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21 September 2007

Queer History Challenge: Tell me... What they are saying/doing?

For those who are unaware this will be a learning experience. For those who know exactly what I am talking about have fun with the game.

First I must identify each person: On the Left is Justin, In the Center is Jude, On the Right is Julian.

Second I need to tell you that there are two things similar but different on each young cowboi. That is your hint.

Finally, I need for you to identify their position in the relationship and give me at least a three sentence description of what is going on. For extra bonus points if you can do it in narrative format and get your creative juices flowing by telling a story that will be a major bonus.

And yes, for those who know me well, this pic would be several fantasies/wet dreams come true!


IM Cupnjava said...

Ya just HAD to give them all “J” names, didn’t ya? Oh no, this won’t be confusing at all. [Insert wry smile here].

First thing, we have the hanky code going on. Justin is wearing a light blue with white detailing hanky on his right wrist. This means he likes to give head. Jude is wearing a red with white detailing on his left wrist…this can mean two different things. Red is a common color for fisting, but that’s usually solid red. The white detailing indicates that he’s into shaving. He likes to shave other men and it’s a safe bet that he’s shaved. (The other wrist would indicate that he likes to be shaved or receive fisting). Julian is in the same category at Justin—light blue with white detailing on his right wrist which means he likes to give head.

[Sidenote: the hanky code is complex and is known to change from locale to locale. Most people memorize what they’re into and ignore the rest. Or they memorize what they wish to avoid.]

In real life, nothing would happen between these men while cruising. (The two blues might come up with some kind of compromise if there were no other options.) However, with a wave of the fictional wand…

*cracks knuckles*

Justin had noticed Julian right away. He never missed his favorite color…skin. He also never missed his second favorite color, light blue. A few flicks of Julian’s green eyes let Justin…

(Oh geez…did you HAVE to give them all “J” names?)

A few flicks of Julian’s green eyes let Justin know that Julian had noticed everything

(Oh frick. I’m already confused. Random name generator, here I come… http://www.kleimo.com/random/name.cfm )

Jude= Erik

Take three… )

The smell of grass, leather and horses permeated the spring air. A few birds cawed and the occasional bee buzzed by, but Justin paid little attention to that. The fine young man with the blue handkerchief around his wrist called all of Justin’s attention.

He never missed his favorite color—skin. Especially when it was accented with dusty pink nipples. He also never missed his second favorite color, light blue. After securing his black hat on his head, he walked over to Mr. Light Blue on…the…oh damn it.

Mr. Sexy over there wore his hanky on the same side as Justin! Totally and completely unfair! The one—one—light blue in this whole place and he liked to give the same thing that Justin liked to give. Didn’t anyone around here WANT a blowjob?

Of course…some people did like to err on the side of caution and project a giving image instead of a receiving one. It did seem a little rude to only want to receive. Justin knitted his brow. He might…possibly…might be able to talk Mr. Light Blue in a little tit for tat.

Walking again, Justin continued on his way to Mr. Light Blue. It shouldn’t be too difficult to talk that guy out of enjoying the smell and weight of a cock upon his tongue and balls against his chin. As well as sweet low moans. And the rush…the pure power rush…of knowing that he was the cause of those moans. And feeling a man lose his freaking mind beneath…

Oh what now?

A man wearing a red handkerchief approached the target of Justin’s fantasies. A red talking to Mr. Light Blue? Move along Mr. Red. Mr. Light Blue isn’t into your freaky games. And, of course, Mr. Red was a giver. Yeah, like anyone here would want his fist up…wait…that hanky had white detailing.

That changed things. What did that mean? Justin closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose and tried to remember. Red with white. Red with white. Ah…shit… This would be one of the obscure ones, wouldn’t it?

“Got a headache?”

Justin opened his eyes and stood face to face with Mr. Light Blue and Mr. Red. Mr. Light Blue was a welcome surprise, but Mr. Red needed to go find a post to sit on. “You know how it is. Trying to keep all the colors and patterns…” Justin started with Mr. Light Blue’s black hat and slowly worked his eyes down a smooth chest, cut abs, and teasing whispers of what hid behind those blue jeans. His voice returned much softer than before, “straight.”

Mr. Light Blue smirked. “I don’t keep jack shit straight.”

Mr. Red laughed. “Not since high school at least.”

“I’m Erik.” Mr. Light Blue, now Erik, ran his fingers along the brim of his black hat and returned a glance that made Justin wish they were naked.

Mr. Red stuck out his hand. “I’m Cody.”

With his eyes still on Erik, Justin instinctively stuck his hand out toward Cody. “I’m…” Oh hell, he’d just forgotten his own name. Little pointy nipples sitting on what had to be firm pects just thieved his mind.

Cody sighed. “It’s not fisting. It’s shaving.”

“Justin.” Justin whipped his head toward Cody. Well, now that changed things! Cancel that sitting post! His mind flashed to a firm cock standing before naked balls. He imagined his tongue roaming the smooth skin.

Erik spoke, “Noticed you’re light blue too.”

Pulling his mind out of his fantasies, Justin nodded at Erik. “Yeah…” he wiggled his wrist. “…right.” He chuckled at the predicament.

Erik laughed. “Yeah, right...” He lifted his right wrist. “…here too.”

“Cody! Nice ride today!” A stranger’s voice bellowed from across the field.

Cody turned his head. “Thanks!”

Erik lifted an eyebrow and ticked his head toward Cody. Justin knitted his brow and cut a quick glance at Cody. Erik nodded. Silently, they’d just planned their hit. With Cody still waving at the stranger, Erick and Justin tag-teamed him. They both hooked an arm around one of Cody’s and pulled the startled man backwards.

When Cody’s back hit a tree trunk, he let out a breath of air. “Not so rough guys. Red is not blue.” Cody’s hat, pushed by the tree, slid low on his forehead.

Erik tore after Cody’s jeans and Justin brushed his lips against Cody’s ear. “Are you saying ‘no’?”

“Not one damn bit. Just asking if you’re color blind.”

Justin nipped Cody’s ear. “Not one damn bit.” He felt a tug on his jeans, pulled off his hat and dropped to his knees beside Erik. Cody was half-hard and getting harder. A smooth prick supported by clean skin. Running the tip of his nose on the line between Cody’s scrotum and thigh, Justin took in the cowboy’s scent. A rich warm musky scent. Oh yes, today was a good day to be alive! Pointing his tongue, he let it roam about Cody’s scrotum occasionally tangling with Erik’s wet touch.

With Cody’s firming cock against his cheek, he turned his attention toward Erik for a moment and stole a kiss. Erik’s tongue, pressing and demanding, pushed its way into Justin’s mouth.

Cody’s fingers treaded through Justin’s hair, reminding him there was a cock to be sucked. Justin took one side and Erik took the other. Together they licked their way along Cody’s length. It wasn’t long before they took turns, one enjoying Cody’s dick in their mouth while the other enjoyed the shaved balls upon their tongue.

Cody squirmed against the tree. His fingers flexed in Justin’s hair. “Oh fuck, guys.”

Oh yes, Justin knew that sound--that strain under the words. The sound of a man about to lose control. Erik shifted down and tongued Cody’s scrotum. Justin wrapped his lips around Cody’s cock and let it slide deeply into his mouth. What was it about the feel of a prick on his tongue that made his mind spin? He felt Cody’s stomach quiver against his face and heard Cody’s moans run short. What was it about making a man lose their damn mind that was so empowering? Backing his head a bit, Justin swished his tongue along the underside of Cody’s cock.

That was, apparently, all Cody needed. The salty tang of cum flooded Justin’s mouth at the same time Cody let loose with a throaty moan—so deep that Justin felt it resonate in his own head. Before he could swallow, Erik grabbed Justin’s face and pulled Justin into another demanding kiss. Justin had no choice but to share some of the prize.

After the kiss, Justin swallowed what he had left and wiped his bottom lip. Cody tugged on Justin’s bangs, forcing Justin to look up. Cody smiled, “Your turn.”

(Meh, not bad for an off-the-cuff first draft.)

Fr. Fozy Bear said...

Well so far we have two one from a very good friend of mine and the other response from my brother whom chose not to participate:

I feel sorry for the two guys on the left and right, because all they wanna do is suck cock, the guy on the right being a cocksucker and the guy on the left being a 69-er, but that guy in the middle wants to fist 'em both. Yee-outch. The hanky system is outdated and 99% of people who still try to use it today don't even bother to look up the damn meanings on a website first, so I refuse to participate in your silly "queer history challenge". :-P

He is almost completely correct.

IM Cupnjava said...

Yes he is. That's why I went with shaving instead of fisting so that I'd have something to write about.

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!