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16 March 2008

What a hell of a post for Palm Sunday: Politics and Sex is Reality?

Going to the Chapel of Love...
... and we still can't get legally married in Indiana!

So of course every Gay and Lesbian Hoosier is jumping up and down because Senate Joint Resolution Seven aka, the "Indiana Marriage Protection Amendment" died emphatically for at least another four years. As most are now better aware of the process, in order to pass a Constitutional Amendment in the Crossroads of America it must be heard by two consecutive separately elected classes of the General Assembly before it can be put to a referendum vote of the Citizenry at a general election.

Even with the last minute attempts by certain PACs to throw
their weight around the Statehouse, certain members of the House stood firm to actually take care of the real business at hand, property tax relief. Due to some very brave legislators it was stopped in committee procedures and never saw the light of day on the House floor. Thanks go especially to State Representative Scott Pelath (D-Michigan City), Chairman of the House Rules and Legislative Procedures Committee.

So what is the tax value of my redneck multilevel dream home?
[Photo Credit: John Good @ Left In Aboite]

So about the "bipartisan cooperation", which is an attempt at humor in its self, found capping the assessed tax value of property at increments of one, two, and three percent respectfully depending on the type of properties as the General Assembly's last minute grandstanding close to this session so they would not have to return for a special session as threatened by Governor Mitch Daniels.

Meanwhile they raised the Sales Tax another percent. In Allen County alone that will make our total sales tax eight percent (because of the out dated one percent Food and Beverage Tax that is still being collected for the Memorial Coliseum) plus the modified expenses of doing business in Allen County and across the State which will be passed on to the consumer, never carried by the business.

So much for being able to eat a
good dinner for five dollars.

What is really sad is that the final legislation carried specific provisions for Lake and Saint Joseph Counties, which the State Supreme Court already ruled unconstitutional in a few other matters; and so therefore, within a year we will probably be back to the same old bullshit with a different colour and cause. Once again the politicians have screwed over the Citizens and no one seems the wiser.

Allen Co. GOP tries to breathe deeply and comes back with a head cold.

On this
past Wednesdays post which was a tad late also, as this post is for Saturday as well, sorry about that, I mentioned some of the crazy things going on in the local GOP headquarters and with the Party Chair as a whole. To all fairness and credit I must give Steve Shine time to respond and he did so in his State of the Party Address.

Love Client and Big Brother number Nine

There of course is the story of now defamed New York Governor, Eliot Laurence Spitzer, who tried to cover up an lurid affair with a high end twenty two year old prostitute (with more aliases then I have names) by asking a bank to disguise a ten thousand dollar transaction made to the 'sponsoring organization' which in turn tripped a mechanism in federal law for mandatory reporting of income and launched a federal inquiry which caught the former hard nose, long arm on moral values crimes, in a wire tap investigation, which then led to his demise. Pending threats of impeachment and the general celebration by people he had prosecuted in the past under the guise of protecting the public, he got snared by the very same laws he helped pass.

That is in my honest opinion the ultimate irony of judicial review!

The vlog gossip show Blog Monkey from Sean Haines and Allan Murray over at OMOVIES in Episode Seven did some pretty funny commentary on this and that David Hernandez, whom was voted off this week on American Idol, formerly stripped and danced as well as tended bar at two different gay male establishments.

Along with the rest of Reality Television

Some of the other Reality Television queer scandals and rumors from come from Joshuah, James, and Neil over at the Big Brother House. Neil Garcia who left some pretty revealing pictures on his own myspace account had to leave the show and separate from his "partner" earlier in the season, but as was found shortly after to be recording some information video clips on WeHoPediaTV regularly. During one of the more extemporaneous moments, not shown on the telecast but on the live feed and widely circulated around the internet, Joshuah Welch, slated as Neil's partner originally, and James made some pretty questionable statements (2:45 mark of the 1st video) about using cocaine during anal sex (booty bumps) and safe sex practices inside the context of a committed relationship which put half the gay blogosphere up in arms; and the other half saying, "Thank God someone finally said it like it is." (TowleRoad)
"I do bareback with my boyfriend. We've both been tested for HIV and we're both negative so it's cool. I only do that with my boyfriend. I don't do that on a random one night stand. That's too risky... (Joshuah Welch)"
James Zinkand, who was just voted out then voted back in a BB coup, the supposed straight punk house guest has been revealed to be a gay adult film star with some awesomely randy pictures floating around of his huge and hung horse. "He is also one of the stars of an upcoming East Village-based gay soap opera Dirty Tricks (co-produced by Dirty Boy Video and Naked Sword). The online-only soap is scheduled to be launched sometime this month. (cite)"

The posting of the pictures also created a controversy on
The BILERICO Project when the pictures from Dirty Boy Video weren't just posted but made available without censor if you just clicked the pictures into a new tab or window, which is a common practice on most upscale gay blog servers.

Now of course, F6 has a strict policy (main part below) about, "no frontal exposure of male genitalia without explicit reason or valid illustration"; but I, as the Editor of F6, fully support and defend Bil Browning in his constant diligence to keep the conversation open and, with class, attempt to provide full disclosure and access (even when using questionably graphic or erotic images) into the marketplace of ideas. Bil listed a set of questions partially in his own defense but also to go deeper into the dialog of what it means to be a complete queer community. F6 will provide its answers to those questions in a separate post by Wednesday as an open letter to Bil Browning and the rest of BILERICO's contributers and readership.
"This Blog, F6, contains graphic images, and some can be construed as male erotic art; however, every precaution has been made that no frontal exposure of male genitalia will take place without explicit reason for artistic license or valid illustration by F6 of written content within the provisions of: the community service by, and general commentary of, F6. The graphical and written content of F6 will expressly promote the beauty of the male body and spirit with natural expressions of intimacies sometimes between two or more men. F6 may at times be perceived as offensive, perverse, lewd, and down right blunt; but at all times, any content of F6 is for the education of the reader, and does not in anyway, legally constitute as pornography."
There is more to talk about. This post has given a whole new meaning to corn fed beef, woof! I might make a non scheduled post before Wednesday but until then I hope you all had an awesome Saint Patrick's Day (which was transfered by the Western Patriarch of Rome to the 15th so as not to conflict with Holy Week, blah!). May y'all have a peace filled Holy Week, and enjoy the celebrations of the neo-pagan Sabbath of Ostara (19th) followed up with my favorite three day season Paschal Tridium, and the Solemn Octave (8Days) of the Resurrection!

Additionally anyone who wishes to follow Crazy James' tour may add him on MySpace

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!