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05 March 2009

TTDINdFORT:March-May: Learn2PaintDEggsDwayUkrainiansDo; WhyDIDtheybuildDaFORThere?; BaDRAGdiva?;30mealsin3hours; 1day2learn3instruments4$160;&MUCHMORE

PLEASE NOTE: This post has been updated so many times I had to break out all the colours from the box.
As every gay boi knows it's all in the details!!
Yes this is Wednesdays post and yes it is running late, sorry, I had to verify two bits of information and one source cite.

FORT WAYNE PRIDE COMMITTEE at the end of this month is hosting a So You Think You Can Drag? contest @ After Dark Night Club, 1601 South Harrison Street, approximately 5 blocks South of The Grand Wayne Center, pass by Powers Hamburgers, go under the viaduct and hang left.

To volunteer as a Mentor or sign up to take part in the competition contact Chad Pratt aka Paige Turner via the FWPC MySpace or website. Each Contestant will be connected with your new Drag Mentor who "will meet with you and teach you the tricks of the trade" after which "you will be responsible for getting yourself ready from head to toe without the assistance of your mentor and perform" for the review of the Judges and enjoyment of the crowd during the Contest on the 28th @ After Dark. There will be a Drag King and a Drag Queen winner announced that will each receive a guaranteed performance the last weekend of July @ Pride Fest 2009 , paid entry to Mr. or Miss Pride, and a booking with Tula @ AFTER DARK.

UPDATE: Fort Wayne Pride Committee will also be hosting their first ever all ages GSA PROM (previously hosted by IPFW's Equal Rights Education Network) on the 18th of April @ 7:30P above Columbia Street West in the The Columbia Club Banquet Hall the entrance is on Harrison one block south of Superior. Admission for this event is $6 a person/ $10 couple. Come dance the night away in a safe place!

In other local Queer Community dramatic cause, there have been rumors floating around town that, also toward the end of this month, UP THE STAIRS COMMUNITY CENTER will be closing, due to loosing its primary donor, and hence not being able to pay the bills. However according to another source, they are still holding their Spring Euchre Tourney this Saturday beginning @ 7P. The buy in is $4 but you must call 260-422-2450 or email to register for the Tournament. There is more information on their website if you really want to participate.

EDITOR: Previous F6 post on UTSCC [click here] & for posts in regard to FWPRIDE [click here] please.

Now onto the rest of the things going on in The Community @ Large that are personally way more interesting. Tonight the 5th of March from 6-8P The Botanical Conservatory is hosting a course on Large Scale Urban Gardening with Ephraim Smiley. Since I didn't find out about it until after the deadline passed, I couldn't tell you all about it until now but hopefully there will be resources available from this class for dissemination by the general public later. First lets get the basic calendar stuff out off the way that I still have to add to the official F6 Calendar

MARCH! My lion has a limp wrist and the flock of sheep got pissed and left, lol!

7th and 21st Saturdays 11A & 2P @ Botanical Conservatory
ECO ENERGY: The world needs clean power and with a little creativity we can find energy in some of the most unlikely places. Of course there is solar, wind and wave energy, but there is also energy to be found in lemons, cow burps and even the money in your pocket.
8th Sunday DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME: switch clocks ahead one hour @ 2A
13th Monday FWPR Amazing Race Registration begins. 4 Person Team (2 any age, 50+, & 8-12)
=NOTE= Volunteers Needed 3 hr shifts, set up/tear down, and facilitate challenges.
17th Saint Patrick's Day
21st Sabbath of Ostara/Old Lady's Day Spring Equinox
UPDATED: 21st Sat 9:30A 6th District City Council Community Meeting Host: Glynn Hines
==>==>==> Link's Wonder Land 1711 East Creighton Ave (1 block west of No. Anthony Bvd.)
21st 9A-1P Community Bike Summit @ Allen Co. Public Library Main Branch
25th Solemnity of the Annunciation (Mary Conceiving Jesus In Her Womb By God)
25th Wed 11:30A-1P Tax Protest Revolt @ Statehouse (Indianapolis)
26th Thur 12N-1P @ Botanical Conservatory Clean Green Energy
Glenn Johnson, COO of Nature's Fuel, will discuss the future of clean and natural energy production. He will also detail the progress being made at the company’s Atwood, Indiana, plant and the potential of their new facility being built in Huntington. The company claims it can turn 200,000 tons of landfill waste into zero sulfur bio-oil and green electricity, with less total emissions per year than one harvest on a 300 acre farm with a small amount of solid residue that Cornell University says is better for farm soil than today’s fertilizers?
New Reoccurring Weekly and/or Monthly Events
= Weekly @ McMillen Ice Arena Thur 9-11A Coffee Club (21+only);
Fri 7-9P Cosmic Skating Night; Sun 2:30-4:30P Public Skate;
Rates: $5, Adults; $4, Seniors (55+); $3.50,Youth (5-17);
Free for Child under 5 & Spectators, $2.50 Skate Rental
+ Third Week Allen Co. Libertarian Party Business Meeting Day and Location To Be Announced
+ Third Monday 6:45P Bookworms: @ Franke Park Nature Lodge
Nature Literature Book Club, Non political literary discussion on social concerns & environment
+ Third Thursday 6-8P @ Botanical Conservatory
Thursday Night Unplugged Addmission: Adults $5; Children age 3-17 $3; 2 and under Free
March: Dan Dickerson; April: Dead In Denver & Dressed For The Weather; May: Swing Billies
Why did they build a Fort here at the three rivers?

If you have pondered this question in the past, on Tuesdays between the 7th of April and 12th of May @ Botanical Conservatory you will be provide better insight into the events between the late 1600’s through the War of 1812 by local Historian Matt Jones with an overview of the Native/Settler conflicts in the pre-settlement and Early American periods. Registration deadline 31 March Fee $26.

Green Eggs? Sam got nothing on this Ham!

The Ukranian form of egg dying for Easter, and Icon writing in general, is world renowned for its detail and naturally clean long lasting bases and descriptive tales. On Holy Saturday the 11th of April at 10A & 1:30P Catharine Green, a Pysanky Artist from Indianapolis will be Instructing a class on this ancient form of religious/cultural art. Everyone attending the class will also take home their own tool kit, including a kistka stylus, beeswax, and 6 dyes, in order to continue practicing and creating new egg designs at home. Registration Fee: $37 Conservatory Member Fee: $31 Deadline: 3rd April.

APRIL showers wilted the flowers, when We came across the fresh water jelly fish!
Please remember to Wrap It Up but throw the condom in the bin not down the drain.
2nd-Thur 6-8p @ Botanical Conservatory Registration deadline: March 27 Fee: $5
How Green Is My Water? Guide: Matt Jones, Water Resource Education Specialist, ACPWQ.
===>learn how to keep our water clean, building your own rain barrel, create a rain garden.
12th Sun Solemn Octave of the Resurrection aka Easter
14th Tues Lindenwood Opens
18th Sat @ FWPR
1. Children's Zoo Opens
2. City Amazing Race
(see 13th March also)
19th - Divine Mercy Sunday
19th Sun 12N-5P Save Maumee
Earth Day Project & River Clean Up @ Pemberton Dike North Anthony Blvd.
25th Sat 12N+ GREEN FEST @Southwest Conservation Club
5703 Bluffton Road
MAY Don't forget to cook for your Mother this time around,please.

8th & 9th Fri & Sat 10A-5P @ Salomon Farm 817 W. DuPont Rd.
Natural Fiber Arts Celebration Free Admission & Parking
15th Fri 5P - 17th Sun 10A Libertarian Party of Indiana & Kentucky
Joint Convention Location TBA Later Clarksville, Indiana

As most can assert the way to a man's heart, especially mine, is through his stomach. Now not only can you be assured that he will have plenty to munch on but that it is healthy and nutritious too. There will be no more of "Honey, I'm way to tired to make dinner. Can you just reheat some left overs from last week for the kids and me?" because after taking this 30 Days of Delicious Cooking course taught by Ambia Cooper on Monday the 11th of May from 6-8P @ FWPR Community Center, 233 W. Main St. you and your family will learn to assemble and freeze nutritious meals for every meal all month long in just two hours!

The course includes the “The Freezer Cooking Manual: A Month of Meals Made Easy,” by fellow Hoosiers Nanci Slagle and Tara Wohlenhaus. Registration deadline: 4th May Fee: $28

Lend Me Your Ear & I'll Play You A Song, I'll Try To Stay In Tune.....

On the 16th of May you and/or your children ages 9 and older can learn to play up to 3 instruments and fill your lives with music at the FWPR Community Center on West Main Street. You have the choice of learning from 9A-12N for $63 the rustic beauty of this three string instrument which can be plucked, strummed, or bowed (videos) has been with us since the late 18th Century, the Mountain Dulcimer, is the perfect first instrument for a novice musician that is very easy to play; or from from 12:30-2:30P, you can learn the Harmonica, which was introduced to North America in 1862 - during the beginning of the Civil War. You will learn how to read harmonica music, play the instrument and translate any song into harmonica tablature for $40 (Adult w/Child $70); and then there is the Ukulele, which Portuguese sailors have been played for decades, from 3-5P for $56. You will receive your own instrument(s), music, and materials to take home. You will learn to play at least 10 songs (7 for the Ukulele). No prior musical training is necessary to attend The Workshops which can be taken individually or together for 160 dollars as an all day excursion into Folk Music and Culture. Registration deadline is the 8th of May.

EDITOR: The Mountain Dulcimer isn't the Hammered Dulcimer, which regained its popularity in the 1990s because of the late Rich Mullins, a Catholic recording artist (video), who used the instrument in his writing.

REFERENCE: Emma Downs and Steve Penhollow, whom are both regular coloumnist @ The Journal Gazette also co author a blog called Get a Load of This. In there 8th of March post FOUR STRING SHREDDER they covered the story of the Ukulele a little bit better than I could in this limited entry and also introduced their readership to Jake Shimabukuro who caught the attention of classical cellist Yo Yo Ma and performed @ C2G Ministries on Baker Street near Ewing Street on Sunday the 8th of March:
Yo-Yo Ma asked him to contribute to his CD "Songs of Joy"
Shimabukuro: "When I was a kid, people often asked me who I'd play with if I could play with any musician in the world. And I'd say, as a joke, Yo-Yo Ma. It was so far fetched. Naturally, people would laugh and say, 'You are a ukulele player. I'm sure Yo-Yo Ma is going to want to play with a ukulele player.'"
He is the sort of ukulele player who so thoroughly impresses people with his playing that they ask him to compose music for full orchestra (and he had) wrote the score for the movie "Hula Girl" and he is currently working on the soundtrack for another film that he declines to name.
Shimabukuro: The ukulele should be like that.' I'd always kind of strive for that. I want to make my concerts so fun and exciting that people walk out when it's over giving each other high fives.

The video is from Corporate Country Sucks [website] [youtube], a Public Access Show based in Chicago.

Think About It!: So right here you have one example of one kid changing the world around him by taking up an instrument, that everyone disregards as a novelty item from back in the day, and nobody uses anymore, to an authentic modern expression of art, celebration of life, and a new international career. Think About It!


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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!