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12 February 2011

BULLOCKS: Bitching About Budgets

With all the talk in Washington D.C., Indianapolis, and City Hall, about budgets, I figured I would share our household budget for a two week period for groceries, as one of the things that gets touted aimlessly about is social security welfare and food stamp benefits reduction without reserve or cause. This is just food and doesnt include somethings as it is always an on going process and shifting from one thing to another to make things stretch and operate with less than you have or need. But as with every budget process you have to start somewhere in order to figure out if you have fucked something up along the way. I prefer to start at the top and work my way down.

One thing that is not listed in the budget is our beverage consumption as it varies based on the individual another is that I try to set aside up to $40 per month for really good deals that come up over the course of the month that allow me to stock up on stuff that then gets dissipated over next several months of savings by not having to purchase stuff at normal or increased prices and or quantities because I was able to purchase for dimes on the dollar now. This doesnt happen every month but its always in the back of my brain as a consideration. It also helps that I own a deep freezer too. Anybody hit a deer lately?

I encourage everyone to put their grocery budgets out there on the web, especially FACEBOOK, as a way of telling Congress (tag your member of Congress) and your State Legislature and City/County Council and pundits to get real about debates and budgets and have an honest conversation about where our dollars are spent, and quit trying to use or malign those whom barely have enough to survive on a monthly basis or receive benefits, because as I can attest below, it doesn't go to waste.

Grocery $77 for two weeks for basics for 3-4 people.

30 medium eggs $ 2.85 = $74.15
3 Gallon vD Milk $ 7.50 = $66.65
2 8oz pk cream cheese $3.21 = $63.44
3 loaves of bread $3.00 = $60.44
8 5oz cans Tuna $5.60 = 54.84
(+or 2 cans of Salmon $4.00 @FD)
3lbs roll of hamburger $6.00 = 48.84
Cottage Cheese tub $2.50 = $46.34
2 lbs Turkey Lmeat $8.00 = $38.34
1 48oz Butter Tub $ 2.25 = $36.09
3lbs Turk Burg/Sausg $6.00 = $30.09
3lbs Chicky Breast @1.79/lb = $24.72
Cereal/Oatmeal/Waffles $3 = $21.72
2lbs bolonga cheap shit $2.50 = $19.22
Herbs and Spices (AN) $3.22 = $16.00
Veggies Can & Froze $8.00 including:
+ 2 1lbs Broci &Chz Sau $4.00 WM/F
+ 2 13oz net Mushrooms $3.00 WM/C
+ 4 28oz cans of tomatoes $6.00 SL/C
+ Unknown Carrots/Peas/Corn $4.00
+ 3lbs bag of yellow onion $3.00
+ 5lbs bag of taters $3.00
1 8.5oz Olive Oil $3.00 = $5.00
1lbs Colby Cheese $4.00 = $3.00
1-3 pkgs of seeds $1 = $00 budget met


Anonymous said...

Id like to see their health insurance cut back to something more reasonable like 2x the number of years served. This lifetime health plan has gotta be racking up a hell of a bill in itself. Then as un-neighborly as it may be cut down aid packages. We can't help anyone bankrupting ourselves. I don't think cutting military spending is justified at this point...our glbt+ service members are going to need that money to make it fabulous. Perhaps we should work on welfare programs next. Require recipients and their families spend time working in community gardens (they wont need as much if they can grow it) and other community services. If we are going to have socialist programs we need to have the full package not just 'wealth' distribution. I will pay taxes with a lighter heart knowing those receiving are earning it. I think these would be good places to start.

James W McCormick

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you will want to put a facebook icon to your blog. Just marked down the url, although I must make it by hand. Just my $.02 :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
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