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24 April 2008

Local Queer Community Spotlight and Commentary for Wednesday. Sorry I am running behind.

HRC Local Chapter hosted benefit for UTSCC two Saturdays ago.

F6 would like to finally report that one thousand dollars was raised at the fund raising event sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign's Local Chapter at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation on Old Mill Road for the Up The Stairs Community Center. The benefit "An Evening of Love" brought together the talents of The Chorus of Fort Wayne, Reuben Albaugh, Jessica Butler - Miss IPFW 2008, Breona Conrad, Blane Pressler, Brett Tubbs, and James Velez. Their performances were enjoyed thoroughly by the just less then sixty guests. The fund raiser was held for assisting "the daily operational costs of keeping the doors of the UTSCC open (simple things like heat, light, and water)".


One thousand dollars does not even begin to cover one months of expenses for operations as previously budgeted at 1,250 per month @ the UTSCC. So more than likely what will happen to the one thousand dollars is it will get appropriated to fund something else to raise even more money which will go to fund something else to attempt to raise even yet more money and it becomes a vicious cycle that is no different then a mutilevel marketing scheme.
In the end I don't have an issue with them doing this I do have an issue with them saying that it goes to general operating expenses as a blanket statement without directly specifying how and where and why. Just be prepared for them to do a fund raiser per month at this rate if not two in the chaos of attempting basic liquidity. The other reason I have issue with all of these "Drag for a Dollar" fund raisers is the fact that the UTSCC Board still does not have accountability to the people they serve.

Not forgetting to mention the previously extended debt and unaccounted resources mentioned in Dan Stockman's article last year have yet to be accounted for. According to his story, one dollar of every twenty dollars, with the highest annual total at seventeen thousand dollars, for a total of twenty five percent of fifty-seven thousand dollars budgeted per year on average, still remained unaccounted for. To date the Board of the UTSCC has still refused to audit their books publicly and also refused a free audit when offered by a concerned unbiased third party.

As a matter of journalistic integrity and complete reporting, the assumption that the case on the scandal is closed is false. F6's network of collaborators also made an inquiry to the State of Indiana and was told that the Attorney General's Office is still investigating the UTSCC and they will release their decision when they are done over to the local media first. So be prepared for another stinky windstorm *when the GLBT Community responds as this pile of shit hits the fan, yet again.
(*Edited for clarification of intention.
Thanks, Linda!

EREN IPFW changes leadership and previous officers start drama.

In other news that is slowly filtering out of IPFW, as certain queens lick their wounds in disgrace, it appears after a long hard fought battle of wills the Student Government finally stepped in and issued a reelection of officers to the Equal Rights Education Network. This proved successful in overturning the previously ill appropriately appointed leadership and the rags of what was left of a Constitution for the organization.


I had been involved in these discussions at the end of last semester. Everything we arranged and the waring factions had agreed upon then, was stonewalled in the beginning of this year. I give kudos to the students who stood up to those trying to hold onto power illegitimately and to the Student Government for finally taking a stand and facilitating, by force, new elections.

I also have to give major kudos to EREN's faculty adviser,
Chris Douse, the Asst. Director of Diversity & Multicultural Services. He provided stabilization to the group over the last several years as it has transitioned from the monstrosity attempted by some and left by others into the shamble shack EREN had become.

The process of recovery from bad peer leadership can finally begin again. To the new leaders and remaining members: it is going to take time to restore and rebuild, please be patient. The fact that the "previous owners" of the group are disgruntled and trying to make themselves look sparkly clean in the midst of being removed from their filthy nests, should give you courage.

Gay Libertarian is elected President of the IPFW Student Body!!!

As I previously summarized over on the LPAC blog: As some are aware Kody Tinnel, a member of the Libertarian Party of Allen County and a Political Sciences and Public Affairs Sophomore at IPFW, has run for and achieved with a landslide victory the Presidency of the Student Body of Indiana University and Purdue University of Fort Wayne.


Kody Tinnel
is a intelligent young man that I have absolute respect and admiration for. His commitment to going green and environ-friendly living, restoring a responsible Greek and Social culture on campus, along with giving people a taste of Libertarian principles in action, are going to be the keys to his success as President in the next year.

The morals of all these stories:

By the power of one to vote for their leadership being restored and used successfully, gives even greater assurance in the abilities of the average citizen to slowly grasp the concepts and responsibilities of their civil duties.

EDITOR: Certain portions of this post have been redacted by personal request.

1 comment:

Robert Enders said...

Is Kody really gay? He did not show up on my gaydar.

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!