the link in the picture to the side I would suggest using the two part 'Requires Firefox' links in version nine to view the movie in a new tab through Internet Explorer, which means if you dont have FireFox you need to download it first. [PHOTO SOURCE: COLLIDER]

So after watching that movie just for kicks I figured I would see what gay themed movies they had... a good variety if I don't say so myself, small but good. As I was perusing their list I came across this Indie Film, for lack of a better phrase, written and directed by Everett Lewis, that uniquely perked my interest via the name of this blog forum.

FAG FAQS is a story about "India (played by Joe Lia) who after living on the tough streets of LA for a while, India hopes that every gay basher will meet his destiny. In this case Destiny is a black, 6 foot, high heel wearing, gun toting, drag queen with an attitude and a soft place in her heart for homeless gay boys."

Knowing that I have only watched half of FAG FAQS (click link or picture on side to watch movie using the second version), as I paused to write this post for Saturday. (on time, yeah!) I will warn you that there are sex scenes in the movie but they don't show the actual sex act, just everything before and after, so far. This is a really good movie and in one way vindicates the hustle of queer life but also exposes the hurt and anguish experienced by gay youth and young adults today at the hands of ignorance or bigotry whether it is social or religious or so familiar to us from our parents, siblings, and relatives.

I am one of the lucky ones, my parents support and love me no matter what I do. They trust me. There are many of my kids who never get the opportunity to have a Father say they love them or are proud of them or who they are becoming. If you take anything away from either of these films let it be the need for unconditional love of our children no matter whom they choose to love or whatever their destiny might be.

At the very beginning of the movie there is a quote from the 2004 Republican Party Platform which makes our fight even more legitimized and illustrated. The deep seated discrimination against love of another person very relevant still. If I can find the exact quotes somewhere, I will post them later. They are that important to read over and again until we realize how deep seated this double standard second class status for queers really is in their eyes, and then challenge the Republican Party to the core of its feigned existence!

This movie is not for the faint of heart but it is one for the record books. For all the gay boys who bitch about drag queens being improper spokespersons for the community or transgendereds being a part of our community this movie will challenge you as well. This Lincoln Libertarian is going to shout it from the roof tops and the belfries. Watch out religious and political hatemongers, Mamma Kahlua, my inner baptist black woman, is out, on the rag, and her pumps are loaded!

21 March 2008

Open Letter to BILERICO in response to Lets Talk About Sex

As mentioned in Sunday's post, I will be responding in part to the questions posed by Bil Browning in regards towards the controversy that began when the pictures of, now famous Big Brother 9 House Guest, James Zinkand, courteous of Dirty Boy Video weren't just posted but made available without censor if you just clicked the pictures into a new tab or window.

To repeat myself would seem frivolous at first, especially so soon after the original post. Unfortunately, I find it necessary to ejaculate the themes with confidence, so as to get the point across in reference and fidelity to our readership: F6 has a strict policy about, "no frontal exposure of male genitalia without explicit reason for valid illustration"; but I, as the Editor of F6, fully supports and defends Bil Browning in his work to keep access into the marketplace of ideas and the universal conversations, with full disclosure, open at all times.

Below are the synopsizes of his questions and my response to them will follow in normal paragraph format. To view the questions in their original context please visit Bil's original post on this topic.

Almost everyone who wrote (registered account users) clicked through to see those pictures of cum shots and erections and a bare ass. First I am not a registered user. I still clicked through to see if they were any different from the ones already available on the internet. Nope, they were the same; minus a couple that I had access to and used on my blog, because they didn't show direct frontal shots of either male's genitalia.

Is it okay to look at porn as long as you're outraged by it later?

That is the classic rhetorical question of the religious and those trying to appease their relationship with the Divine in front of other followers rather than just having an authentic on going relationship and conversation.

I cant recall the exact number of times I have heard people mortify themselves over three minutes of curious pleasure of their own body and mind; not even wanting to mention or consider expressing intimacy with their fellow person, regardless of gender! All of this is ingrained into our collective psyche because some out of date theologian monk scribe transcribed the word celebrate to celibate, and someone got a spiritual aversion to foreplay and intimacy when the but plug went to far in and got stuck during the turn of the previous millennium. BTW, That was a joke. I know for myself when I was less enlightened to the true journey of the Spirit and adventure that is this life, I was stuck in a similar pattern regularly of trying to prove my faith both to myself, others, and God. Thank Gawd I had a Pastor and mentor throughout my formative years teaching me the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, and the true nature of Divinity.

Does curiosity outweigh prudishness?
You should Google this question some of the results are interesting.

A prude is one who is excessively concerned with being or appearing to be proper, modest, or righteous. See there it is again, with the standards of society and religion, it is all about the appearance of propriety. Although curiosity, beside killing a cat, is to know or learn, about people or things that do not concern one's person; or an object that arouses interest, as by being novel or extraordinary; or a strange or odd aspect of history, culture, class, and position.

Obviously the whole of Reality TV is a scandal that should be reviewed but not because of the contestant's past adventures in life but the vetting process that is used to find the participants and whether or not they are amateurs or professional actors/performers. Over the last three seasons of Reality Television there has been some stark revelations as to the selection, voting, and actual game process that has called into profound question whether or not the game show laws of the 1970's and the trust of the American consumer have been violated. If the law and the public trust has been rendered mute, why hasn't there been enforcement by the FCC and also why hasn't the industry been forced by Congress or the consumer to revise those laws and have some decent internal standards, instead of com se com sa. Much likened to the chagrin of locals' thoughts regarding Drag Pageants: The damn thing is rigged! Stop voting for your favorite contestants people and send a message to the producers that you want a valid dose of reality or at minimum an authentic competition. [Photo: RAY RANDELL @ Super Underwear Perverts]

Does gender factor in to this?

With the exception that women can hide or express their mutual intimacies easier in public, nope.
Other sites like Queerty, OMG blog, and Proceed At Your Own Risk all put up eye candy and sexy posts. All three kick our ass in traffic and two of them are also political. If we put up eye candy posts (no genitalia exposed) and it were of men, women and trans folk, would that be okay? Yes! Where's the dividing line between eye candy and porn? Most would say that actual sexual acts not just an erect penis (Indiana law) is enough to label it as porn. However I disagree, because it is an issue not just of images of intimacy versus images just of sex but at what point does it become void of artistic intent, license, and criticism which is the academic litmus for porn versus erotic art.

Does eye candy drag down the site or add to what a lot of people obviously want? Every picture on my blog has been used to either assist illustration of: reporting the news, commentary, or in some way give graphic representation to content and resources shared. In that regard, by both legal and academic standard does not qualify as porn, but it can be considered by some to be offensive.

Is a four way intimacy or just sex? Can it be both? Does two men being probed anally by a third constitute as porn? Does images of boys just being boys and loving each other constitute as porn? Does it constitute as sex or just intimacy shared deeply between best friends?

So where does porn fit into the mix? Images of a four way sex scene while intriguing cant be just labeled as porn just because it is part or a clip from a porn movie. The problem in this society is that we have made physical sex the final action, the summit of the sensual experience, when we mark sex or more specifically the final cum splattering orgasm as the consummation of the act when in fact it is just a by product of the larger expression of intimacy and the deeper connection of love between hopefully friends at a minimum.

Do our readers consider us different than other queer blogs and websites? Yes. Thousands upon thousands of people came to see those posts. Yes I did and I referred other people to your post as well as my 350 visitors a week at least were being made aware too.

Is it worth momentary uncomfortableness by some readers to gain others? I have made my rules known. They have been posted, cited, quoted, cross linked, and bitched about in gay local blogs and traditional media circles. If the rules are made available and people can clearly see them being enforced without reservation and they still bitch that an image or certain level of image is there it becomes their tough cookie to deep throat without milk. The problem I think that most people had Bil is that the rules appear to seem not to apply to either you or certain others on Staff. The best thing that I could suggest, it to post a permanent link on the main page to your rules and disclaimers for an easy fix to the complaints and so that way everyone will know what to expect from BILERICO.

Most of the visitors to Abigail's post [...] obviously didn't stick around to look at other posts, but they did provide advertising dollars. I don't collect revenue for this blog so I can't really respond to that pointe. Does it matter that they showed up and left or is it just my posts that were more explicit? My post are always explicit but not always intimate or sexual there is a difference. Can we use sexy to bring the traffic but leave the reader with a virtual case of blue balls?

"That is a cool shade you got there honey. Would you like some help relieving the strain on your pork tenderloin? Here is some ice." ROFLMAO!
Or is what I have to say in the main column more important than comic videos? Bil to answer this part I have to go back to your previous question "If so, what's the difference?". I think the biggest plus for your readership is the diversity of contributions as a whole. On BILERICO whether it is a video clip, vlog, or just plain text, occasionally some with graphic images included as an aside, people can get a variety that they actually enjoy and anticipate. My preferences are at random. Sometimes about at a quarter of the content from each contributer I cant stand or think to myself, "What were they smoking today?" but as a whole the content is good all around with the varying tastes of your readers accommodated. I think to regiment a particular section or type of content to once every day/three days/week, etc. takes away from the randomness of the adventure that is the collective celebration of this life and our out and proud sexuality on your site.

As a community, we fight for freedom.
Breaks out singing Think Freedom by Aretha Franklin
like a good gay boi followed up with We Shall Be Free
by Garth Brooks because of the ghetto redneck queen in me.

Why are we so afraid of penises? Even though the natural inclination for men is to wear as little as possible it is because we have been taught to cover our minor selves from a very early age. Why are we so afraid of vaginas? Even God is a little afraid of vagina (no offense ladies this is just for sarcasm):
God talking with Adam and Steve: *with anger
"Dammit why did you boys let her go up there to wash off?"
Adam: "God why are you getting so angry?
Steve: "I thought you wanted us to do what the squirrels were doing."
God: "Yes, sons I did!" *lightning strike
"But now I am never going to be able to get that smell out of the fish!"
Gay, lesbian or trans - most of you were pissed off I'd posted those pictures. I think it was because it wasn't what they expected from you. Keeping this in mind, what would have happened if another Editor of BILERICO ran the same experiment you did without notifying all the contributers and you personally? How would that make you react?

Do we fear what others (like the religious right) will say about us?
"The Religious Right is neither!"

Why the double standard of celebrating sexuality while condemning examples of sex?

There is a double standard I couldn't tell with what is on television these days. More people came to see the sexy posts than Clinton or Obama's guest posts. What does that say about our community's priorities? Not much. Is there a ranking system where I can't be political and horny - maybe even both at the same time? I have a sex drive and a mental cartoon running in the back of my brain at all times it seems like the politicians are the only ones fulfilling their fantasies, as of late. So yes, you can be both political and horny! [Photo: Beni Sage]

In conclusion, finally! What does it say about the place of porn in our society? I love queer adult themed shows, pictures, videos, and films. When they are produced responsibly and not just for the sake of a buck it can be a good thing for education and reduction of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. I think that we forget as we grow older that a lot of us learned what intrigues us (Gymnasts, Swimmers, Superboi, Wil Wheaton, Jerry O'Connell, Chad Allen, spanking frat bois) in intimate situations and how to do certain things by viewing adult content, or at least having random discussions about the freaky things one finds in comic books, Greek mythology, online, or with close friends.

That is what BILERICO is to me, a place where close and not so close friends, communicate intimately and invite everyone to participate in the adventure of our queer lives together.

Photo Credits will be up as soon as I verify them. I think they came from FLIP FLOPS BOY

20 March 2008

Let the sun shine in; Happy Duelling Holy Days

I am still in the process of writing Wednesdays post regarding the controversy over at BILERICO it will be up as soon as I am done with it probably on Saturday.

For today though besides being the vernal equinox 1:48 a.m. it is also the NeoPagan Low Sabbath of Ostara, which is a celebration of the Goddess's strong reunion with her child who (depending on the tradition) either was born in Yule (Christmas) or spent the Winter months in death and rebirth. Either way a historic time of renewed life. One of the common Pagan and Christian practices is known as Easter clothes that were made new and with vibrant colours to welcome the victory over death and evil. Bet that gives you a whole new meaning for 'don we now our gay apparel'!

One would also find them self at the end of the Liturgical Season of Lent and all that fasting and other stuff that people do to mortify themselves in front of each other to improve their on going relationship with The Divine. Can I encourage everyone to just take a nice long bubble bath and eat several Reese's Cups, ... yumm, chocolate and peanut butter...., please.

Today we also celebrate the Commemoration of the Last Supper of Joshua Emmanuel where he washes the Disciples feet right before he gets betrayed, abused, whipped, and scorned, and left hanging on a tree to die based on false accusations and rumors. Good grief, is it any wonder good Christian gay and frat bois develop a hankering for BDSM fetishes or at least mutual paddle play for fun?

All humor, sarcasm, and sacrilege aside, this is an awesome time of year to be in as a spiritual being on this human experience of living amongst each other. I invite you all no matter what your understanding of divinity is to take a moment and thank your friends and enemies for the adventures you have shared together. Just because Jesus was betrayed with a kiss by a friend doesn't mean you can still give a blind eye to old grudges and even some of the newer wounds.

The message of the season is simple and yet so profound that even two thousand some odd years later we still have not gotten it down correctly. The wounds of sin do heal and the scars are a sign of victory over evil, which is anything contrary to living, and the strength we each possess is meant to be of service to our fellow man. Quit licking the wounds open and let them heal. As far as your enemies are concerned, when was the last time you offered to wash their feet? Never? Well then, do as the Master has said and done, be assured that that you will never be forsaken and forgive them even more.

Bona Pascha, Blessed Be, Namaste,
Asalamalikum, Shalom, and Peace Be With You!

Pictures Source: Brenton @ Aussielicious

16 March 2008

What a hell of a post for Palm Sunday: Politics and Sex is Reality?

Going to the Chapel of Love...
... and we still can't get legally married in Indiana!

So of course every Gay and Lesbian Hoosier is jumping up and down because Senate Joint Resolution Seven aka, the "Indiana Marriage Protection Amendment" died emphatically for at least another four years. As most are now better aware of the process, in order to pass a Constitutional Amendment in the Crossroads of America it must be heard by two consecutive separately elected classes of the General Assembly before it can be put to a referendum vote of the Citizenry at a general election.

Even with the last minute attempts by certain PACs to throw
their weight around the Statehouse, certain members of the House stood firm to actually take care of the real business at hand, property tax relief. Due to some very brave legislators it was stopped in committee procedures and never saw the light of day on the House floor. Thanks go especially to State Representative Scott Pelath (D-Michigan City), Chairman of the House Rules and Legislative Procedures Committee.

So what is the tax value of my redneck multilevel dream home?
[Photo Credit: John Good @ Left In Aboite]

So about the "bipartisan cooperation", which is an attempt at humor in its self, found capping the assessed tax value of property at increments of one, two, and three percent respectfully depending on the type of properties as the General Assembly's last minute grandstanding close to this session so they would not have to return for a special session as threatened by Governor Mitch Daniels.

Meanwhile they raised the Sales Tax another percent. In Allen County alone that will make our total sales tax eight percent (because of the out dated one percent Food and Beverage Tax that is still being collected for the Memorial Coliseum) plus the modified expenses of doing business in Allen County and across the State which will be passed on to the consumer, never carried by the business.

So much for being able to eat a
good dinner for five dollars.

What is really sad is that the final legislation carried specific provisions for Lake and Saint Joseph Counties, which the State Supreme Court already ruled unconstitutional in a few other matters; and so therefore, within a year we will probably be back to the same old bullshit with a different colour and cause. Once again the politicians have screwed over the Citizens and no one seems the wiser.

Allen Co. GOP tries to breathe deeply and comes back with a head cold.

On this
past Wednesdays post which was a tad late also, as this post is for Saturday as well, sorry about that, I mentioned some of the crazy things going on in the local GOP headquarters and with the Party Chair as a whole. To all fairness and credit I must give Steve Shine time to respond and he did so in his State of the Party Address.

Love Client and Big Brother number Nine

There of course is the story of now defamed New York Governor, Eliot Laurence Spitzer, who tried to cover up an lurid affair with a high end twenty two year old prostitute (with more aliases then I have names) by asking a bank to disguise a ten thousand dollar transaction made to the 'sponsoring organization' which in turn tripped a mechanism in federal law for mandatory reporting of income and launched a federal inquiry which caught the former hard nose, long arm on moral values crimes, in a wire tap investigation, which then led to his demise. Pending threats of impeachment and the general celebration by people he had prosecuted in the past under the guise of protecting the public, he got snared by the very same laws he helped pass.

That is in my honest opinion the ultimate irony of judicial review!

The vlog gossip show Blog Monkey from Sean Haines and Allan Murray over at OMOVIES in Episode Seven did some pretty funny commentary on this and that David Hernandez, whom was voted off this week on American Idol, formerly stripped and danced as well as tended bar at two different gay male establishments.

Along with the rest of Reality Television

Some of the other Reality Television queer scandals and rumors from come from Joshuah, James, and Neil over at the Big Brother House. Neil Garcia who left some pretty revealing pictures on his own myspace account had to leave the show and separate from his "partner" earlier in the season, but as was found shortly after to be recording some information video clips on WeHoPediaTV regularly. During one of the more extemporaneous moments, not shown on the telecast but on the live feed and widely circulated around the internet, Joshuah Welch, slated as Neil's partner originally, and James made some pretty questionable statements (2:45 mark of the 1st video) about using cocaine during anal sex (booty bumps) and safe sex practices inside the context of a committed relationship which put half the gay blogosphere up in arms; and the other half saying, "Thank God someone finally said it like it is." (TowleRoad)
"I do bareback with my boyfriend. We've both been tested for HIV and we're both negative so it's cool. I only do that with my boyfriend. I don't do that on a random one night stand. That's too risky... (Joshuah Welch)"
James Zinkand, who was just voted out then voted back in a BB coup, the supposed straight punk house guest has been revealed to be a gay adult film star with some awesomely randy pictures floating around of his huge and hung horse. "He is also one of the stars of an upcoming East Village-based gay soap opera Dirty Tricks (co-produced by Dirty Boy Video and Naked Sword). The online-only soap is scheduled to be launched sometime this month. (cite)"

The posting of the pictures also created a controversy on
The BILERICO Project when the pictures from Dirty Boy Video weren't just posted but made available without censor if you just clicked the pictures into a new tab or window, which is a common practice on most upscale gay blog servers.

Now of course, F6 has a strict policy (main part below) about, "no frontal exposure of male genitalia without explicit reason or valid illustration"; but I, as the Editor of F6, fully support and defend Bil Browning in his constant diligence to keep the conversation open and, with class, attempt to provide full disclosure and access (even when using questionably graphic or erotic images) into the marketplace of ideas. Bil listed a set of questions partially in his own defense but also to go deeper into the dialog of what it means to be a complete queer community. F6 will provide its answers to those questions in a separate post by Wednesday as an open letter to Bil Browning and the rest of BILERICO's contributers and readership.
"This Blog, F6, contains graphic images, and some can be construed as male erotic art; however, every precaution has been made that no frontal exposure of male genitalia will take place without explicit reason for artistic license or valid illustration by F6 of written content within the provisions of: the community service by, and general commentary of, F6. The graphical and written content of F6 will expressly promote the beauty of the male body and spirit with natural expressions of intimacies sometimes between two or more men. F6 may at times be perceived as offensive, perverse, lewd, and down right blunt; but at all times, any content of F6 is for the education of the reader, and does not in anyway, legally constitute as pornography."
There is more to talk about. This post has given a whole new meaning to corn fed beef, woof! I might make a non scheduled post before Wednesday but until then I hope you all had an awesome Saint Patrick's Day (which was transfered by the Western Patriarch of Rome to the 15th so as not to conflict with Holy Week, blah!). May y'all have a peace filled Holy Week, and enjoy the celebrations of the neo-pagan Sabbath of Ostara (19th) followed up with my favorite three day season Paschal Tridium, and the Solemn Octave (8Days) of the Resurrection!

Additionally anyone who wishes to follow Crazy James' tour may add him on MySpace

14 March 2008

Message Update on the Million Fag March 30th of March 2008

First, the bad news...

I finally heard from the city of Topeka regarding what we can and can't do. And there are two pretty major "can'ts" that are going to affect us. But before you decide all is lost, please read all the way through and see what we've come up with.

The first "can't" involves "picketing a private residence." The WBC is considered a private church, and therefore falls under the same rules as a private home. In short: we can't picket directly outside the Westboro Baptist Church.

Trust me. I hear your thoughts, and I understand completely.

The second "can't" (which doesn't really matter so much after the first) is that the city attorney's office feels this many people in the street constitutes a parade. Had they informed me of this earlier, I could have attempted to get the proper permits. And in fact, I was told on one occasion that we would NOT be needing any permits.

The officer I spoke with, however, thought the city might deny our permit anyway, based on the streets we'd have to block. We won't even discuss what this would have done to the cost of our little grass roots event. (On the plus side, we're freed from any prior time contraints.)

Not surprisingly, there aren't any sidewalks in that area, which might have given us some leeway. So, yeah. Those thoughts you're still having? I had them, too. But read on...

What do we do then?

Well, if we can't focus our attention on the WBC specifically, we'll just have to let the entire city of Topeka know why we're there. A great way to do that is to line ourselves up along a major street where we can't be ignored. And there happens to be one not so far from the WBC. While we're at it, why not take over one of the nicest parks in town as our base of operations?

Next, we let the Phelps know where we'll be. Some have commented that the WBC probably wouldn't know we existed if we weren't outside during their service. Let me assure you: They know we're coming. But just so we're positive, I'll personally send them an invitation letting them know where we'll be and when (don't worry, I'm getting to that). I'll even ask them to come speak with us. I notice a certain date is conspicuously absent from their picket schedule, so I'd bet they're free that day.

In other words, the only way we won't see them is if they decide they don't want to be seen.

So, where will we be? Ah, now for the details.

  • - On March 30th, 2008 at 11:00 AM, everyone should gather at Gage Park, located at the corner of 10th St and Gage Blvd in Topeka. There should be plenty of parking right across 10th Street.
  • - At that time, we will hold a pre-March rally hosted by Jack E. Jett, featuring the music of Oreaganomics, Bill Boll, and perhaps a few others.
  • - At the conclusion of our rally, the March begins! We'll line up down Gage Blvd (be sure to keep things legal and stay on the sidewalk!) Bring your signs, shirts, and any other Marching gear you see fit!
  • - We'll be free to make ourselves known well into the evening, with a police force to keep everyone safe.
  • - And yes, I really am going to invite the Phelps.
One other thing to brighten your day: you will undoubtedly want to see the church. Luckily, we will only be a couple of blocks away. And while this won't be officially MFM-sanctioned... well, I'll just tell you what the Topeka police officer told me. "They are still public streets." Just watch out for two things: Don't block street traffic, and don't take any "hate" signs directed at the Phelps clan past the church (this can be construed as "picketing" them. But you shouldn't have those anyway, because you're better than that). Signs that do not contain a hateful message will probably be fine.

So... that's it! Please send any feedback my way -- good or bad -- and I'll respond as soon as I can.
See you all in a couple of weeks, and you'll be hearing more from me between now and then. With your support, this year's "can'ts" will become small hurdles for next year's 2nd Annual MFM.

- Chris Love

Million Fag March @ Westboro Baptist Links

13 March 2008


Part of the problem I see with the blogosphere is that everyone, and I will admit that I have gone there myself a few times, is so quick to jump on reporting or commenting on news and current events that they don't take the time to research the issue and provide the full story.

At least with a traditional medium, there is a perceived requirement of counter pointe balance even if not provided via a source then at least mentioned with a blanket disclaimer of an attempt. Then as the many readers of this and other blogs consume the information provided across the blogosphere we authors and editors sometimes forget to go back and update our articles within either the original post or in a future post.

This announcement and one of my posts on Saturday will begin this type of review process in order to provide a full service to the continued and dedicated as well as the newer readers of

We are averaging 350 readers a week and for the last week have been 17 th on the BNN Indiana Influence Index rating system and about a month ago we hit 5th as well for like three days. Thank you all for putting up with the transitions as we adjust to the new format and please note that
F6's Links Page will be updated around the 25th of every month.

There are a lot of new blogs out recently in the local blogosphere. Some blogs deal with politics, others on news or current events, and a few just provide another personal reflection on this life. F6 wants to provide a shout out to them and welcome them all to the chaos and adventure that is the local blogosphere.


So my Wednesday post is a little late...Homeschooling and the GOP

I have been sitting on some of these stories, partially so they could unfold fully and partially so I could add my perspective without "jumping on the blog wagon" as everyone pulls together and shows their mutual or at least reciprocal outrage for different parts of different events that have happened over the last several weeks.

First lets get the supposed Squirrel Society out of the way as well as the Republican Party of Allen County.

After all the in fighting is said and done what
will be left of the GOP in this county is hard to say with all the posturing and attempts to overthrow the current regime through the precinct committee positions (the ones whom have the "stockholder" positions in the Party), and the withholding of funds by major party supporters until there is a change proves yet again why just having a free market system would in turn either improve a product and service or remove it by a show of silent force of the public or constituency.

What is really sad is that after all the work and money that was put into
remodeling the GOP Headquarters downtown several years back as a "Shine"-ing testament by their fearless leader is going up for sale and the offices of the GOP are having to be relocated for a lack of funding for the two grand plus a month in rent and all the utilities, not to mention the fact the Party is now in serious debt.

For supposed fiscal conservatives I find all of it absolutely hilarious!

In other news that hit the national and
local blogs is a controversy over homeschooling, school choice, and the purpose of Systematic Public Instruction that is mandated by law with compulsion to all our children. Thanks to an old California law a court has made a blanket ruling stating that in fact it is illegal to not have a credentialed teacher, tutor, or instructor, providing the education in the home. Before I comment further there are some awesome updates on this particular case over at The Full Quiver.

The California case was not a normal situation and unlike other bloggers I believe the panel had every right to restrict what school the children could be placed in given the documented abuse of privileges by the parents and the particular school 's failure to assure the safety of the children and that they were receiving an adequate balanced education. Applying the decision without giving the legislature time to address the issue was just a tad over barring but still a precedented legitimate interpretation of the law.

This decision will hamper home schooling locations in the immediate term of application for the ruling yet think of the benefits for all the substitute teachers who will now be able to be hired on full or part time by parents looking to keep their children at home. It is a boom for the economy no matter how the situation unfolds. However if parents are then required to provide an instructor, the State should pay the persons that are hired salaries as the parents have already paid their taxes; and so therefore the State, is then obligated to sustain the most beneficial education possible for each student and that should still be determined by the parents discretion in normal cases.

Stipulating as I have in the past:
I am a product of the Public School system and proud of it!

Now, I do believe there needs to be a minimum certification process though with continuing education requirements but the idea of asking a parent to go through a complete three year certification process is about as ridiculous as my last attempt to get a teacher in Public Schools to stay past 3:30 to help one of my kids with work in math. I couldn't do it because I am numerically dyslexic.

I also believe there needs to be more openness with the school districts providing textbooks and social interaction time like Phys Ed courses and other enrichment program (eg: art, band choir, wood shop, etc.) times for a concentrated opportunity for children to have a balanced education and for the parents to get a break a couple days a week, especially with high school and middle school students.

Most high school and middle school teachers in FWCS, as I have been told, get one planning period per day and that could easily be converted by the School Board into providing a continued enrichment support for home school children, again only on like Tuesdays and Thursdays, as a limited enrichment opportunity.

I should probably just give up hope and run for the School Board myself!

[PHOTO SOURCES: The top picture's sources are not remembered at this time. The school bus was ganked from Richmond Community Schools for its obviously gay friendly undertones.]

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!