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10 September 2007

Mason Wyler on the Death of MTV: OOPS You didnt do it again! (Updated 3x)

Mason Wyler, Gay Adult Film Performer and Actor, stated the following:

I don't know about you.. but I think MTV has had brain cancer for quite some time now... for years actually... and every so often it went thru chemotherapy to try and save itself... real world/road rules sometimes helped (although the past 3 or 4 seasons of real world sucked), sadly super sweet sixteen and Laguna beach/the hills/lets watch rich kids seemed to be a success for the network, and the yearly VMA's always seemed to help boost the terminally ill channel for another year.

BUT it is plain to see there's just no cure for cancer... not yet at least.. and this year.. Chemotherapy isn't going to work.

The whole Britney comeback performance at the VMA's (surprisingly I was actually rooting for her to do well) was a complete and utter joke. Britney isn't Britney anymore, you can see it in her eyes, the drive and focus is gone. She seemed to be out of place, confused even, on stage. She couldn't even lip sync correctly, her hair looked a mess, her outfit and over all performance was LAME and SHE"S FAT.

On top of that... It seems like its a whole bunch of college interns running MTV let alone the VMA's... Five minutes into the show and they had technical difficulties... Sarah Silverman isn't funny and it was clear the audience didn't like her. And the whole Vegas party Idea for the show is dumb. It's suppose to be an AWARDS show - not a hotel room party. You can't advertise "performances by so and so" and only show clips of the performances because they're taking place in some hotel suite upstairs not in the main show hall. They cut to commercials in the middle of a Maroon 5 performance like it was some Tonight Show Band.

MTV really shouldn't be on the air anymore... lame scripted dating show after dating show... shows about assholes doing asshole things like snapping their bones or stapling their nutsacks to the wall, stupid spoiled whores wasting their parents money, and super old news casters talking about a celebrity incident like it was the burning of Greece. IF MTV had a clue they would of followed CNN and went back to what their network was actually created for. Yes people are allowed to make mistakes... but when you're already sick... you really can't afford to do anything stupid. It's time for MTV to die.

my response is as follows:

It is up to the American consumer to send it off with a bang!

However, before we kill it off completely, remember that for some of us it was our first look into albeit cloche, gay life and love as normal! If it wasn't for the Real World and Road Rules bois being stacked three deep on a cube of ice, some of our straight friends would have never accepted our flirting with them, as normal and the accidental kiss with a little bit of tongue, as flattery; not to mention the fact that there was at least one if not two gay characters per show. And can we all say "Hell Yes To Undressed" that show looked at gay love from every angle and was truly soft eroticism for those of us stuck in the middle at the edge of a corn field.

I salute you MTV you have served the queer market eer community well.

Thanks for LOGO and please know that you will be missed.

to which Mason's response to me was

I Loved the RW/RR stuff..

I hate how CBS always tries to claim that they were the first to do reality television with Survivor.. they weren't the first--- they just started the frenzy that led to the downfall of television. BUT in some ways that could be seen as a good thing... IT has led me to not watch so much TV.

I think their best season of the RW ever was New Orleans - it has gone downhill since then.. now they always put the same type of people together in the house.

... and UNDRESSED was awesome!!!

EDITOR'S UPDATE: Due to the amount of searches and cross links pointing to or accessing this blog based on some pretty intense search criteria I am resolved to answer with the following:

I know Mason's real name you don't need to though. Please allow a person to have his private life and public persona be separate, he is teaching our children United States History after all. Second, per the requirements of
this blog's standards, you will not find any frontally naked pictures or sexually gratifying pictures on this post or any future post regarding Mason unless it is in the context of a particular news story or commentary by him or response by me.

With all that being written, I do however want to point F6's readers, whom I do appreciate dearly, to another interview Mason did with Jeremy over at BLUE IS BEAUTIFUL which does contain the pictures you are looking for in some regard. The rest of his pictures are around the internet and some of them are readily accessible by checking out my blog's links pages and searching through those blogs for more pictures of the very cute and talented cowboi we all know and admire as Mason.

And Mason, if you happen along by this post again, I owe you one more round all the way.

EDITOR'S UPDATE: Mason has a new blog WYLER NATION on blogspot where you can donate to his latest cause and continued studies as well as find out his real name and get 15 minutes of talk time with him free, for as little as .... you'll have to read to find out.


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