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29 October 2008

F6 endorses Larsen and Pence for US Representatives

Mr. Montagano however is still in the running for the "Hunk of Flesh" award for this election. F6 would have notified him personally but I was blinded by the light reflecting off his teeth.

3rd District William Larsen (L)

I know Bill personally, and while he has the uncanny achievement of even putting a Baptist Church to sleep while explaining TIF Districts, he knows the material and economics well. Can you imagine what he would do in Congress. He is a proven engineer and and a dedicated retired veteran of the Navy. He is a devoted husband and father and has gone to the extreme when it comes to protecting his childrens rights and defending their freedoms and our liberty. To borrow his campaign slogan, he will truly be as frugal with our money as he is with his own. Were talking about some tight ass purse strings! He literally ran a full campaign for less than five thousand dollars.

In good consciousness I can not vote for either of the other candidates mainly because Mike Montagano failed to garner enough local experience and credentials previous to running for office. I would strongly encourage Mr. Montagano to get involved after this election cycle, in say some form of County politics, to get his name out more, maybe get appointed to a Board or two by one of the Democratic Party officials in Elkhart County, and turn things around up there. It isnt that you have to prove yourself to the people but at least take the time to get to know the people you claim to want to represent, not just smile, show up, and claim your qualified.

Then there is the 14 year incumbent Mark Souder. Your values are neither small town nor Christian. I'm sorry Mr. Souder but your failure to live up to your word and serving more than 2 years over what you agreed to originally, is what we small town Christians call a liar. If you truly were a man of your word you first wouldn't be running and second over the last 3 years would have taken the time to find a few good younger politicians to mentor so they would have been ready but you missed or screwed up that opportunity as well. I wonder if...it was.... Was it because you were to busy renaming I-469 after former President Ronald Regan to appease your small town Christian values for being exposed to "such blatant sexual innuendo", or just trying to put his image profile on the dime? Either way you missed an excellent opportunity to mentor the next potential Congressman from any party and therefore any chance for my vote as well. It is time you move back to Grabill!

6th District: 1st Michael Pence (R) and 2nd Barry Welsh (D)

This was the easier choice hands down out of all these races. I still have some disagreements with Mr. Pence and Mr. Welsh in their overall positions but at least I know what they both stand for without question. I also have reservations as to Mr. Pence's future political plans, as rumored on his Wiki page earlier this summer (that he will seek the current Senate seat currently held by Evan Bayh in 2010 and is just pursuing this election to stave through), that lead me to pause for a moment and consider an outright endorsement of his Democratic opponent but between the three candidates he was the clear choice.

Michael Pence has a reputation for honesty and a track record in Congress to prove it. He is a former radio personality and knows the importance of being not just up front with the people but also fair in listening to other pointes of view. For several reasons, among the primary reasons is stability and his overly positive actions while in office. Lastly he was one of the few Representatives who had the guts, fortitude, and grace to stand up and say no to the One Trillion Dollar bailout bill recently shoved through Congress. While I disagree in part with Domestic Drilling off the coast I am all for standing up to the status quo in Washington Politics and Mike was one of the legislators involved in the dark strike earlier this year to call the Congress back to do their job, represent the people. Mike Pence has my endorsement aside from any incumbency privilege.

However, I must also say that I find no character flaws with his Democratic opponent Barry Welsh either, except of course the whole liberal left wing thingy. He to has a very impressive work history and public communication background. Serving as both a Public School Teacher and a Radio Disc Jockey, and he is a Pastor. So listening to the heart of any issue is a skill I pray that he knows well. As a pastor I too can respectfully choose to elevate that standard over my conflicting positions on the same issues. While I can not completely endorse him based on ideological differences of fiscal matters he is actually very close to the Libertarian ideal on certain social matters. So therefore I am issuing a secondary endorsement to Barry Welsh, if you must vote for him, go ahead, he wont kill the Constitution off completely.

The next part of this pains me greatly to say this but I must, "Please do not vote for George Holland the Libertarian candidate in this race". While he may be a dedicated War hero he is not qualified to serve the people of District 6 nor has he made an attempt at proving so that I have seen. His website is sporadic at best and mostly is just tirades against the last eight years when we need to be looking ahead to the next four to twenty. I salute you sir and I thank you for your service but I can not endorse you at this time and please do know that it pains the core of my soul to have to say that.

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!