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28 December 2007

One score and twelve years ago....What an adventure it has been!


Thirty two years ago this morning I was shoved out of my mother's womb three months and a day early. I was a two pound, nine ounce bundle of flesh that was seventeen inches long. I couldn't figure out what God was thinking when He came down and commissioned me from my mothers womb and then said "Now get out into the world." instead of letting me stay in this nice warm sack of fluid for another ninety three days. This is my five minutes of paying tribute annually to my mother and father.

Since I am my mother's first born she sucked down on the anesthetics and ended up passing out half way through delivery. My father, in regards to the minor miracle in front of him, responding to the intensive neo-natal conflicts of my premature birth did two things that have the highest honor in my life. They will forever reign in my life no matter what happens or what people say about me personally and professionally. Thirty minutes after I was born I was baptized and given my father's name, the highest glory he could give me, and then handing me back over to God in prayer and the doctors for health and safety. My mom woke up three days later.


Today is the feast of the Holy Innocents (citations from my homily: Jeremiah 31:15, Matthew 2:16-18, Assumption of Moses 6:2-6) within the Octave of the Incarnation (Catholics take 8 days to celebrate Christmas Day and Easter Day, similar to Chanukah) . Therefore the issues of premature termination of any life has a very special place in my own history. I am for life from conception to natural death. Technically I was born at the very end of my second trimester. And yes if you do the math I was suppose to born on April Fools Day. Evil is not the opposite of Good it is any thing that takes away from our lives and living them for good will towards our fellow members of creation.

I am not going to make this too political; however I must address this, especially on my birth feast. I am against abortion however I am also pro choice, only in one regard. That is, the fact that if abortion were not legal, I as a member of the clergy, would be celebrating double the amount of funerals (both mother and child). I do believe though that abortion needs to be pulled out of the private clinics and needs to be a ethically guided and medically sound procedure. That just is not guaranteed in a private clinic setting. By requiring continued after procedure medical care and ethical guidance we can greater limit the ramifications of a termination on both the body and mind and soul of the individual whom has made the most tragic decision of their and someone else's life and the biological father's honor. We need to restore the father's right of choice in the decision as well. He contributed half of the byproducts (23 chromosomes and 30 minutes of hard labor) to form this new life, he should have some say in its future, 'possession should not be nine tenths of the law'.


If you take time to notice by actually viewing my blog directly (not through an RSS feed, or whatever else people use to scan this from a distance) I found out (totally on accident mind you) how to put certain things over on the main column above and below the blog entries. I hope you like some of these changes just remember to scroll down a little bit off of the main page to view everything. It is not quite done and completely updated or shuffled from one category to another but I will be finishing it up over the weekend.

Why did the sidebar link categories change?

This was done in an effort to clarify better what people are looking for. Before all the personal, political and news, commentary blogs were for the most part in one of two groups of link lists "what all d fagz r talkn bout!" and "3 rivers blogged down". One of the major complaints I received is people were getting dizzy trying to figure out which blogs they wanted to view because they couldn't always tell what type of blog it was. The new blog link list have new titles and a description underneath to better explain each category. Certain blogs have been reassigned to other categories completely that more appropriately align to the content of the blog. For instance Scott and Brian's or Blake's blogs are completely related to local sports and therefore are under all the links to "support 3 rivers athletics" while Undies Drawer has been placed under "don we now our gay apparel" I hope that these changes will help people use the resources that I am trying to provide to our greater local and queer community members.

The Fort Wayne blogs have been broken down into three main categories:
+ bare it all along 3 rivers (news & politics blog roll)*new*
+ 3 rivers blogged down (personal blog roll)*revised*
+ coming together on 3 rivers (community organizations, public interest blogs)*new*

(GLBTIQAS) blogs have been broken down into three main categories as well:
+ what all d fagz r talkn bout! (gay and lesbians, etc. personal blog roll)*revised*
+ is 1 penis and 2 testicles worth 1,000 thoughts? (pictorial and graphic blog roll)*new*
+ queer community and culture (national perspectives blog roll)*new*

[EDITOR'S UPDATE: Please see the post from 05 March 08 for further updates on formating]

What are some of the other things that you have toyed with on F6?

One is adding a third colour to the blog for subtitles and emphasis in actual posts, but the jury is still out on that one. Trying to find colours that coordinate well with the existing scheme is a bitch and a half sice I am working with two opposites initially. The background has been grayed out a little bit so as to give the appearance of recycled paper.

The three quotes and the Jay Brannan video player have been moved to the main column of the profile for people to have an easier time viewing them or picking which video to watch.

Tracking oneself across the blogosphere or letting your readers see where you've been.

In addition, I have added as a new idea in response to "New Media New Rules" and the "Civility Code" from a few months back is a link list entitled "what I did say!" which is a list of the fifteen latest comments of mine on other people's and/or organization's blogs. This is an effort to challenge especially the local authors and everyone to be more accountable for their activity across the blogosphere as well. One last benefit to this decision is that now when I leave a comment I can go back and check directly on a response from others or the author/editor of the original blog.

The links to my comments on other's blogs are listed in the following format:
1. international date (yyyymmdd)

2. the first two initials of the origional blog's authors name (Eric White=EW:)

3. followed by the acronym for the origional blog (Kody's blog is KT:TV for Tinnel Vision)

4. next is a synopsis (three words max) of the title of the original blog

5. lastly in parenthesis is the order in number of the comment that you posted eg:(6)
As a note of courteousness if you do set one of these up make sure to set the link list to "Reverse Sort Alphabetically" in order to view the list in the proper order.

The only slight downside to this link list of my comments elsewhere is everyone else can read them as well. Sometimes people don't realize they are dealing with two different persona's when reviewing the crassness of my blog (and the historical series that was F6's original old media venue) versus my personal or pastoral commentary on other blogs and sites. I challenge everyone to take time to think about the possibilities and provisions for improving your surrounding community and the communication between neighbors. Whether friends or enemies, specify or at least declare your biases and predispositions when writing; remember also, facial features aren't usually illustrated well in written commentary.

[EDITOR'S UPDATE: This feature was discontinued after 2 months. It didn't work as intended, became cumbersome to keep track of , and some blogs don't allow links to a single post.]


And that leads me to my clarification and apology then the closing of this post. In my review and follow up of the New Media New Rules forum held on the twentieth of this month, I referred to Rachel Blakeman and Nathan Gotsch in what some would assume is a demeaning manner.

What you are not all aware of is my internal mental animation. I have a cartoon that plays in the back of my head (hence my warped humor or views on certain things) and I see people and events in cartoon format as well as how they appear in reality. This skill comes from teaching preschool for several years. There are only so many ways to illustrate "pigs flying off a cliff" to three, four, and five year olds.

The first time I met Rachel was after the general election this year at the Thirsty Camel. She came in, sat down in a slump, and strained her neck veins to raise her head after a very hard fought election cycle; therefore my mind recorded an image of her in both reality and in animation format and it stuck, hence the mule reference. My apologies for not having clarified the terms of endearment. Now that I have somewhat explained the process with Rachel let me just say that certain actions or illustrations done by Nathan reminded me of a combination of a kangaroo and a jackrabbit
(picture provided) with a cute little cotton tail bouncing into the vegetable garden and tearing it all to shreds. I wont even go into the notion of my wanting to see him in clip on rabbit ears and fur lined bikini except to mention them briefly (all puns were intended) in this forum.

I hope you all have enjoyed the thoughts and perspectives I've shared thus far. I look forward to the adventures over the coming few months and enjoy the continued Cross Blog Debate and conversation with each of you.

Blessings Along The Journey!

MRev. Kenneth White, Jnr., Editor,
F6 ~ Fun Fag FAQs From Father Fozy

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
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