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"The experience of the United States is a happy disproof of the error so long rooted in the unenlightened minds of well-meaning Christians, as well as in the corrupt hearts of persecuting usurpers, that without a legal incorporation of religious and civil polity, neither could be supported."

Fight the H8 in Your State"A mutual independence is found most friendly to practical religion, to social harmony, and to political prosperity."

~ Honorable James Madison, Jr., President, The United States of America, 1809–1817. The Father of the Constitution, Author of the Bill of Rights, Co Author of The Federalist Papers

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31 January 2009

White Trash Weekend: It's A Bitch! Sorting Out The Sordid Lives Of The Religious Self Righteous, Whom Keep Calling Us Sinners!

The American Family Association wasn't happy that everyone went out and bought Campbell's Soup Company products, over the holidays to thumb their nose at the Religious Right Political Machine; so they decided to go after Pepsi Cola Company's policies and practices, $500,000 donations a piece to PFLAG and the HRC, and regarding the company's new slogan "SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE", which matches their product redesign in recent months.

Pepsi Company also has workshops for its employees in diversity training which includes educating about sexual orientation and gender identity issues (Queers United). After this boycott was announced, the Pepsi Company decided to tell the AFA to bugger off and released in the United Kingdom, a truth or dare advert. In the advert a group of three friends are at a bar and the two challenged the one to go up and ask a person he was interested in for a number or a nookie. The friends were left slack jawed when he went right passed the woman they thought he was focusing on and into the arms of another tall dark and handsome man.

What a way to come out of the closet!

The SORDID LIVES theme song originally by Olivia Newton John starts out with very simple questions, "Who is to say whose a saint and whose a sinner?" Yet the answer that the original motion picture and current (12 episodes so far) series on LOGO, (the first season is an interweave prequel to the movie), validates, in part that everyone is. We all are both saints and sinners. Perfection, none of us could achieve. It is balance that is required.

When we realize that, we start to treat each other less precociously, and truly do become free and liberated. When one finds liberty to be who they are, is when we might find peace on this Earth or at least be able to live with one another without all the hate, drama, self doubt, and condemnation. When we all find that simple truth of unconditional love of ourselves, as made in Divine image, we will all be free to love, think, and worship as we choose.

But then the American Family Association and organizations like them wouldn't have anything to bitch about and misinform the public, or dig for something to harrass (dare I even suggest, slander/libel), another person and his husband and his children over. The head of the Florida Family Association decided to put out a press release earlier this month attacking through many misrepresentations the nature of the show SORDID LIVES, and then tried to get an email campaign going against the advertisers of the show. Then took he took it twenty steps to far and attacked the family of Jason Dottley and Del Shores, the Producer of the movie and new show series.

As an issue of fairness, I am putting excerpts of David Caton's Releases, with Jason's response betweeen.
New companies advertise on LOGO show portraying "Baptist Texas family" as genderly dysfunctional
TVGuide.com describes “Sordid Lives” as a “Comedy about dysfunction in a Republican Baptist Texas family, much of it gender-bending.” The program depicts various family members as transgender, lesbian, bi-sexual and gay.
“Sordid Lives” was written by Del Shores who won the 2001 GLAAD Media Awards Outstanding LA Theatre Production for the play "Southern Baptist Sissies."
Del Shores left his wife and two daughters and later married his partner Jason Dottley. This information is reported at Wikipedia.
Talk about hate and real dysfunction. The all gay LOGO channel, owned by ultra-liberal left MTV, paid a man who left a real family for other men to write a show attacking Christians. They are directly labeling Baptists and Christians as “Sordid.”
Additionally, any child with a remote can watch the explicitly homosexual programs that air on LOGO.

Bowflex is a leading advertiser on explicit show that degrades Christians. “Sordid Lives” star launches campaign against FFA, Bowflex continues to be a leading advertiser.
“Sordid Lives’” star Jason Dottley has launched a campaign against Florida Family Association (FFA) in response to FFA’s communications with companies who advertise on his television show.

Del Shores left his wife and two daughters for the homosexual lifestyle and later married his partner Jason Dottley.

Florida Family Association has sent emails to the CEO’s and VP’s of Marketing of the companies who advertise on Sordid Lives since it first aired in October of 2008. Additionally, FFA has launched several email campaigns to encourage supporters to send emails to companies who advertise on Sordid Lives.
FFA’s daily communications with advertisers and supporters’ emails to advertisers have influenced approximately 25 of 44 companies to stop advertising on Sordid Lives.
FFA typically reports the names of all advertisers who have pulled off of the shows monitored. However, these advertiser names will not be released at this time because the cast of Sordid Lives has launched a campaign against FFA and FFA’s efforts.

Sordid Lives star Jason Dottley posted a page on Utube.com calling on fans to send emails and make phone calls to FFA and the show’s advertisers. Del Shores (alleged) mother contacted FFA. Numerous fans called and sent emails. Del Shores (alleged) ex-wife called David Caton, Florida Family Association Executive Director on his cell phone on several occasions.

Del Shores’ (alleged) ex-wife’s numerous phone calls and this frenzy of opposition against FFA’s campaign to influence advertisers to pull off of Sordid Lives indicate that LOGO may be threatening to drop this show. If this is the case it is good news that LOGO Channel’s most degrading and hateful show toward the Christian faith could soon be gone.
With all the false trollop accusations coming from Florida Family in the name of "Christian" righteousness and "protecting the family", I found it interesting to note that: 1. Mr. Caton did not include the Wiki link in his second Release but didn't apologize for the blatant misinformation in either Release; and aside from the fact that U is not an acceptable shorthand for You Tube, 2. nowhere in any literature could I find a caveat from Mr. Caton that, made the simple suggestion for his constituents, to be parents, and block their children from watching any questionable programs on LOGO from their televisions. It is called a VCHIP. Now while Florida Family runs for cover and tries to claim to have been victorious at the same time, Kelley Alexander and Del Shores, released joint statements concerning the false attacks by David Caton of Sordid Lives The Series and harassment against their family, especially their daughters, and Jason :

DEL SHORES STATEMENT: I did not leave Kelley for Jason. I met Jason six years after Kelley and I divorced. There is no hate in our very REAL family which functions quite well, thank you very much. I did not abandon my daughters. Kelley and I are good friends and like many divorced couples we share custody and co-parent together. And my children are amazing young women! Finally, my show does not label Baptists and Christians as "Sordid". I have many Christian friends and fans -- straight and gay -- who practice what Christ preached -- love. But yes, I will continue to write about and expose those like Mr. Canton who continue to spew hatred in the name of the Lord.

KELLEY ALEXANDER: I cannot believe that I feel I have to to issue a statement regarding a hate-filled campaign by a man I do not know who is attacking my family. First of all, I have a REAL family that includes my ex-husband, Del Shores and his lovely husband, Jason Dottley. While my divorce should remain private, I have to defend Del. I encouraged him to embrace his homosexuality, live his life openly and honestly and to write about it. He has been the most supportive ex-husband, father and friend I could ever imagine. He never left or abandoned his wife or children. He has supported us financially and emotionally one hundred percent. But most importantly, he is the most wonderful father I could have ever asked for my children. They love him unconditionally and cannot understand the hate that is sometimes aimed at him. They are the most amazing children I could ever hope for, and Del is a total and complete partner in raising them.

I am sad that in the year 2009, that they are exposed to the hate that is aimed at their father, their step-father and the gay community. My heart is broken for each and every thought that goes against what we have created as an amazing family unit. Del and Jason are as much my family as anyone born into it. I adore both of them. Lastly, I would like to thank each and every sponsor of the show SORDID LIVES. You are all amazing and have a huge base of support. No more hate. Thank you, ~ Kelley Alexander


[Fan Page]

Jason Dottley

Del Shores



29 January 2009

16th Anniversary DADT: Do We Spank! Or Thank! Congress To Achieve Repeal Of Dont Ask Dont Tell Within One Year?

This was originally suppose to be Wednesdays post, commemorating the 16th Anniversary today, of then President, William Jefferson Clinton's, signing of this historic piece of discrimination into Title 10 of the United States Code, and provide highlights of how the policy of Dont Ask Dont Tell Dont Pursue is truly failing to enforce those protections presumed back in 1993. Along with excerpted updates on previous posts on this forum.

Instead this post is going to make a dramatic turn and issue a warning to any Democrat that thinks twice about not repealing DADT, by not reintroducing and passing the
Military Readiness Enhancement Act of 2007-08 or some variation within one year. If you don't repeal DADT, in some way in the next year, more than likely, you will be voted out of office in the midterm 2010 elections, and possibly replaced with LIBERTARIANS, who will get the job done, because we believe in the individual being equal in law!

GLBT Service Members have been serving sometimes openly already, even after the laws were passed by Congress and Presidents who were Calvinist and Fundamentalist Christians. The laws against homosexuality in the military have only existed since about 1916. The problem comes because Congress and Command are still holding the bible as a weapon while having their head in the sand and crucifix shoved up our posteriors.

Personally, they should have been repealed along side the civil sodomy laws, in tandem with the Supreme Court decision of 2003. The Lawrence vs. Texas case, which has already proven its self to be an effective precedent in current legal decisions, could start taking an effect on DADT, later this year from the Ninth District United States Circuit Courts unless the Supreme Court puts the cases under review.

So first lets rehash some basic principles and facts: If WE THE PEOPLE believe that all persons are created equal as a self evident truth, per the Declaration of Independence which is Constitutionally binding on The United States, then under no circumstances should anyone whom is physically and mentally capable of serving should be restricted from doing so. Of course no one in Congress or Command who served previously want to admit what happens between brothers in arms is love and sometimes gay sex as well.

Before I go any further, not only do they not want to admit or deny anything, the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE, as reported earlier this month, also want to now engage the social political commentator on their own turf, the comments section:

Air Force Releases 'Counter-Blog' Marching Orders
by Noah Shachtman WIRED Blog Network 06 JAN 09

Bloggers: If you suddenly find Air Force officers leaving barbed comments after one of your posts, don't be surprised. They're just following the service's new "counter-blogging" flow chart. In a twelve-point plan, put together by the emerging technology division of the Air Force's public affairs arm, airmen are given guidance on how to handle "trolls," "ragers" -- and even well-informed online writers, too. It's all part of an Air Force push to "counter the people out there in the blogosphere who have negative opinions about the U.S. government and the Air Force," Captain David Faggard says.

Over the last couple of years, the armed forces have tried, in fits and starts, to connect more with bloggers. The Army and the Office of the Secretary of Defense now hold regular "bloggers' roundtables" with generals, colonels, and key civilian leaders. The Navy invited a group of bloggers to embed with them on a humanitarian mission to Central and South America, last summer. Military blogger Michael Yon recently traveled to Afghanistan with Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

In contrast, the Air Force has largely kept the blogosphere at arms' length. Most of the sites are banned from Air Force networks. And the service has mostly stayed away from the Pentagon's blog outreach efforts. Captain Faggard, who's become the Air Force Public Affairs Agency's designated social media guru, has made strides in shifting that attitude. The air service now has a Twitter feed, a blog of its own -- and marching orders, for how to comment on other sites. "We're trying to get people to understand that they can do this," he tells Danger Room.

The flow chart (right click and open in a new tab) lays out a range of possible responses to a blog post. Airmen can offer a "factual and well-cited response [that] is not factually erroneous, a rant or rage, bashing or negative in nature." They can "let the post stand -- no response." Or they cancan "fix the facts," offering up fresh perspective. No matter what, the chart says, airmen should "disclose your Air Force connection," "respond in a tone that reflects high on the rich heritage of the Air Force," and "focus on the most-used sites related to the Air Force."

Despite the chart's sometimes-stiff language, former military spokesman Steven Field says he's "a fan." Field, who's been occasionally critical of the armed services' blog outreach efforts, tells Danger Room: "I've always thought that a military-like process would be a good bridge to connect the services with the blogosphere. There's a field manual for everything in the military, so this flow-chart presents online communications in a DoD [Department of Defense] friendly format."

One stipulation -- While it should be a guide of communications, it shouldn't become a ball-and-chain. Online comms require some level of nimble, on-your-feet response. As long as the Air Force doesn't use the "evaluate" phase to get approval from every Tom, Dick and Harry in the Pentagon, it should be a good tool.

"Now they just need to lift those damn IP [Internet Protocol] filters," Field adds, so airmen can actually read those blogs that they're supposed to respond to.

Source: Phillip DeFranco 07 JAN 09
I know that several people from the DOD read this blog regularly. I welcome any one from the UNITED STATES UNIFORMED SERVICES, with a deep bow, on bended knee, and arms open, to leave a comment here. Your opinions will always be respected and treasured just as my commentary while always informative and well thought out is yet snarky, lewd, and sarcastic, is done with the greatest of honour for those who serve and defend the basic inherit right from the infringement of free speech,the press, and to redress grievances, and your sacrifice for my life and liberty and our homeland.
DADT: Two Military Men Tell Their Stories
by Scott Stiffler EDGE Contributor
Sunday 18 JAN 2009

One year from now, we may very well be able to look back upon this era as a less enlightened time in which the men and women of our all-volunteer military were not yet allowed to serve if they were openly gay or lesbian. But until that time, the military’s "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" policy--which mandates not confiding a service person’s sexuality and in return not being asked about it--continues to devalue, demean and discharge those who are anything other than avowed heterosexuals.

EDGE recently spoke with two gay men who served and emerged from their experience with different perspectives on what it’s like to be a homosexual within an institution that requires you to deny who you are--but has no trouble asking you to risk or give your life.

Brett E. Stout: ’Classic Gay Overachiever’ v. The System

When Brett Edward Stout joined the Marines, the physically and academically gifted young man soon became what he calls "your classic gay overachiever. I did all the badass things you could do: recon, linguist, Marine. I thought if you keep your appearance and academics up, if you look and play the part of a Marine, that would protect you from any type of real criticism or attack."

But when Stout got to recon, "the system started to buck back against me. It’s such a boy’s club. They really didn’t want me there - and there were already rumors about my sexuality."

It soon became apparent to Stout that "they were not going to stop trying to get rid of me; it broke my spirit--a little bit." But rather than give in, he decided he wouldn’t be "working so hard to prove I am not something that I am." Stout decided that the next time he was confronted with questions about his sexuality, "I was going to be a little in their face about it."

That decision came out of his simmering resentment of having to constantly edit his conversations on the military base: "I made the conscious decision to live openly, not ambiguously. ’Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ meant that I would no longer hide or change the subject. I would attack it by boldly being honest about not answering the tainted questions concerning my orientation."

Shortly thereafter, he was confronted in the barracks by a Marine who came up to him and said, "So I hear you’re a fag. Are you fucking queer? Are you gay?" Stout replied "Why, do you want me to fuck you? From that moment on, people actually started to respect me."

Robaire Watson: Not ’In Your Face’ About It

Navy Veteran Robaire Watson’s six years of service (1989-1995) occurred before and during the days of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Throughout his career, Watson "spent six years in the Navy as an openly gay military man." He is telling his story because he wants people "to hear a positive story and not a negative one."

Watson served as a US Navy Ship’s barber aboard the USS Kansas City and participated in the Gulf War and Operation Southern Watch off the coast of Somalia in 1993. "I’m black and openly gay and never encountered the slightest discrimination aboard my warship," he says of his time serving in Arabian Sea.

Although Watson’s sexuality was talked about and people knew, the implementation of DADT was soon followed by comments such as "We don’t have to ask and we don’t have to tell. They knew. I said thank you to them. You learn how to take control of your lifestyle, and say I am in the military. The mission comes first, then my lifestyle. I lived my life the same way I live it now as a civilian. I’m not flamboyant but I don’t hide anything either."

Not initiating conversation about his sexuality--yet not manufacturing stories of heterosexual conquest for cover --led to an existence in which Watson says he was given respect and tolerance in exchange for not "necessarily flying a rainbow flag for people. You don’t have to do that for people to know what your lifestyle is." Many times, Watson says, he was told "I know you are gay and I don’t care because you don’t put it in my face or do anything to offend me with it."

An Uneasy Compromise

But while that uneasy truce let Watson live his life in the military without constant denial, is it enough? Stout left the Marines reluctantly and looks back on his time served and closeted with regret. Now a writer in Iowa City, he wrote about his transition from military to civilian life in his debut 2008 novel, "Sugar-Baby Brigade." (picture to right; more information below)

It deals with a gay Marine coping with life after the Corps. "The moment of getting out was sad," he says now. "There’s a deep sense of regret that you’ve lost that moment in time. What I wasn’t prepared for is losing the strong straight environment I was in. My life became very one sided. Everything I did was gay because all the straight elements of my life evaporated, and that was a bit jarring. The institution itself, it was really hard to leave."

Stout expresses concern for those who must still serve in the closet, and emphasizes the emotional cost of DADT. The policy, he says, "robs you of any recourse if anybody threatens you. You can’t let people into your life even if you want to."

A repeal of the policy would at last allow LGBTs to "come home and tell the people you’re living with what you did that weekend," Stout says. "It’s trivial, but it’s important that they be a part of your actual life if you choose to let them in."

Watson, who thrived by employing the opposite approach of not sharing his off-ship activities, still advocates for a policy in which "each of us are viewed based on our skills and accomplishments. We must prove to the government that sexual preference has absolutely nothing to do with one’s work ethic whether it be military service or otherwise. Sexual orientation is nobody’s business but your own."

The stories don't end there. There are too many more to tell. Directly above is a plea by JOHANN aka GAY MILITARY MAN for you to sign the petition by the Service Members Legal Defense Network, and ask Congress to pass the Military Readiness Enhancement Act. Below is the final story of Johann's service to our Country whom until three months ago served quietly but was still active in the fight against this historic discrimination. F6 has been proud to link with to Johann's channel, pretty much since our inception in this format, and continue with prayers and support and thanks for the great sacrifice he made for both our Country and Our Community.

This discrimination must end if we are truly going to ask these men and women to live with integrity and brotherhood and liberty, by wearing a uniform which demands nothing less than our best and our brightest!

Unfortunately, THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS, has refused to accept our best and brightest, by insisting for and allowing such discrimination to continue for sixteen years and choosing to give waivers, "to felons over faggots!" (not my quote)! That was a big mistake on their part to assume that GLBT Service Members wouldn't have PRIDE!, or bring honour to our great nation, while wearing the uniform and openly serving the Country.

So, can we get this bad legislation over turned within a year? There is still a 50% chance, it probably wont happen, but then it will be to late.

Because after four years of control of both Houses Democrats will more than likely be voted out in the midterm election. If they get replaced by Republicans, even in one of the Houses we are pretty well screwed. However if even a third of the entire Congress gets replaced with Libertarians, it will be a new era for our Country! It will mean the end of the two named political party monolithic power structure, and the final death blow to discrimination against GLBT individuals across the board, especially in the United States Military.

Links and Resources

Gay Military Man
[MySpace] [YouTube] [MySpace Group]
Service Members Legal Defense Network
[Petition] [Website]
Military Readiness Enhancement Act [HR 1246 Text]

Please note: Since a new Congress was sworn in January 2009, this bill needs to be reintroduced as the previous version linked above was wiped off the record since it was never voted on. Please sign the above petition and then call your Representative and Senators and demand they reconstitute this legislation and bring it to a floor vote.

Brett Edward Stout [Website] [Novel: Sugar Baby Bridge]
[Article: Profile In Patriotism Gay Military Times]
Robaire Watson [Blog]
[Article: Profile in Patriotism GMT]

F6 Editorial Policy Statement

F6 has several resources and commentaries regarding GAYS IN THE MILITARY. As an issue of editorial policy, F6 will challenge any assertion that Don't Ask, Don't Tell is either Constitutional or proper policy in our great country, the land of the free and the home of the brave, especially in a place where all men are created equal!

26 January 2009

Yeah I Am Gay But It Is Just As Important That I Am! & GLAAD Announces Nominees in 43 Categories for 20th Annual Awards Shows!

The Rainbow Malitia on You Tube has struck again with another collaboration video celebrating who Queers are and are not but more importantly addressing the fact that we are just human. Take a look for yourself:

GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, has announced its nominees for their 20th Annual Media Awards, which is presented by IBM with Absolut Vodka and Prudential Insurance & Investment Co. along with 10 underwriters and 28 patronages by different corporations, in three tour locations: New York on the 28th of March; Los Angeles on the 18th of April; and San Francisco on the 9th of May. Some of these Awards in 43 different categories (26 English; 17 Spanish) will be handed out at each of the three events, others will be given an honorable salute in the program for the night.

También hay una lista de los nominados para la televisión, teatro, y cine en español categorías.
EdNt: If I screwed that translation up, sorry! It has been a long while since I have written the language.

My only query is that, If GLAAD is already hosting three events and two are on either coast, why can't the third or a fourth one be held in the middle of America? This is where the defamation and discrimination that your organization is petitioning against is going on more rampantly and silently.

It seems minor hypocritical, in my opinion, that you would not want to reach out to us "common queer folk" and let us "take in a bit of celebrity and style" or better yet come see the lives of the people your Award Nominees portray, and your organization defends. Plus it would be a perfect opportunity for us to show you big city types a bit of country queer hospitality. I'm just asserting that it is something GLAAD should think about doing so in the future. Who knows by spreading it truly across the Country, you might actually be able to present all 43 categories in the future, because our venues don't cost as much to rent by the hour and you don't have to valet!

Fort Wayne is the best place to explore Our Communities dreams for the present and future. This City would be the perfect place to hold your next award show. We have several major venues The Grand Wayne Center, The Memorial Coliseum and Expo Center, that have the room to serve the crowd demands for all of your guests and visitors.

Our beautiful city is split across by three wonderfully historic rivers, deep with mixed multiple ethnic and national cultures, and a community that truly cares about GLBT issues, and the success of all individuals. We have over 14 different GLBT Organizations serving a metro area population of 300 thousand. We have a Non Discrimination Ordinance for GLBT persons, on the books since 2003. We are two and a half hours away from INDY and CHICAGO. Our International Airport is one of the few that can and has landed Air Force One.

Come visit Fort Wayne and see what we can offer your next Award Show. Just click the above photo.


I don't know which has worse form and suffers lack of presentation, FAUX NEWS on a usual basis, or the fact that NOT MORE THAN A DAY HAS PASSED since GLAAD announced its nominees for their 20th Annual Media Award, and the President of GLAAD announced his resignation?

I have informed the national board of directors of my decision to step down as president later this year and look forward to a successful and smooth transition of leadership for GLAAD. It's been an honor and privilege to work professionally in the movement for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality for the last three and a half years. The views of the American people on LGBT issues are clearly moving in the right direction, toward supporting full equality, and it has been a great experience to serve on the front lines, leading an amazing organization at such a historical time in the movement.
(Source Andy @ Towle Road)
(Photo The Arizona Republic)

I am probably the only one whom smells a rat in the chicken coop. First GLAAD does a "controlled power grab" of Commercial Closet, which forced the cancellation of their last Awards Show, and now we are asked to not think or see this as a duck and cover move or a power grab? That it isn't just bad form just piss poor timing! Is there a worse way to say, "have confidence in this organization" then by having your President resign the day after a major events announcement? Steve Weinstein, Editor-in-Chief of The Edge of New England has more about this story here:
Neil Giuliano, the president of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), is resigning "to pursue personal interests while completing his forthcoming book about his public and political life," according to a release from the advocacy organization. Giuliano, president since September 2005, will continue until a date to be announced later this year. Prior to GLAAD, he served for ten years as the mayor of Tempe, Ariz., after 25 years at Arizona State University.

"It’s been an honor and privilege to work professionally in the movement for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality," Giuliano said in a statement. "The views of the American people on LGBT issues are clearly moving in the right direction, toward supporting full equality, and it has been a great experience to serve on the front lines." Under Giuliano’s leadership, GLAAD’s budget has grown from $7.5M to $11M. GLAAD’s mission is a national voice against defamation of gay people and media outreach programs. GLAAD also acquired Queer Lounge at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007 and will launch an advertising media program later in 2009 with the assets of the former Commercial Closet Association, which merged with GLAAD.

"He will leave GLAAD a better and more effective organization than when he arrived and we appreciate his years of dedication and service," said Yvette Burton, co-chair of GLAAD’s Board of Directors. The board is searching for a replacement.
One side note, Jay Brannan is a nominee in the Out Standing Music Artist category for Goddamned!, yeah!

Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation

You Tube Collaboration: "Yes, We're Gay But..."
[DaveyWavey][SparkyCarlos][JohnSwims][Centerfold][Marcellas Reynolds]

LAZY MUNCIE, (February 2006) via Butter TV,
performed by Chris Cox and Kirby Heyborne

24 January 2009

GOING GREEN IN '09! How many ways can we make our economy and food supply 70% self sustainable for 150 miles in 10 years?

Did you make the New Year's resolution to live more green this year too?

One of the basic goals of environmental and economic sustainability is not to pull our houses "off the grid" but to collectively make our houses the actual power grid its self, and thereby reducing the cost of energy by both individual unit production and still having collective usage of the surplus, and thereby making the paradigm shift to more environmentally friendly sources and cooperation instead of domination by under regulated, overpriced corporate utilities.

If every neighborhood cluster in the City of Fort Wayne generated through solar and wind, with a substation electric or natural gas backup, for its own power supply it would reduce the need for so many power lines and transformers across the City and therefore the sky line could get cleaned up by at least 50 percent in 10 years; and by burying the power lines like they do in the subdivisions it would clean up the remainder of the power lines, with only the minimum of high voltage lines still required to be airborne.


There has been enough chatter about this over the local and national airwaves, so that most people are aware that in 2011 the incandescent light bulb is going the way of the eight track and a VCR, oblivion. When President Bush signed the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, besides requiring "fuel producers to use at least 36 billion gallons of biofuel in 2022; and a national standard of 35 miles per gallon by 2020" one of the other things according to a USA TODAY report, that happened was that all light bulbs must be 25 to 35 percent more efficient by 2012 to 2014. So, any day now, you'll find yourself in the hardware store, staring at a vast display of CFLs - most of which don't live up to their hype. That's why you need to know that not all CFL bulbs are equal.

Is your house one bursting light bulb away from a HAZMAT clean up?

Because the government hasn't done the job, the Enviromental Working Group released a study guide based on CFLs called "Lighten Up in '09", that helps the consumer pinpoint a few good bulbs, that contain a fraction of the toxic mercury that is found in most CFLs and last up to 2 to 3 times as long.

An Environmental Working Group investigation has identified 7 bulb lines made by Earthmate, Litetronics, Sylvania, Feit, MaxLite and Philips that trump the rest. These bulbs, listed in our Green Lighting Guide contain a fraction of the toxic mercury allowed by Energy Star, reducing the mercury contamination from a broken bulb. All last 8-15,000 hours, dramatically longer than the Energy Star standard of 6,000 hours, and also offer high efficiency. (Photo: Towle Road)


On October 3, 2008, President Bush signed into law the "Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008." aka "The Wall Street Bailout" One of the things that this legislation did was to reactivate tax credits for energy efficient home improvements (windows, doors, roofs, insulation, HVAC, and non-solar water heaters). Tax credits for these residential products, which had expired at the end of 2007, will now be available for improvements made during 2009. However, improvements made during 2008 are not eligible for a tax credit. The bill also extended tax credits for solar energy systems and fuel cells to 2016. New tax credits were established for small wind energy systems and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Tax credits for builders of new energy efficient homes and tax deductions for owners and designers of energy efficient commercial buildings were also extended. For more information and a detailed list of tax credits, visit the US Government's ENERGY STAR website.


Last week the Indiana Office of Energy Development (OED) held a workshop at the Main Branch of the Allen County Public Library on solar domestic hot water heaters. This was the first of three 2009 alternative energy workshops, to be held throughout the state of Indiana. These free workshops and are open to all Hoosiers. To register for the OED workshops contact: Chris Dorman (info is @ bottom of page), as space is limited. Once you register, more detailed information will be sent to you. There are two remaining courses Basic Photo Voltaics on the 4th of February and Introduction to Residential Wind on the 17th of March this quarter.


"Liquid Assets" tells the story of essential utility systems: drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater. These complex and aging systems-some in the ground for more than 100 years-are critical for basic sanitation, public safety, economic development, and a host of other necessities of life. The documentary highlights communities from across the United States, providing an understanding of hidden water infrastructure assets, demonstrating watershed protection approaches, and illustrating twenty-first century solutions. You will be able to watch it on WFWA PBS 39 @ random times throughout the month of February.

Better yet, get involved in the discussion about the multi million dollar, 20 year project that Fort Wayne has finally been forced by the EPA to participate in order to clean up our three rivers, by eliminating our fifty Combined Sewer Overflows per year, over the next twenty years. On the 28th of January the Allen Co. Public Library will be hosting a screening and community discussion of the issues at hand and how the project is going to unfold.

"Over the next couple of decades, Fort Wayne will be making enormous investments in our utility systems. In order to protect our environment and ensure that our utilities can serve the community for years to come we must invest now. We see this event on January 28 as a beginning of ongoing discussions about the need to invest in improving our utility infrastructure." (Kumar Menon Director of City Utilities)

As most of my long time readers are aware, I serve on the Council of Stewards (Board of Directors) of Heartland Communities, Inc., a local non for profit, which is a strategic partner and fiscal agent for Save Maumee Grassroots Organization, which was founded by Abigail Frost.

Abigail Frost, had this to say regarding the original broadcast last year of LIQUID ASSETS on PBS39, "I saw this documentary, it is very informative for people to understand the process from toilet to faucet." She also had this to say regarding the original "local council of City officials" that were available for a question and answer session after that original broadcast in the Fall, "It was dry and without answering real questions. It did not:
  • speak about why our city has waited so long to even begin the work;
  • place emphasis on non point source pollution;
  • answer how citizens should be responsible for their actions;
  • about how this work could occur faster;
  • speak about all the breaking sewer pipes almost daily in the middle of our roadways;
  • speak about how Harrison Square Ball Park is on top of an underground waterway and has to have pumps that cost thousands of dollars PER YEAR to keep ground from sagging and their bad planning."

For now the fourth year in a row, Abi and Ryan Bailey are planning putting together Save Maumee's Earth Day Project this year it will take place on Divine Mercy Sunday, the 19th of April, 2009 from 11A-4P plan ahead to come out and get dirty for clean water. We will be planting riparian native seed to further establish erosion control on the river banks (one of the primary reason our waters are so murky and contaminated), as well as clean up all the trash and refuse that was left behind by various people not paying attention to their surroundings and caring about the effects of their actions on our three rivers. There will be Watershed and River Education opportunities every hour and activities for the little ones when they are tired of cleaning or planting. If you can donate money, goods, or services, to the cause of cleaning up Our Three Rivers, and make the Summit City sing with new life, then donate to Save Maumee via Heartland Communities, Inc. by calling Abi @ 260-417-2500!


We have all heard of Rock The Vote initiatives since the early nineties to get people out to exercise their civil duties and participate in the political process. Do you want to see something really cool and a way to literally return the power to the people? Then check out Rock The Bike and these soon possibilities of people generated power supplies coming to a concert venue near you. These next videos are from the second annual Bicycle Music Festival on the 21 June 2008 in San Francisco. The first video (above) is a basic introduction to the Concert Series and explanation of the Pedal Powered Public Address System. The second video (below) is from the band Antioquia's (pic to left) performance on the third of five stops during the Festival, enjoy the free power music and dancing.

Mentioning the power of the pedal and safe drinking water supplies, I also need to remind readers of this post from St. Valentine's Day last year when F6 covered the AQUADUCT a Tricycle Water Filtration System designed for obtaining drinking water during emergencies and provide an active supply chain for third world countries.


One of the things that our culture has lost besides the value of money is the ability to barter or trade for goods and services which is why we are in the trouble we are in financially. Bartering or fair trade for goods and services was such a viable system that it is what our current credit system was originally based on but we have allowed it to spin out of control by corporate greed and government taxation of property and income aside from pointe of purchase sales taxes and tariffs. One way to correct the economy is to bring back this system of fair trade of labor value for products and services and that will limit the power that money has over the individual and the economy as a whole. If we simplify the value of goods and services, by controlling the markets, we will save it rather than kill it.


How can you help create an secure food supply in Fort Wayne and Allen County? Allow Sacred Scripture to be your guide, starting with these principles of fair provision for the poor, outlined in Leviticus Chapter 19:
When you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not be so thorough that you reap the field to its very edge, nor shall you glean the stray ears of grain. Likewise, you shall not pick your vineyard bare, nor gather up the grapes that have fallen. These things you shall leave for the poor and the alien. (v. 9-10)

"When you come into the land and plant any fruit tree there, first look upon its fruit as if it were uncircumcised. For three years, while its fruit remains uncircumcised, it may not be eaten. In the fourth year, however, all of its fruit shall be sacred to the LORD as a thanksgiving feast to him. Not until the fifth year may you eat its fruit. Thus it will continue its yield for you. (v. 23-25)
Fallen Fruit has a manifesto which includes a few palatable ideas for urban planning, "Fruit can grow almost anywhere, and can be harvested by everyone. Our cities are planted with frivolous and ugly landscaping, sad shrubs and neglected trees, whereas they should burst with ripe produce. Great sums of money are spent on young trees, water and maintenance. While these trees are beautiful, they could be healthy, fruitful and beautiful."

They take a more socialist approach with how to approach the policy change, which I whole heartily disagree with when it is this far reaching. These are the parts I can support: encouraging local governments, "to support community gardens" and allowing "our streets to be lined with" fruit trees. I do have one caution though, we as a people have enough problems shoveling our sidewalk, let alone the City picking up leaves from the curb, which locally still hasn't been completed from last year. How are we going to assure the roads will be safe to travel on without any the fallen fruit rotting in the Indiana late summer and autumn rainstorms? I don't know, I'm just waiting for the day when I get to hear, "Hey, um Dad?"; "Yes, Son?"; "Dad I was getting ready to pull my new moped into the driveway and it slipped on a rotten banana peel!": "Are you okay?"; "Yeah Dad I'm fine, but I almost ran over the neighbor's cat, and the moped is under Mom and Dad and your new Boyfriend's truck." We also can not forget the squirrels. They will go after your nuts if they cant find their own.

The part of the manifesto which demands "only plant fruit-bearing trees in public parks" and the "demand that all parking lots be landscaped with fruit trees which provide shade, clean the air and feed the people, is poor sighted land management and violations of property rights. Sometimes those evergreens or firs are necessary for shelter and windbreaks. Yes even other creatures depend on those non fruit trees for shelter!

The failure to Government Owned Community Gardens is that not everyone will get involved, which is necessary for success in political based organization and structure. As a rule of thumb, for the City Park employees assigned to oversee the project, their paycheck must be reflective to a certain portion of the success or failure of the project, otherwise their main goal is just to get the assignment out of the way as they would still get paid the same amount.

Edible Estates @ Descano Gardens in Los Angeles is a little more immune (video) to that rule of thumb. EDIBLE ESTATES is the brain child product of Designer and Artist Fritz Haeg, where he explores and practices the history, horticulture, and art as well as the pragmatic implications of functioning gardens and a truly living your life with your neighbors off your front porch versus manicured lawns. There is more information about Edible Estates at the bottom of this post and in the two videos above and below this section.


The solution is where the green collective and worker-owner cooperative paradigms intersects with the capitalist economic spirit of entrepreneurial initiatives, and thereby removes Government obscure grasp and drives the economy in a revitalized manor while providing equal opportunities for success to increase, with a limit to individual failure and reprisals. Join with other like minded individuals and become worker owners of companies, serving a growing dynamic across the current boundaries of industry lines and coercive union & labor struggles against the corporate dollar, by making the employees the owners of their own destiny and profit or loss.

Heartland Communities is currently working on an Economic Sustainability Project and we have four of the twelve prong process being forged under the heat of a great fire (the determination of the human soul to become something bigger than its self), along with some other like minded people, whom have the same drive and passion, to make the world a better, cleaner, more sane, place to dwell with one another. If you care to get involved contact me below in the comments or email or any other STEWARD through MySpace, or Yahoo! Group.

We have also begun the process to be recognized by the City Government as a Community Housing Development Organization for the near northwest area of the City and Downtown, which is going to open up a mother load of opportunities for us to showcase both green technologies and worker owner businesses that will establish economic sustainability, the procurement of local food resources, and cooperative housing models of ownership, amongst other opportunities for everyone to be involved in at the ground level.

UPDATE via CSPANJUNKIE.ORG 26 January 2009:
President Barack H. Obama releases Administration policy on Environment and Energy Dependency

He began the press conference by confirming massive layoffs of thousands of people at each of these major companies across the country including MicroSoft, Intel, United Airlines, Home Depot, Caterpillar, Sprint/Nextell, . He continued with a short history of broken promises by previous Presidents and other politicians for the last three decades, and then announced today that His Administration's Policy is to reverse our nation's dependence on foreign oil through several steps. Through these first steps, beginning with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (aka, the next trillion dollar bailout currently going through the Congress) as a down payment, on this "new energy economy, that will put hundreds of million of people to work. He proceeded to list the objectives:
  • Put 460,000 Americans to work with clean energy investments;
  • Double the capacity to create alternative energy over the next 3 years;
  • Lay down three thousand miles of transmission lines to deliver the new energy;
  • Assert savings of two billion dollars per year by making 75% Federal Properties efficient;
  • Assert savings of hundreds of dollars on energy bills by weatherizing two million homes;
  • Implements new fuel efficiency standards for model year 2011;
  • Restore States Rights when determining Energy and Environmental Policies (sort of maybe);
  • Global Coalition on Climate and Energy Economy

Environmental Working Group [Website]
1436 U St NW Suite 100 Washington, DC 20009

Cris Dorman [EMail][Website]
Coordinator of Public Outreach and Education
Indiana Office of Energy Development
101 W. Ohio St. Ste 1250 Indianapolis, IN 46204

PASSAGE: Leviticus 19:9-10, 23-25, as copied from the New American Bible
and provided by the United States Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops.

Fallen Fruit & Public Fruit Jam: Think scavenger hunt & quilting bee but with Fruit for Canning.

[Website][YouTube][Buy Book]

Dudley Street Neighborhood Initatives in Roxbury Massachusetts.
Growing Power locations in Milwaukee, and Chicago with National Training Centers in Arkansas, Massachusetts, Mississippi and future locations in Georgia, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.
PATH TO FREEDOM By The Dervaes Family, Urban Homesteaders [MySpace][Facebook][YouTube]

14 January 2009

BASHING: How many times does President Obama & Democratic Party think Queers will accept being disregarded then pandered to for Our public support?

(Scroll to the middle (near the blue coupon on the right) to visit links to Red State Update's coverage of these events covered & view Bishop Robinson's response on the MSNBC Rachel Maddow show too! This post has been updated yet again: The prayer offered by Bishop Robinson was not televised nor considered to be part of the event's public portion but a pre show event, we have footage below. Lastly, The Democratic National Committee Finally settles its discrimination lawsuit for unlawful termination of the GLBT OUTREACH CHAIR 2 1/2 years ago!)

First lets rehash the old shit, since I didn't cover it two years ago. The Gay Community should have known better when everything blew up back in October 2007.

Back then Senator Obama invited three notably anti gay personalities to headline His "Embrace The Courage" concert series which visited three cities Charleston, Greenwood, and Columbia, South Carolina, to reach out to the Black Church and Community. Among them are Rev. Donnie McClurkin, Mary Mary, and Hezekiah Walker. H. A. Robinson, CEO of the Ntnl. Black Justice Cltn., cited two quotes, one from Rev. McClurkin and one from Mary Mary, in which they declare an all out assault on the GLBT Community, in his response to the situation. During the concert, McClurkin went on a tirade to try to prove that he wasn't a homophobe. Afterward Mr. Obama himself fluffed off concerns expressed by the moderator (video: at the 2:40 mark) during a MySpace/MTV debate saying it was his way of 'confronting homophobia in the Black Church and Community through education'. The ladies of the View even chimed in on the topic.

But it gets better still, the new DNC Chair is apparently worse then Rick Warren.

If asking Rev. Rick Warren, controversial conservative Pastor of Saddleback Church, was not enough of slap in the face towards the GLBT Community, it was announced last week that Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia has been selected by Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. to be the next Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

As initially reported on by Queers United, and confirmed by reading several reports from 2006, Kaine is both against civil unions and has endorsed an amendment banning same sex marriage and so anti-gay that he gay baited the constituency and the press followed when he ran against the equally homophobic Jerry Kilgore.

Shakesville reporter Mellissa McEwan, has some other interesting clips, again from 2006, in response to Kaine's pick to respond on behalf of the Democrat Party to President Bush's State Of The Union Address to Congress, first from Page One Queer:
"National Democratic leaders today will ask Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine (D) to deliver the party’s response to the president’s State of the Union address, believing that the new governor can best deliver their 2006 message of inclusiveness, American values and high ethical standards. A Democratic House aide called choosing Kaine “a no-brainer,” adding that the new governor also provides a fresh face for a party running on a message of change and reform."
Pam's House Blend commentary from then reflects the overall concern of the GLBT Community and our thoughts going forward from this recent turn of events:
.... We are on notice - homos are going to be tossed overboard - again - in search of the elusive win. They haven't figured out that voters need and want to see a party that has values it actually believes in and is willing to defend - and they won't get a dime from me with this bullshit…...
For gays living under Kaine and his endorsement of a marriage amendment, it's a clear message that your life partner relationship has no legal footing or recognition in the state.....
Yet that's fine and dandy with the Democratic Party establishment, which tacitly endorses Kaine's position with this pick. Defenders will say: "just ignore that and look at 'the whole package' or 'the long view'. " Well, I'm looking at the long view, and so far all I see are states falling, one by one, passing marriage amendments because Dems are silent. I take that as either an endorsement of the bigotry, or complete impotence and incompetence on how to counter the message coming out of the right wing.
That's when you know that civil equality is not a core value in this party.
The Chicago Tribune reports that Gov. Kaine's role will be part time until 2010 when his term as Governor expires. He will be tasked with preparing for the 2010 Congressional elections as well as working down the 15 million dollar debt from last year's election cycles. Democrats can leave a welcome message to their new leader here.

From a Libertarian perspective I have to ask, "How do we expect our Country to be debt free when our major political parties are carrying multiple million dollar debt loads?" Not forgetting to mention, shame on Gay Democrats for calling it like it is two years ago, and then still blindly supporting the same old system, the same pandering party, and the same old message, when the fact remains it was simply redecorated with a new face and a lot more charisma then all the other candidates combined.

It is like We The People gave up and asked the fox to guard the hen house, only the hen is a rooster in drag. We even put his facial recognition on our underwear. The next thing you know we will have, if it hasn't happened already, people tattooing his image over their bodies.

All torture from pandering Democrats aside, a month after appointing
Reverend Rick Warren to give the invocation at the Inaugural Ceremony, the transition team has announced that Most Reverend Gene Robinson, Episcopalian Bishop of New Hampshire, has been asked to offer prayer three days earlier at the beginning of "inaugural week". ...... Here are some details from Dan Gilgoff of U.S. News & World Report:
The gay-rights movement is expressing elation over President-elect Barack Obama's invitation to gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson to give the opening invocation of inauguration week after reacting angrily to Obama's selection of evangelical megachurch pastor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation on Inauguration Day.

The Robinson invitation shows that "ultimately, Barack Obama is a friend to the LGBT Community," says Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest gay-rights group. "I believe his administration is going to inspire us and advance our agenda more often than not. At the same time," Solmonese continued, "both the Warren and Robinson decisions give us a clue about what the road ahead is going to be like. This is the beginning of a long journey."

The Human Rights Campaign and other gay-rights groups sent letters to Obama asking him to rescind the invitation to Warren—who disapproves of homosexuality and who opposes certain gay rights, including the right to marry—after his inauguration role was announced last month. "There was a sense of uproar around Rick Warren," says Darlene Nipper, deputy executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. "People were confused, fearing that maybe the [president-elect] isn't the individual we thought he was. The Robinson invitation, she said, "is an important step for knowing that this is someone who believes in the inclusivity of all Americans."

A source familiar with inauguration plans said that the Obama team had planned to give Robinson a public role at the inauguration even before the Warren flap, though Robinson's invitation was issued much more recently. "It's inaccurate to suggest that this was a reaction to the Rick Warren complaints or criticism," said the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.
Okay, aside from this decision alienating one group over another yet again, which is a bad thing:
1. Speaking anonymously, so Obama's Transition Team is trying to save face if it doesn't work out; and 2. I'm sorry but there is no way that you can tell anyone with three brain cells between their ears that this was not a strategic plan to shut up the Queer citizens and our allies over the Warren and Kaine fiascoes a week before the Inauguration.
Additionally, If John McCain were now the President elect, God/dess forbid me from just thinking about it, and picked John Hagee instead of Rick Warren, or even Jeremiah Wright instead of Gene Robinson, 'as a sign of healing and inclusiveness', to lead the invocation at his Inaugural, the gays, blacks, liberals and conservatives, and even the military, as one voice would all be up in arms over such a decision too.

Mr. President elect, the issue isn't who they are individually; however it is the fact that they all possess a controversial public persona, that is under severe scrutiny (legal sense) for their spoken words and communicated thoughts across the "marketplace of ideas", by logically thinking people. It is the questionable rhetoric and antagonism that these controversial public persons represent that DO NOT belong at We The People's ceremony. It would be like listening to Ann Coulter from the pulpit at Ebenezer Baptist Church, no question, it is just wrong.
The first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church, Robinson's 2003 election caused a rift in the church, provoking several dioceses and dozens of parishes to secede in protest. Though he'd been an early public supporter of Obama, Robinson called the inaugural invitation to Warren "a slap in the face."

"I'm all for Rick Warren being at the table," Robinson told the New York Times. "But we're not talking about a discussion; we're talking about putting someone up front and center at what will be the most watched inauguration in history, and asking his blessing on the nation. And the God that he's praying to is not the God that I know."

Robinson will give the invocation at this Sunday's official opening to the inaugural week activities, at Washington, D.C.'s Lincoln Memorial, while Warren will give the invocation at Obama's swearing-in on Tuesday. "It will be an enormous honor to offer prayers for the country and the new president, standing on the holy ground where the 'I have a dream speech' was delivered by Dr. King," Robinson wrote in an E-mail this morning to Episcopal Café, an Episcopal website. "It is also an indication of the new president's commitment to being the President of ALL the people. I am humbled and overjoyed at this invitation...."

Despite the fallout the Warren invitation engendered in the gay community, the Human Rights Campaign's Solmonese says the Obama transition team has been "very enthusiastic to the list of agenda items for the LGBT community."

That wish list includes executive orders for instituting nondiscrimination policies for federal employees on sexual orientation or gender identity grounds, for interpreting the Family and Medical Leave Act to include same-sex partners, and to enact a Congressional approved end to a ban on HIV-positive travelers from entering the U.S.

"Four years from now, will we believe that we have made more progress for advancing gay equality than at any other time in our history and than under any other president?" says Solmonese. "I think the answer is yes. That is what's paramount.".
Part of the problem is that the Main Stream Media and National Press relies to much on the Human Rights Campaign to achieve a pulse on the Gay Community. They HRC is the most wishy-washy group that specifically, consistently, panders to the Democratic Party's whims and whistle calls. This is even further evidenced by this follow up post also by Dan Gilgoff to his original post regarding the initial flap over Warrens invitation.
In my earlier post about Rick Warren at the inauguration and whether Barack Obama could simultaneously reach out to the gay rights and evangelical movements, I may have overstated the warm reviews from the gay activist community for the performance of the Obama campaign and transition team.

For a story on usnews.com today, I spoke with David Smith, vice president of the Human Rights Campaign, who said Obama's gay outreach to date has been a "mixed bag." He said HRC had been disappointed in how few openly gay appointments Obama had made so far. The only such appointment to a prominent White House post so far, according to Smith, is Nancy Sutley as chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

Here's what Smith told me:
"The Obama team has sent a very uplifting message that positive change is coming for LGBT Americans, but we haven't seen it yet. There has been no concrete evidence of inclusion. That's the environment in which this Warren announcement happened—it exacerbates the level of disappointment that exists."
He also stressed that symbolism—not just policy—matters to the gay rights community:
"The inauguration represents the dawn of his presidency, so the symbolism is unmistakable. To have a man who so vociferously opposes LGBT equality . . . it almost gives license that the Reverend's views are somehow tolerable or acceptable. You can think of a whole host of people who the president wouldn't have selected for the inauguration because of their viewpoints on race or because of their religious bigotry. By having this man [Rick Warren] speak at the dawn of the presidency, it's like saying his views are not unacceptable. Even though he says he disagreed with [Warren], it's like having an anti-Semite open the program."
Wow. That's pretty strong language. But it's a reminder that many of the groups that embraced Obama on the campaign trail won't necessarily fall in line with him now....
(This is an attempt to complete our reporting and balance my commentary with other opinions
facts whether contrary, supporting, or political spin so you receive the whole picture.)


(Courtesy of MSNBC; Recorded by GLAAD) (Link: Windy City Times Article)

RED STATE UPDATE with Travis and Jonathan:

31 OCT 07 Obama vs Donnie McClurkin controversy
(with redneck gogo bois in undies and leather!)
21 DEC 08 Gays Still Hate Obama; Rick Warren
14 JAN 09 Gay Bishop @ Obama's Innaguration

UPDATE 20 January 09: Yet even more Gays and Lesbians are starting to ask if we got bitch slapped by the olive branch or if it was just a minor oversight. To correct (the supposed oversight) the Inauguration Committee is going to rebroadcast the pre inaugural week prayer invocation and concert series during the ramp up to the inaugural to entertain the masses on the National Lawn.

... Here is more from Queers United: Did Obama Team Play Us Over Bishop Robinson?
During the inauguration kick off party at the Lincoln Memorial, openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson of the Diocese of NH gave the opening prayer. This was seen by many as an olive branch given to the gay community in light of the anti-gay preacher Rick Warren invitation.

While, the appearance of Bishop Robinson is historic in nature, it was not carried by HBO or NPR the only two companies with filming rights. After receiving hundreds of comaplints, they then promised to carry it on the later broadcast, yet it was not seen on the 7pm transmission.

...In further reporting we finally get some answers, maybe....

After Elton has contacted HBO to find out why the Bishop was not televised. "The producer of the concert has said that the Presidential Inaugural Committee made the decision to keep the invocation as part of the pre-show." There are also reports from people who were there live that there were 'sound difficulties' and most people in the crowd of 500,000 did not even hear Bishop Gene Robinson speak.

Is the Obama team trying to play it both ways? Trying to shut us up, over the Rick Warren fiasco, while also silencing the voices of the LGBT community? We are not pointing fingers, or accusing anyone of any wrongdoing, but we have a right to know why the well planned event did not go according to plan, or did it?

Contact the Presidential Inauguration Committee at 202-651-2009.
Well at least an attempt at reconciliation.... Bishop Robinson's Prayer Will Be Re-Broadcast on Mall
Citizens turned out on the Mall to watch the event on giant screens tomorrow will have a second chance to see the invocation by Gene Robinson, the gay Episcopal bishop, a source at the Presidential Inauguration Committee said. "Yesterday's program will be shown on the jumbo screens on the Mall to entertain the assembled crowd. Tomorrow's version will include Robinson's prayer," the source said.

A spokesman for the Inaugural Committee, Josh Earnest, also said that HBO's rights to yesterday's event are limited: the committee owns the copyright to the event, but HBO has a license to broadcast it for six months. That makes it less likely that the concert will be kept out of the historical record of, for instance, documentaries of the event.
On Monday, the syndicated National Public Radio Show Talk of the Nation covered this issue also asking, "What Happened With Gay Bishop's Invocation?". You can listen to their report and 30 minute conversation with MRev. Gene Robinson here, please open in a new window. JOE MY GOD has a slightly different story to tell and documents fairly well 'the he said she said' between HBO producers and the Obama camp, as they trade blame back and forth for the oversight and controversy. Joe also found that someone in front had managed to record the Invocation by Bishop Robinson, and it seems like the sound system worked quite well.
After days of controversy and outrage from the religious right, openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson opened Barack Obama's inauguration concert on the National Mall today with a request that the nation pray for "understanding that our president is a human being and not a messiah." But only the people AT the concert heard that, because HBO did not televise Robinson's message. Who engineered this blackout of Robinson? I suspect we'll hear lots about this in days to come.
UPDATE: It turns out that a lot the people at the concert did NOT hear Robinson either. There were sound "difficulties" and most of the estimated 500,000 in the audience could not hear his invocation. Only those very close to the stage could hear.
UPDATE II: The 7PM rebroadcast of the show was identical, no Gene Robinson.
UPDATE III: The full text of Robinson's prayer is here. If you'd like to express your unhappiness to HBO, you can do that here. My gut tells me the call was made elsewhere.
UPDATE IV: AfterElton.com has spoken to HBO, who says the decision to cut Robinson was made by the Obama transition team.
UPDATE V: Somebody seated near the stage recorded Robinson's invocation.
(see video directly above)
And finally to close out this post hopefully, we have been given one more sign that proves the Democratic Party is actively pandering to the Queer Community. Howard Dean, the former Governor of Vermont and 2004 Presidential candidate, while preparing to leave his term as Chairman of the Democratic National Party, also tried to clean up one of his biggest human resources disasters. First by acting as the Chair, Dean tried to excuse the termination by the National Committee of Hitchcock, as issues of "poor performance" and his "lack of clout in the press" to stop the onslaught of bad publicity across the GLBT and Main Stream Media spectrums. The retaliatory action against a well known GLBT Advocate and former Democratic Party Outreach and Fundraiser Officials, by originally vilifying him, then they tried to sweep it under the shag carpet, and intimidate the GLBT Press by Party Lawyers, and finally after all that, 2 1/2 years later, they try to settle the lawsuit and act like nothing ever happened. Democrats can do no wrong? Of course the details are sealed under court order and there is probably no admission of guilt. Nick Cargo @ Page One Queer picks up on the final story below:
Former gay outreach director, DNC settle discrimination suit

Donald Hitchcock and his former employer, the Democratic National Committee, have announced a settlement of Hitchock's discrimination lawsuit against the Party. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

"We appreciate Mr. Hitchcock's intense advocacy of LGBT equality and have never doubted his strong commitment to Democratic principles or the goals of the Democratic Party," DNC Chairman Howard Dean and Chief of Staff Leah Daughtry said in a statement Thursday evening. "Mr. Hitchcock is and has always been a valued member of the DNC community, including during his employment with the DNC."

Hitchcock, former director of the Committee's Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council, filed suit on April 17, 2007 in Washington DC Superior Court after his termination, which he charged was in retaliation for criticism of the party by his partner, party activist Paul Yandura (to the right in photo below), in April 2006. Yandura's open letter criticized the matter in which donations from gay Democrats were being used, particularly how he felt that the party's interest in the LGBT community was limited to their financial contributions. The letter also suggested that gays should temporarily stop making donations.

Hitchcock was hired by the DNC in June 2005 and fired May 2, 2006, days after Yandura's open letter was made public.

"I appreciate all the things the DNC, Governor Dean, Rev. Daughtry, Andy Tobias, Julie Tagen--and the Democratic Party generally--have done to advance equality, I had hoped for even more," Hitchcock said, "but the dialogue is not over yet. I look forward to working with them all for continued progress."

In his suit Hitchcock said he was paid less than people doing comparable fundraising and outreach work, and was subject to threats, harassment and other retaliatory tactics by Dean, Daughtry, Deputy Finance Director Julie Tagen, and openly gay Treasurer Andy Tobias.

The Washington Blade, in addition, charged in March 2008 that two lawyers for Rev. Daughtry showed up at the Blade offices and attempted to intimidate editor Kevin Naff and publisher Lynne Brown over their reporting of the ongoing proceedings.

One of the attorneys, Charlie Kimmett, denied that the meeting was "contentious," and also Naff's charge of "red-faced cursing and threatening of lawsuits." Naff further said that while the attorneys were representing Daughtry and not the DNC, party officials nonetheless "gloated behind the scenes" that they had succeeded in stopping the Blade from further reporting.

"Of course, to suggest that the Blade would abandon a story because a couple of angry lawyers made a scene in the lobby constitutes wishful thinking," Naff wrote of the incident. "One thing every journalist learns early on is that when people start yelling and making threats, that means you're onto something."


give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!