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21 December 2007

In True F6 Style: My 100th Post: Breaking "The New Media Rules" One Right After The Other

[EDITOR'S NOTE:] This is a copy of my comment on Eric White's The Centerline regarding the New Media New Rules event and panel forum hosted last night by the new Fort Wayne Blogger Network and the three main political parties in Allen County.

This is why I avoided the event like the plague that I new it could potentially become. It would have been nice to know that almost everyone was going out afterwards to chat around at a bar or local diner, that is my type of forum or roundtable discussion. While the initial premises that established the idea for a local Blogger Network are noble, they can also become elitist fairly quickly.

eg: "If you don't meet these standards you aren't one of us and you should just shut your blog down now.", etc.

Anytime you have organizations within a community try to umbrella themselves there is always going to be a shift in the atmosphere. That is why, this particular forum shouldn't have happened in my honest opinion untill after the holidays and untill all current local bloggers were brought into the discussion as to the ideals of the group let alone invited to the event.

Regarding the three "DO KNOTS" introduced at the meeting: I have certain expletives to express, and two to illustrate, which involves proving that the sun doesn't shine from that vantage pointe, that I will not do in your forum for you might have to edit my comments since they were not posted under a pseudonym, lol!

I am a classically trained journalist and commentator. I think I know what's proper and improper decorum are when it comes to dealing with any subject and I will be d****?D if I am going to have some *edited*.....*still editing*...done..., telling me what to allow or not allow on MY forum!

1. No annonymous bloggers

- Sometimes anonymity is the best recourse to the truth because there is no perceived bias or rush to judgment of the authors intent or own bias, just the facts and the expressed opinion. You cant tell if they are on record liberals, moderates, or conservatives.

- Certain people have to use pseudonyms in order to preserve there independence. I respect that and so does any other classically trained journalist or editor. If the traditional or old media gives credit and status to anonymous or pseudonymous authors or sources than who are a bunch of new elitists to say that it is no longer valid, poppycock!

Q: What do people think I am: liberal, moderate, or conservative?
A: None of the above. I am a Modern Traditionalist.

2. No Comments

- You have pretty much covered everything I was going to say, except for one last thing which ties in with number three; in that if I missed a point on an issue or item, some one can come up from behind, wrack me up side the other head, and say, "let go of yourself for a minute and take a look at this over here!".

- (I am about ready to violate number three) Thankfully, Charles Langley over @ AD FONTES, has done that for me several times recently, not the wracking just the redirecting.

+ I personally feel that allowing comments is neighborly and shows humility in the ongoing conversation of the blogosphere.

3. No Blogs should talk about other Blogs

Oh just give me a pile of cow manure to throw at this one.

- Agreeing or disagreeing with a colleague (which is what we all are) is part of the Academic process and good Editorializing and Commentating. To allude otherwise flashes in the face of historic journalism in a multi forum old media town like ours.

- If editors from opposing view pointes couldn't dialog with each other in print Win Moses might not have been reelected Mayor back in the mid eighties after his little campaign finance scandal with the Sheriff, nor would we have known that Kevin Knuth once asked for Tom Henry to resign from public office back in the mid nineties. The Cross-Blog-Debate is refreshing to say the least and a vital part of getting a consensus of the blogosphere.

BTW- I will be copying this comment over to my blog now since it is so long and you can delete it if you choose since I "have nothing new to add to the post" wtfwts.

Thank you Eric! May you have an awesome Octave of the Incarnation also!

Blessings Along The Journey,
Fr. Fozy Bear

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!