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Fight the H8 in Your State"A mutual independence is found most friendly to practical religion, to social harmony, and to political prosperity."

~ Honorable James Madison, Jr., President, The United States of America, 1809–1817. The Father of the Constitution, Author of the Bill of Rights, Co Author of The Federalist Papers

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31 December 2007

Year In Review: Personally Politically Yours

The Libertarian Party of Allen County

This year we saw the Party locally come out from relative inconspicuousness to challenge heartily eight of nine City Council seats and throw the mainstream political parties on their rears while crying foul. While we didn't come out victorious in any race we definitely established a presence in County and City politics and have made everyone even the Editorial Board of the Journal Gazette stand up, take account, and eat their own words several times over. On an organizational front, 2007 also saw the restart of the Campus Libertarians @ IPFW under the leadership of Kody Tinnel. And we received front page coverage on two issues of Frost Illustrated right before the general election and in the early summer with an awesome cover and article in the Fort Wayne Reader.

You can review some of the stories in F6's archive and other blogs in the area but when all is said and now done it comes to one quote from outgoing Second District Council Member Donald Schmidt (R) in an exit interview with Jeff Nuemeyer from the Indiana News Center:

"There were several things that were working against us, uh, it was a bad year for Republicans at the national level, obviously. Secondly, the Mayoral situation was working against us. The smoking issue had riled a lot of people up, that was out there,and the Libertarian Party was coming after us."
Donald was a nine term incumbent who was upset not just by twelve votes to Redevelopment Commissioner Karen Goldner (D) but with a newcomer relocated from Ohio, Libertarian Jonathan Bartels (pic-far left), whom took six percent of the vote in that race also. Other races which saw impressive leads by Libertarians were in the First with Byron Peters grabbing ten percent and father of three, Robert Fuller (pic-cntr right), pulling eight percent in the Fifth, and two of our At Large candidates Douglas Horner (pic-cntr left) and William Larsen pulled over four thousand votes each.

Tomorrow starts a new life for the City as a whole since we have a new mayor and had a shift in City Council with five of nine seats being filled by newcomers. I wish them the best and ask them for one favor, fix the problems caused by the previous administrations and overzealous Council members please. The second smoking ban being on the top of the list followed by Combined Sewer Overflows, public safety pensions, and bad policies - like tax abatements for fast food restaurants.
2008 is going to be an awesome year with local school boards and county government, and general assembly positions all coming up for a vote. We also might finally see the demise of Mark "dont keep my promises" Souder from Congress. One only wonders if Dan Turkette @ Fort Wayne News was successful in his propositioning of Matt Kelty to run for Souder's seat also, it will be interesting to watch.


F6 got national attention for my review of Buddy G My Two Moms And Me earlier this month. The comments left by one of the two co-creators of this d2v series was heartily appreciated and I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to Donna personally for her comments and cross linking.
Back in November, F6 introduced readers to a new web 2.0 community and telecast called QUARTERLIFE. A storyline about mid twenty somethings just trying to figure out their difference in the world as they know it. The show airs new ten minute segments every Sunday and Thursday on their website and myspace pages. I am pleased to announce that NBC has picked up the series and will air the show with six initial hour long episodes from the late winter to early spring of 2008.

FAQs From Fr. Fozy

There has been not much new on the home front I go in for my three month review with my doctors shortly after the New Year and we will see from there as to how my kidneys and heart are doing. On a last note, I received for my birthday and Christmas a really cool crocheted beaded necklace and crocheted prayer beads from my brother Curt, the necklace has been adapted slightly to accept my pectoral cross, as was his intent. It is a little itchy, but it is cool non the less, it almost gives off the appearance of braided hemp.

[04 Jan 07 UPDATE:
My creatine levels (what is checked for proper kidney function) have dropped from 3.7 to 3.1, which means my kidney function is improving! Now the main thing that I have to focus on for the next four months is to get back down to my correct (pre-heart failures) weight, which is going to be a bitch and a half - but a blessing beyond compare, that it is the only thing I have to worry about for the next four months. Thank you everyone for your prayers and positive thoughts.

Top Photo:
Candidates Jonathan Bartels, Douglas Horner, Robert Fuller, and Robert Enders
at Fort Wayne PRIDE Festival 28th of July 2007 @ Headwaters Park East.
Photo taken by Mrs. Jennifer Jeffrey, Party Chair.

Should Old Aquaintance Be Foregone: End of Year Humor

David's Shave n Share

One weekend, Dave is in the bathroom shaving when the kid he hired to mow his lawn, a local young adult named Bubba, comes in to pee. Dave slyly looks over and is shocked at how immensely endowed Bubba is. He can't help himself, and asks Bubba what his secret is.

"Well," says Bubba, "every night before I climb into bed with a girl, I whack my penis on the bedpost three times. It works, and it sure impresses the girls!"

Dave was excited at this easy suggestion and decided to try it that very night. So before climbing into bed with his partner Mike, he took out his penis and whacked it three times on the bedpost. Mike, half-asleep, said, "Bubba? Is that you?"

28 December 2007

One score and twelve years ago....What an adventure it has been!


Thirty two years ago this morning I was shoved out of my mother's womb three months and a day early. I was a two pound, nine ounce bundle of flesh that was seventeen inches long. I couldn't figure out what God was thinking when He came down and commissioned me from my mothers womb and then said "Now get out into the world." instead of letting me stay in this nice warm sack of fluid for another ninety three days. This is my five minutes of paying tribute annually to my mother and father.

Since I am my mother's first born she sucked down on the anesthetics and ended up passing out half way through delivery. My father, in regards to the minor miracle in front of him, responding to the intensive neo-natal conflicts of my premature birth did two things that have the highest honor in my life. They will forever reign in my life no matter what happens or what people say about me personally and professionally. Thirty minutes after I was born I was baptized and given my father's name, the highest glory he could give me, and then handing me back over to God in prayer and the doctors for health and safety. My mom woke up three days later.


Today is the feast of the Holy Innocents (citations from my homily: Jeremiah 31:15, Matthew 2:16-18, Assumption of Moses 6:2-6) within the Octave of the Incarnation (Catholics take 8 days to celebrate Christmas Day and Easter Day, similar to Chanukah) . Therefore the issues of premature termination of any life has a very special place in my own history. I am for life from conception to natural death. Technically I was born at the very end of my second trimester. And yes if you do the math I was suppose to born on April Fools Day. Evil is not the opposite of Good it is any thing that takes away from our lives and living them for good will towards our fellow members of creation.

I am not going to make this too political; however I must address this, especially on my birth feast. I am against abortion however I am also pro choice, only in one regard. That is, the fact that if abortion were not legal, I as a member of the clergy, would be celebrating double the amount of funerals (both mother and child). I do believe though that abortion needs to be pulled out of the private clinics and needs to be a ethically guided and medically sound procedure. That just is not guaranteed in a private clinic setting. By requiring continued after procedure medical care and ethical guidance we can greater limit the ramifications of a termination on both the body and mind and soul of the individual whom has made the most tragic decision of their and someone else's life and the biological father's honor. We need to restore the father's right of choice in the decision as well. He contributed half of the byproducts (23 chromosomes and 30 minutes of hard labor) to form this new life, he should have some say in its future, 'possession should not be nine tenths of the law'.


If you take time to notice by actually viewing my blog directly (not through an RSS feed, or whatever else people use to scan this from a distance) I found out (totally on accident mind you) how to put certain things over on the main column above and below the blog entries. I hope you like some of these changes just remember to scroll down a little bit off of the main page to view everything. It is not quite done and completely updated or shuffled from one category to another but I will be finishing it up over the weekend.

Why did the sidebar link categories change?

This was done in an effort to clarify better what people are looking for. Before all the personal, political and news, commentary blogs were for the most part in one of two groups of link lists "what all d fagz r talkn bout!" and "3 rivers blogged down". One of the major complaints I received is people were getting dizzy trying to figure out which blogs they wanted to view because they couldn't always tell what type of blog it was. The new blog link list have new titles and a description underneath to better explain each category. Certain blogs have been reassigned to other categories completely that more appropriately align to the content of the blog. For instance Scott and Brian's or Blake's blogs are completely related to local sports and therefore are under all the links to "support 3 rivers athletics" while Undies Drawer has been placed under "don we now our gay apparel" I hope that these changes will help people use the resources that I am trying to provide to our greater local and queer community members.

The Fort Wayne blogs have been broken down into three main categories:
+ bare it all along 3 rivers (news & politics blog roll)*new*
+ 3 rivers blogged down (personal blog roll)*revised*
+ coming together on 3 rivers (community organizations, public interest blogs)*new*

(GLBTIQAS) blogs have been broken down into three main categories as well:
+ what all d fagz r talkn bout! (gay and lesbians, etc. personal blog roll)*revised*
+ is 1 penis and 2 testicles worth 1,000 thoughts? (pictorial and graphic blog roll)*new*
+ queer community and culture (national perspectives blog roll)*new*

[EDITOR'S UPDATE: Please see the post from 05 March 08 for further updates on formating]

What are some of the other things that you have toyed with on F6?

One is adding a third colour to the blog for subtitles and emphasis in actual posts, but the jury is still out on that one. Trying to find colours that coordinate well with the existing scheme is a bitch and a half sice I am working with two opposites initially. The background has been grayed out a little bit so as to give the appearance of recycled paper.

The three quotes and the Jay Brannan video player have been moved to the main column of the profile for people to have an easier time viewing them or picking which video to watch.

Tracking oneself across the blogosphere or letting your readers see where you've been.

In addition, I have added as a new idea in response to "New Media New Rules" and the "Civility Code" from a few months back is a link list entitled "what I did say!" which is a list of the fifteen latest comments of mine on other people's and/or organization's blogs. This is an effort to challenge especially the local authors and everyone to be more accountable for their activity across the blogosphere as well. One last benefit to this decision is that now when I leave a comment I can go back and check directly on a response from others or the author/editor of the original blog.

The links to my comments on other's blogs are listed in the following format:
1. international date (yyyymmdd)

2. the first two initials of the origional blog's authors name (Eric White=EW:)

3. followed by the acronym for the origional blog (Kody's blog is KT:TV for Tinnel Vision)

4. next is a synopsis (three words max) of the title of the original blog

5. lastly in parenthesis is the order in number of the comment that you posted eg:(6)
As a note of courteousness if you do set one of these up make sure to set the link list to "Reverse Sort Alphabetically" in order to view the list in the proper order.

The only slight downside to this link list of my comments elsewhere is everyone else can read them as well. Sometimes people don't realize they are dealing with two different persona's when reviewing the crassness of my blog (and the historical series that was F6's original old media venue) versus my personal or pastoral commentary on other blogs and sites. I challenge everyone to take time to think about the possibilities and provisions for improving your surrounding community and the communication between neighbors. Whether friends or enemies, specify or at least declare your biases and predispositions when writing; remember also, facial features aren't usually illustrated well in written commentary.

[EDITOR'S UPDATE: This feature was discontinued after 2 months. It didn't work as intended, became cumbersome to keep track of , and some blogs don't allow links to a single post.]


And that leads me to my clarification and apology then the closing of this post. In my review and follow up of the New Media New Rules forum held on the twentieth of this month, I referred to Rachel Blakeman and Nathan Gotsch in what some would assume is a demeaning manner.

What you are not all aware of is my internal mental animation. I have a cartoon that plays in the back of my head (hence my warped humor or views on certain things) and I see people and events in cartoon format as well as how they appear in reality. This skill comes from teaching preschool for several years. There are only so many ways to illustrate "pigs flying off a cliff" to three, four, and five year olds.

The first time I met Rachel was after the general election this year at the Thirsty Camel. She came in, sat down in a slump, and strained her neck veins to raise her head after a very hard fought election cycle; therefore my mind recorded an image of her in both reality and in animation format and it stuck, hence the mule reference. My apologies for not having clarified the terms of endearment. Now that I have somewhat explained the process with Rachel let me just say that certain actions or illustrations done by Nathan reminded me of a combination of a kangaroo and a jackrabbit
(picture provided) with a cute little cotton tail bouncing into the vegetable garden and tearing it all to shreds. I wont even go into the notion of my wanting to see him in clip on rabbit ears and fur lined bikini except to mention them briefly (all puns were intended) in this forum.

I hope you all have enjoyed the thoughts and perspectives I've shared thus far. I look forward to the adventures over the coming few months and enjoy the continued Cross Blog Debate and conversation with each of you.

Blessings Along The Journey!

MRev. Kenneth White, Jnr., Editor,
F6 ~ Fun Fag FAQs From Father Fozy

24 December 2007

London Gay Men's Chorus: Christmas Medley & Silent Night

New Media New Rules: Summary Follow Up From Fr. Fozy

In an effort to show fair and balanced views since noone else has commented on this post I am going to post an cyclical update now that all the 'verdicts are in' across the greater Fort Wayne blogosphere. If I missed someone, let me know and I will throw you into the bone pile.

In the meantime taking the words directly from the mule rather than the rabbit I can refer you to Rachel Blakeman 's
commentary and her direct account of events and final analysis. Nathan and Rachel did a wonderful job setting up everything and I have to give props where they are due. Now as for speaking for the rabbit, I will let Nathan chew his own carrot on this one and refer you as well to some comments over on Mitch Harper's Fort Wayne Observed.

Additionally, Kevin Leininger along with some other old and new media had their own perspectives to chime in across the electronic super highway, which were quickly resisted on several fronts for many different reasons. Of course Dan Turkette in true AWB fashion had a few comments of his own to throw into the frey on Fort Wayne News/More Than Corn. Neigh do I blame him for his perception of the events that transpired. I would encourage anyone to read the comments to all of these posts for a full perspective and the consensus of the Fort Wayne blogosphere.

I also feel that since my original post was a copy of a comment on one of these many posts, and therefore bloated by my natural sarcasm, I need to highlight the actual points I was trying to make so no one misunderstands my thought process and criticisms of the event as it happened.

+ While the initial premises that established the idea for a local Blogger Network are noble, they can also become elitist fairly quickly. Anytime you have organizations within a community try to umbrella themselves there is always going to be a shift in the atmosphere.

+ Sometimes anonymity is the best recourse to the truth because there is no perceived bias.... Certain people have to use pseudonyms in order to preserve there independence. Traditional or old media gives credit and status to anonymous or pseudonymous authors or sources.

+ Allowing comments is neighborly and shows humility in the ongoing conversation of the blogosphere. The Cross-Blog-Debate is refreshing to say the least and a vital part of getting a consensus of the blogosphere.

"Visions of Sugar Plums": will have a new meaning for this year.

*Singing: "Said the shepherd boi to the mighty King"* For those who know best, brace yourself for impact if you are not viewing this on an RSS feed!

As we enter the Octave of the Incarnation this evening, our families gather round a table with hot cocoa,a holiday bush with balls and string, and open gifts while wondering what time Midnight Mass starts (usually 11:15p.m.). We contemplate the meaning of shepherds and kings and wise men from the east as we remember a new born babe 2014 years ago whose birth, and death thirty three years later, in a feeding trough on the wrong side of the tracks in a town never known for royalty and class, changed history forever. In true F6 fashion I offer you a presentation by Actor and Folk Singer Jay Brannan called "Unstable Boy":
As we all settle in together, with a collective sigh of relief, may we also extend our prayers for peace. Peace in our homes, the world and especially on this Christmas, peace with those we have forgotten to love or forgive. As always F6 extends prayer and support to our young men and women whom are members of all five branches of the Armed Services, may they come home to us soon, especially my brothers and my kids.

On this Christmas, I hope to impart you not with my own words; but the words of a dear friend whose commentary on the status of living in Fort Wayne is not just refreshing to say the least but a needed reminder this season. Mark Stevens is a former colleague of mine, and wise friend. He lives in Fort Wayne with Topher his partner of nine years and Dave his best friend from the college years and a small den of fur balls. Mark writes an occasional entry on Welcome To My World! and it is this recent entry, "Dont I Know You?", which I would like to refer for your reflection this holiday season.

Lastly I offer you a Christmas prayer in true F6 graphic style:
Whether you have been naughty or nice
, make sure you rock around the Christmas tree and snuggle down for a long winter's night in hopes that the old elf wouldn't appear with his tiny reindeer. May you find under your tree the presents you desired this year and not forget to offer yourself as a gift to everyone that you hold dear in the next year.

Blessings Along The Journey,

Fr. Fozy Bear
MRev. Kenneth White, Jnr.

most Photos were ganked with gratitude from: Flip Flops Boy

21 December 2007

In True F6 Style: My 100th Post: Breaking "The New Media Rules" One Right After The Other

[EDITOR'S NOTE:] This is a copy of my comment on Eric White's The Centerline regarding the New Media New Rules event and panel forum hosted last night by the new Fort Wayne Blogger Network and the three main political parties in Allen County.

This is why I avoided the event like the plague that I new it could potentially become. It would have been nice to know that almost everyone was going out afterwards to chat around at a bar or local diner, that is my type of forum or roundtable discussion. While the initial premises that established the idea for a local Blogger Network are noble, they can also become elitist fairly quickly.

eg: "If you don't meet these standards you aren't one of us and you should just shut your blog down now.", etc.

Anytime you have organizations within a community try to umbrella themselves there is always going to be a shift in the atmosphere. That is why, this particular forum shouldn't have happened in my honest opinion untill after the holidays and untill all current local bloggers were brought into the discussion as to the ideals of the group let alone invited to the event.

Regarding the three "DO KNOTS" introduced at the meeting: I have certain expletives to express, and two to illustrate, which involves proving that the sun doesn't shine from that vantage pointe, that I will not do in your forum for you might have to edit my comments since they were not posted under a pseudonym, lol!

I am a classically trained journalist and commentator. I think I know what's proper and improper decorum are when it comes to dealing with any subject and I will be d****?D if I am going to have some *edited*.....*still editing*...done..., telling me what to allow or not allow on MY forum!

1. No annonymous bloggers

- Sometimes anonymity is the best recourse to the truth because there is no perceived bias or rush to judgment of the authors intent or own bias, just the facts and the expressed opinion. You cant tell if they are on record liberals, moderates, or conservatives.

- Certain people have to use pseudonyms in order to preserve there independence. I respect that and so does any other classically trained journalist or editor. If the traditional or old media gives credit and status to anonymous or pseudonymous authors or sources than who are a bunch of new elitists to say that it is no longer valid, poppycock!

Q: What do people think I am: liberal, moderate, or conservative?
A: None of the above. I am a Modern Traditionalist.

2. No Comments

- You have pretty much covered everything I was going to say, except for one last thing which ties in with number three; in that if I missed a point on an issue or item, some one can come up from behind, wrack me up side the other head, and say, "let go of yourself for a minute and take a look at this over here!".

- (I am about ready to violate number three) Thankfully, Charles Langley over @ AD FONTES, has done that for me several times recently, not the wracking just the redirecting.

+ I personally feel that allowing comments is neighborly and shows humility in the ongoing conversation of the blogosphere.

3. No Blogs should talk about other Blogs

Oh just give me a pile of cow manure to throw at this one.

- Agreeing or disagreeing with a colleague (which is what we all are) is part of the Academic process and good Editorializing and Commentating. To allude otherwise flashes in the face of historic journalism in a multi forum old media town like ours.

- If editors from opposing view pointes couldn't dialog with each other in print Win Moses might not have been reelected Mayor back in the mid eighties after his little campaign finance scandal with the Sheriff, nor would we have known that Kevin Knuth once asked for Tom Henry to resign from public office back in the mid nineties. The Cross-Blog-Debate is refreshing to say the least and a vital part of getting a consensus of the blogosphere.

BTW- I will be copying this comment over to my blog now since it is so long and you can delete it if you choose since I "have nothing new to add to the post" wtfwts.

Thank you Eric! May you have an awesome Octave of the Incarnation also!

Blessings Along The Journey,
Fr. Fozy Bear

Photos are From Matt's Dick Junkie.
To find more JUSTUS BOYZ clothing under your holiday bush next year visit their website.

20 December 2007

Update from CNN: "It shall be called the Highway of Holiness!"

This is an update from a previous post: "I-35 Loredo to Duluth". I have no issue with people praying for others or their city or doing good work to improve their city; however I still have major issues, with the use of Scriptural numerology being played off as divine revelation and the proselytizing that is also being reported in other avenues.

In the original video post all one has to do is watch the counter of the video and see that about a third of the video if not more was a direct attack on homosexuality. These aren't just prayer sessions these "purity sieges" are demonstrations and in some cases in the face protest similar to an old style abortion clinic rally or a civil rights riot and that is another issue, but this is not prayer it is vengeance, and that is reserved to God alone!

For in my honest opinion, this is not a freedom of religion issue or a separation of church and state concern; however as originally reported and still alluded to in this article, is a violation of freedom of association and the possibility for disturbing the peace or inciting a riot
as they "chanted loudly and vibrantly, making many people in the neighborhood wonder what was going on" (which is not Constitutionally protected speech). Also not forgetting to mention the fact that, one could consider some of the "praying" defamatory and hate speech, "...They prayed that adult businesses along the corridor would *insert inner baptist black woman here:"see the light" * and perhaps close down....".

You aren't going to close down your adult businesses until you understand that sexuality (no matter how it is defined or practiced with normal regard) isn't a bad thing or something to be feared and you give the people who work in those industries a reason to quit making three hundred dollars for twelve hours of work on weekends or five hundred dollars a squirt in a twenty to forty minute film sessions by forcing the industries to change and raise the standards of workplace environment. Then the employees and businesses start loosing money, which is plain and simple economics. One could start by removing alcohol from the Gentlemen Clubs and allow them to only serve coffee and soda, it works up in Michigan. The other personal reason btw, that I have issues with these "intercessors", they classify normal gay bars as "adult businesses" but not normal straight bars as well. That is what we call a double standard, and oh wait, wait, discrimination- which no longer makes this a religious action but a legal and political one.

Hitting the road (literally) with some faithful

Editor's note: In our Behind the Scenes series, CNN correspondents share their experiences in covering news and analyze the stories behind the events. Here, Gary Tuchman talks about covering people praying on what they call America's "holy highway."

DALLAS, Texas (CNN) -- If you turn to the Bible -- Isaiah Chapter 35, Verse 8 -- you will see a passage that in part says, "A highway shall be there, and a road, and it shall be called the Highway of Holiness."

Now, is it possible that this "highway" mentioned in Chapter 35 is actually Interstate 35 that runs through six U.S. states, from southern Texas to northern Minnesota? Some Christians have faith that is indeed the case.

It was with that interesting belief in mind that we decided to head to Texas, the southernmost state in the I-35 corridor, to do a story about a prayer campaign called "Light the Highway."

Churchgoers in all six states recently finished 35 days of praying alongside Interstate 35, but the prayers are still continuing.

Some of the faithful believe that in order to fulfill the prophecy of I-35 being the "holy" highway, it needs some intensive prayer first. So we watched as about 25 fervent and enthusiastic Christians prayed on the the interstate's shoulder in Dallas.

They chanted loudly and vibrantly, making many people in the neighborhood wonder what was going on. They prayed that adult businesses along the corridor would "see the light" and perhaps close down.

They prayed for safety and freedom from crime for people who lived along the interstate. They prayed that all Americans would accept Jesus into their lives. Video Watch believers offer prayers »

The woman who came up with the concept of "Light the Highway" is a Texas minister named Cindy Jacobs.

She says she can't be sure Interstate 35 really is what is mentioned in the Bible but says she received a revelation to start this campaign after "once again reading Isaiah, Chapter 35."

Jacobs also points out that perhaps there is a link between the area near this highway and tragedies that have happened in history, such as the bridge collapse on I-35 in Minneapolis last August and the assassination of JFK 44 years ago near I-35 in Dallas. That's why prayer certainly can't hurt, she adds.

Now, it's only fair to say most people, the religious and the non-religious alike, don't buy any of this, but none more than the owners of some of the adult businesses along I-35.

At an adult go-go club, the owner tells us he resents people trying to impose their will on others. And he says his club holds fundraisers, food drives and toy drives to help the community.

But on the side of the road, the prayerful aren't going to change their minds. Holy highways and nude clubs, they believe, are not a combination God has in mind.

One one last note regarding the last few sentences of the article:
Who did Jesus dine with? He dined with the fishermen, the publican, and the whore!
I think more than anyone God can use something "evil" (like "nude clubs") for good. If the intercessors stance is negative to that approach, then they are in violation of direct texts of Scripture and the Grace we have all received freely. To assume otherwise is equally blasphemous as they assume the actions or lifestyle of said people and businesses can be.

questions submitted confidentially):

What do I mean in "certain comments made" without any platitudes?

Yes I am saying that, what they are doing on the side of the road is not prayer but calling down for vengeance and judgment, when they should be calling out for mercy. Somewhere along the way they got the messages of Scripture turned around in their practice of faith and they are actually doing the job of Lucifer, not the job of the Church.

....in a continuation from the last paragraph, an answer to your third and fourth question:

Furthermore, "What they are doing is not true prayer", I am not saying that their hearts aren't in the right place and that God cant work through the groups' intention of righteousness. I am saying that their leaders need to be told to read the Good Book over again and take some instruction in the spirituality and discipline of prayer its self. Prayer is not just something that one does it is something one becomes and changes the world around them. But then again I'm an idealist and a modern traditionalist.

What do I really know, correct?, to respond to your statement in the form of the fifth question:

Fundamentalism is defined as, "a conservative political response to a failed liberal experience with religious overtones and presentation"; therefore, this isn't a religious action but a legal and political one.

Certain questions were modified by Editor so as not to reveal the source of the questions in anyway possible. Thanks to Charles M. Langley for forwarding F6 this CNN news story.

[ To Be Continued...]

19 December 2007

Interesting Commentary On Homo-Heterosexuals: Love Your Bud!

I figured this would lighten the mood a little bit before I dive back into the local political arena.

Hat tip to Author Matthew Rettenmund @ Boy Culture for the video tip.

Gay Couple Renovate Local Theater; Plans For Theatre Troupe

Huntington, Indiana ~ While this information doesn't affect residents of Fort Wayne directly, it does provide an insight into private industry and entrepreneurial spirits' ability to affect change in the community. Now instead of City Councils or an over bellowing Administration's agenda driving the economic development and revitalization these two gentlemen have taken a very personal investment in their future and the future of their City. In this case, Joel Froomkin and Rich Najuch, whom are partners in life and love as well as career; earlier this summer purchased the once glorious Huntington Theater, and after securing their living quarters within the old storage supply areas, have begun the daunting task of renovating this 10,000 square feet venue .

Originally built in 1904 as a vaudeville stage, The Huntington, has stayed vacant for decades. Joel and Rich are renovating The Huntington to its new service as the home of the Jefferson Stage Company when it opens in late 2008 to early 2009 to the entertainment of the surrounding communities. As part of the process of renovation they applied for a 25,000 Do-It-Yourself contest with the Home Depot. Their contest entry video which is enclosed below used the tune of the William Tell Orchestra to set the mood as they tour the viewer through both their living quarters which are adjacent to the historic theater which as evidenced in the video is in need of serious repair.

F6 received the video feed information from
a historic Fort Wayne home and life icon who formerly contributed via The News Sentinel. Nancy Nall-Derringer adds in jest with her post, "What did old buildings do before gay men were invented? Wait for the inevitable blow from the wrecking ball, I guess.", all while expressing her desire of victory for Joel and Rich and commending the contest entry video for the general public to become informed.

Now there has been as of yet no announcement towards who succeeded in receiving the grant from the Home Depot DIY contest. However that doesn't mean that we as a concerned public can't stand up and lend assistance and cash this holiday season or into next year. They have offered their own hearts in not just preventing this antique building from being demolished but investing their energy and opening up their home to the enrichment in the arts and other educational items for the citizens of the surrounding communities. That deserves support!

To find out more about The Huntington Theater, its owners Joel Froomkin and Rich Najuch, and future plans please watch the
enclosed video and visit their blog and website and sign up for information updates.

In true F6 style, in the case that you couldn't understand the lyrics, they are posted below:

The Home Depoverture
Lyrics by Joel Froomkin, Vocals by Rich Najuch

You see, our entry, Though it might be thought unusual we double checked the contest rules In black and white It says it's all right It's a theatre true but we live in it too and says down below it's for "in or around your home".

The housing above had us quite depressed But you see we've constructed a nifty nest A new bathroom and kitchen and place to rest But now comes our major test.

The sketch of the lobby is now complete And the first step of all it to etch concrete
With a product from Behr and a stain on top For an art deco look that pops

The windows and doors will hardly close Some Armstrong products will fix those
These emergency signs are a deco treat It's sad they're obsolete

This staircase would get a major zing With new traffic master carpeting
We'll strip down the walls and skim coat too Think what Glidden paint could do

We need electric wire - it's made by Romex
And inefficient plumbing - replace it with pex

Honestly this border stinks But with granite tile and Kohler sinks
The toilets for ladies and gents could be A place people love to pee

The theatre walls are coming down We need new dry wall all around
And while we are at it we could use About a million sheet rock screws

The dressing rooms were gutted back in forty-four
With counter tops and mirrors we'll make them restored

Our marquee won't illuminate Some Phillips light bulbs would be great
The rusty sign isn't up to scratch We'll need to use Bondo patch

We have to install a new stage floor Out of plywood, joists, and two by fours
And so actors are bright when the time is ripe Hang lights from an iron pipe

It may be weird yes we confess, but it's our home sweet home nonetheless
We work and sleep and build our dreams all here at this address

Our chances to win we hope are high We're the ultimate case of DIY
The scale of our project can't be beat It's ten thousand square feet

Bit by bit we have learned what we need to know And we hope you will see our first big show When you do it yourself there's one place to go
Get advice from the Home Depot

18 December 2007

I know. I am running behind the times! County Government?

The discussion is what the Commission On Local Government has to say about County Government.

"County governments should be led by a single county executive and a stronger county council, to whom professionally qualified administrators should report and be accountable. Create a clearer, more accountable structure with fewer elected officials. Better coordinate public safety services."

1. Establish a single-person elected county chief executive.

2. Establish a single, unified legislative body for county government. Expand legislative membership to ensure sufficient representation for included rural, suburban and urban populations.
I actually don't have as much of an issue with this as I thought I would. The only problem I could foresee would be making sure that everyone in the county felt represented on the county council and the only way to solve that would be to make the council districts respective to the townships (eg: one seat per township minimum) with certain modifications of a second seat for population counts in certain ones like Wayne, Washington, Aboite, St. Joesph, and Adams Townships (they encompass Fort Wayne and New Haven). In Allen County that would give us a twenty five seat council minimum. Then of course the City government would feel left out and God forbid if we ever fully went to a unigov system because every other city and town would be throwing a temper tantrum about not being heard at all or the fact that they were now part of Fort Wayne.
3. Transfer the responsibility for administering the duties of the county auditor, treasurer, recorder, assessor, surveyor, sheriff and coroner to the county executive. Transfer the varied duties of the clerk to the courts, to the county election board and to the county executive. Establish objective minimum professional qualifications and standards for certain county administrative functions.
Now this is where I am going to clash with this report whole heartedly and as boisterously as Saint Augustine's swine (St Jerome). Certain of these elected positions are not just office positions they are a political checks and balances that were established for a reason and should not be fucked with no matter what may sound efficient and responsible for the future.

How many people are aware that the Coroner is the only one who can arrest and remove from office the Sheriff or County Prosecutor? He is the Chief Medical Officer of the County; much like the charachters of Drs. Leonard Horatio McCoy, Beverly Crusher, Katherine Pulaski, Julian Subatoi Bashir, and The EMH Doctor (ST: OS, TNG(2), DS9, and VYGR,) of the STAR TREK sagas. You knew I would have to throw one reference in somewhere, right?

These positions are suppose to be the publics way of achieving a balance of power within the County by putting people of trust and honor in "lesser" positions in order to watch over the public interest as a whole and keep the main players in balance. Plus the last thing we need is to reverse that law that was already established to limit a Sheriff's term in office to twice consecutive terms. If the position is appointed someone could retain the office for decades. Second as it is the Sheriff's Constitutional Authority to confine and enforce and serve the courts the Sheriff is also the one who balances overzealous County Prosecutors and Legislatures by ordering the non enforcement of incorrect laws or burying of warrants until they can be mediated.

Certain positions like Surveyor, Auditor, Recorder, and Treasurer I can see being made Executive appointments; however the Assessor's position, should still be a retained elected Executive Office holder.

By appointing any of these main positions rather than allowing the voter to choose you are making government no longer either we, by, or for the people, and in essence allowing one person to bring in whom ever they choose that isn't executive it is dictatorial. If this part of the plan is ramrodded threw the General Assembly, like Governor Daniels likes to do, it should at least be modified so that the modified per Township County Council has to approve by Major Majority all appointments and require only a Minor Majority to impeach either the single County Commissioner and his appointments or all other elected and appointed positions within the County proper.

Leave the Clerk of Courts alone (*channeling Chris Crocker, not really*). Most County Election Boards are either overwhelmed or incompetent and sometimes both.
4. Retain a local government role for property tax assessment under a county assessor who is required to meet professional qualifications and appointed by the county executive.
The Assessor's position, should still be a retained elected Executive Office holder who is then responsible for all appointed (jointly with the County Commissioner) Township Assessors. The County Assessors are responsible for how much each of us pay in property taxes and there needs to be someone at the top of local government that the people choose. Again it goes back to a checks and balance both politically and for the people. The County Assessor should also be the Chair of the County Tax Levy Board in my honest opinion.
5. Create a county wide body to oversee the provision of all public safety services.
This one could get just a little tricky because that also encompasses fire safety which falls under Township jurisdiction not just city government. And I think I will make a separate post about this because the young men and women whom volunteer with fire, medical, and first responder services are very dear to my heart. I have not a problem with having a County Board on oversight, general administration, and purchasing power improvements; but services and the ability for an average citizen to still be able to serve, needs to be considered above any generalized or definitive improvement towards administration. The city departments need to bring back volunteers and first responders. The State needs to give permission for all VFF, EMT, and FR the permission to burn both red and blue or red and green as well as the use of sirens.

silently homosexual innuendos*)
6. Consolidate emergency public safety dispatch by county or multi-county region. Require that new, local emergency communications systems be compatible with the Project Hoosier SAFE-T statewide 800 MHz communications system.
DUH!!! Should have been done already *edits slurs* IDIOTS!!!
7. Transfer the responsibility for all funding of the state’s trial court system to the state, including public defenders and probation.
The Libertarian Party of Allen County's Secretary, Douglas Horner, is a Fugitive Recovery Agent and a licensed Bail Bondsman in the State has some interesting thoughts on that so I will defer with conjunction to his comments if he ever writes them out. One of the biggest issues I have is that the crime equity is not balanced across the State and there should be a level list of fines and responsibilities for each particular offense of the penal code that applies across the board. Also judges and prosecutors need to stop with frivolous fines and judgments and quit screwing people up the ass without the benefit of lube or a reach around for a simple mistake, temporary moments of stupidity, or just bad luck. The courts have lost a personal touch and need to be smacked around a little, like having their slush fund taken out from underneath.

One major additional note that I have been bitching on about for years which recently has received some more press and scrutiny: Judges or anybody else in the "judicial system" and their immediate family should be banned from having ownership in any company (AADP?) that provides services to the citizens by court order. That is a major conflict of interest and a violation of unreasonable sentencing which also borders on cruel and unusual punishment (sometimes before even a conviction in the case of juveniles), all in the name of a profit margin, that is WRONG!!! *!!!blows!!!steam!!!out!!!of!!!ears!!!* It is time for this callous blister in Fort Wayne to be shut down once and for all and never used ever again.
Further information: (JG article) (Website)(MySpace)(You Tube)

8. Move the funding of child welfare from counties to the state.
Well since they are already planning on doing a privatization plan anyway and taking away the local offices and mount the corruption of services provided to the hilt, you might as well take over the financing as well. While you are at it, please remove the policy in the Code which allows for illegal immigrants to file for benefits without being documented and forwarded to the Bureau of Citizenship Immigration and Naturalization for review. They should be taken into custody and processed for becoming citizens, not given benefits without legal standing!

[Editor's Note:]
This is just the beginning of my ramblings. I need to take a moment and give Charles M. Langley a nod for providing the AADP commentary on his blog AD FONTES. There will be further updates to this post as I continue to read the report from the COLG and develop further ideas and thoughts on these very complex issues and recommendations. Stay Tuned.

16 December 2007

Poll Results part 2: Local Government: What should be done?

In a series of posts starting this Monday I am going to try to lay out some of my concerns and ideas regarding the recommendations recently by the Commission On Local Government, and some of our local bloggers amongst the frey, which involve the future status of County, Township, Municipalities, and Education governmental design. I have decided after trying to scratch out my ideas, complaints, and thoughts, as well as alternatives, that these are to complex in issues to write out any of it in just one or two posts.

The future of local government really deserves to have a single forum where everyone could write out their ideas and recommendations without bitting each others head off or pulling out eyes or hair in the process; but since the likely hood of that happening is wishful at the outset, I will post what I have to say per item and let the cross blog debates speak for other individual's analysis and thoughts. I would like to note as an aside that fellow bloggers have been bringing up some awesome thoughts and issues and recommendations from practical, hands-on, perspectives. I just wish there was a way to get everybody's opinions linked together in one place for ease of reference for the politicians and the public as a whole.

As proven before, blogs can change the current flow of the marketplace of ideas for the better or worse in actual formation and application of policies and procedures.

Map of Allen County's Townships copied from The Centerline. Thank you, Eric!

DISCLAIMER: As I am on record, through other sources and platforms, as to have announced
considering an exploration of my candidacy for certain elected offices, which said offices are contained in this and certain future posts: I am clearly aware of the potential for bias in these articles and wish to convey these articles or posts are personal and professional commentary and not to be construed in any way as political campaigning. Thank you.

14 December 2007


According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, while both male and female reindeer grow antlers in the summer each year, male reindeer drop their antlers at the beginning of winter, usually late November to mid-December. Female reindeer retain their antlers till after they give birth in the spring.

Therefore, according to EVERY historical rendition depicting Santa's reindeer, EVERY single one of them, from Rudolph to Blitzen, had to be a girl.

We should've known... ONLY women would be able to drag a fat-ass man in a red velvet suit all around the world in one night and not get lost.

13 December 2007

Poll Results part 1: Clotheslines In Back Yard - Im All For It!

During my semi/bi-weekly perusal of all local blogs was a discussion about private residents clotheslines and HOA covenant legal battles that I recently ran over at The Good City. Scott Greider asked some simple questions in relation to the whole acceleration to a green society movement within the local blogosphere, and as a concerned neighbor, "Should (we) encourage the unsightly but environmentally-friendly practice of clothesline-drying? Or promote a more “beautiful” city by mandating the more sightly, but less environmentally-friendly use of electric (or gas) dryers?"

Knowing of course my own experiences while living at my maternal family estate many years ago, and the controversy surrounding some of my more festively coloured undergarments and essentials wear, I still am a fan of line drying over wasting electricity and an extra two dollars per load at the local laundry. There will always be situations which call for having a smaller dryer available at home but there is no reason to have a full size dryer even with a larger family.
My one friend saves seventy five cents per load at home that is air dried.

This is a prime example of the issues surrounding a living-in-common community. Rather than having a full to over sized washer and dryer in every home, we would be allowing for private enterprise to have those things available for a moderate cost which an individual person only would need occasional access to for the monthly washing of blankets or more seasonal cleaning. Plus by returning to a scenario where in people had to encounter each other to do basic life functions, like laundry, we might indeed become more friendly to each other and, as Scott Greider and John Swerens wish to promote, a good city. One other opportunity missed by not going to a laundry facility is the opportunity to check out some really hot bois and possible find new friendships or your future partner(s) in romance.

Daily or weekly clothes maintenance issues can be resolved much more economically and environmentally sound by using the mini or stackable washers and dryers which would also reduce land use since use of said stackable would remove the need for a laundry room in every house. Of course by line or air drying clothes one would save gobs of money and reduce the environmental foot print immensely and your clothes would actually last a little bit longer as well.

As much as people across the nation or locally want to complain about the unsightliness of clothes wisping in the wind on a rope and two or three wooden clips why isn't that same aggravation applied when looking above the intersection of Lima Road and Fernhill Avenue with the eight rows of power lines skirting across the horizon view and zig zagging in every direction. If you want to beautify the city lets start by systematically burying our power lines on major roadways and then move to the residential neighborhoods.

Fellow bloggers have been going back and forth on certain issues for several months now that are president to their own perspective: plastic or paper versus canvas or other reusable materials and tap versus bottled water to name a couple. The only difference now is, everyone has a common reference pointe to apply in their own daily practices or gripes with the new
Grassroots Green initiatives and handbook, sorry, coupon book.

The biggest issue with going green frankly is the true cost is initially very expensive if not planned out properly. Living an environmentally based lifestyle isn't just about recycling or bio-fuels it is also paying a fair wage to the people that provide the services or products, that means no more fifty cent newspapers while also actually taking the time drive downtown and place the old ones in the bins on the side of the building. If we truly went to a fair market green society, milk would now cost five to seven dollars per gallon, give or take an ounce here or there. I like my two dollar fifty cent gallon of cow juice, dammit!

The thing to do, gentle readers, is to not try to 'go green' all at once though some would try. As with any spiritual discipline, an environmental discipline must be developed slowly and methodically in order to be considered authentic and a true conversion process. Pick out ten things that you can do today to become green and implement them daily over the next six months. In six months review, improve where necessary, and then pick ten more, etc.

[Final Notes:]
There are text links which will lead you to other blogs mainly Kody Tinnel's, Dan Turkette's, and Rachel Blakeman's as well as an article in TIME written by Elizabeth Salemme on 21 November 2007, fyi. The First Photo is from Aussie Bum Underwear. The Second Photo is copied with gratitude from Beautiful Magazine and is an original piece by Michael Breyette from Studio1088.

11 December 2007

Just one of those days down on the farm!

Okay I am putting out a warning that there is code in this player which will dim the rest of your desktop (@ 35 seconds) as you watch the clip, fyi. If I knew how to disable the code I would; sorry, but at least I warned you as soon as I found out.

To find out more about Stage 6 or Gopher Broke and Blur Studios click on these previous links.

10 December 2007

New Poll Please Vote

Which topic should I address next:
Clotheslines In Your Backyard
Doing Away With Township Government
Other (leave comment)

I forgot to post the results: It was a two for two tie!
To view the first part
Clotheslines In Back Yard - Im All For It!
The second part will be up on Monday, Tuesday at the latest, I hope. It is a really complex issue.

To those whom voted: Thank you!

09 December 2007

From the London Gay Men's Chorus: Coming Out @ Christmas

I know that I am breaking my usual rule about putting anything up until the actual Christmas Liturgical Season but this was too funny and awesome not to post it. Although it did prove a perfect opportunity to announce the Christmas concerts of our own combined queer chorus.

To find out more about our own
combined GLBTIQAS chorus,
please visit The Chorus of Fort Wayne website.

Upcoming Events of The Chorus of Fort Wayne include:

Christmas Concerts
on Friday 14th of December 7:00 p.m.
on Sunday 16th of December 3:00 p.m.
@ Forest Park United Methodist Church
2100 Kentucky Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805
( @ one block south of State Boulevard
and one block west of Crescent Avenue)
A free will offering will be accepted.

To read another article about The Chorus of Fort Wayne see
the corresponding post on The Reign And Rook 3rd Edition.

Hat tip for the video forward to Michael Anderson-Vaughn @ A Touch Of Pink

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!