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19 November 2008

Indiana and Michigan dont know where each other are and other news of govenment gone amuck! amuck! amuck?


Yes you heard correctly loyal readers, according to
a recent post over at Indiana Law Blog, sourcing a story from The Associated Press, Michigan told Indiana that after four years it cant figure out where the 104 mile long border is between the two States. They lost most of the wooden survey markers due age and degradation over time. Whom was the idiot, even back in 1827, that decided to mark out the Border of the State with wooden stakes? Especially in this climate, at least use concrete and metal to begin with.

Apparently the only thing signifying where the border is a possible few marker posts and one lone confirmed marker they found in the middle pointe of the border. Here are some statements of interest from the article:
  • Michigan in 1900's reset its borders with Wisconsin and Ohio.
  • Professional surveyors can only recover & confirm originals.
  • Those that are lost can only be replaced by a joint action of the Indiana and Michigan legislatures or, if those bodies cannot agree on the border's location, the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Once that happens, property that for years was believed to lie in one state could turn out to be in another, creating quandaries regarding property and income taxes, police jurisdictions, school districts and numerous other matters.
  • When the state line is re-established, it could end up moving north or south up to a few hundred feet
Why did Michigan wait until an entire century later to refortify its border with Indiana? Also another statement from the personal interest profile part of the story, The State of Michigan does not charge income tax on disability checks but Indiana does. Isnt that just wrong? The very nature of a disability check is already a. taxpayer money and b. a reduced rate of income so why are we charging people income tax on very little to begin with, they can barely survive on disability income. Yet we say as a State we want some of it back?

Sounds a little hypocritical to me. Then again I am a Libertarian and we dont believe in high taxes or income taxes or government assistance. Which I do disagree with The Party on the last one in most situations. Poor relief doesnt belong primarily in the Churches either because of historical and current ritual abuse and proselytizing. It belongs in the Township level of government but as Citizens never fund it fully, well that is another discussion for later.

Can you spare an extra three thousand dollars a year?

Anyhooch on to more local matters, Fort Wayne City Council approved yesterday the City budget for 2009 in a 7-2 vote which only cut 2.5 million and pretty much left us screwed with a projected 9 million dollar deficit for the year after. So one way or another the City budget will have to be trimmed excessively when it is dropped back on the table next year otherwise the taxpayers will get the rim job of a lifetime in the next five years to come. You can find additional coverage on Around Fort Wayne.

Currently as the budget stands now at just above 130 million dollars, at 250 thousand (men, women, children) that breaks down to about $520 per resident each year. This means the City currently spends $2600 per year for a five person household. In the next five years (as projected) they want to raise it at minimum another 20 million dollars or $80 per resident or $400 per household.

This is ridiculous folks our local government doesnt need to be this bloated. They should be able to operate on half of that amount easily, Im even willing to agree to two thirds, but seriously, $2600 - $3000 for an average family, and they dont even get to spend it! This is what happens when you just choose between the lesser of two evils rather than making a clear choice for limited government and increased personal freedom. Next time you get the chance, vote with liberty in mind. I do have to give mad props to Councilpersons Brown and Harper for standing up to the Henry Administration and the Democrat members of Council on this piss poor budget plan.

I have more to write about in regards to local government. There are few updates on the Harrison Square project and how another necesary component is failing yet again. You can catch up on the Harrison Square stuff via F6's Feeds & Jump Page with the blogs that are linked to in the right column. They have already covered the recent debacles with Harrison Square in detail.

There Is No Rest For The Weary!

Apparently there is also now a law suit brought by three City Police Officers against the Chief for failing to honor compensated time and overtime. On top of it, as reported by other venues, if they win the City not only will have to reimburse them for all the hours denied respite; but also by virtue of their contract, the fine to the City is doubled and the Officers receive a windfall while the City is in the middle of a budget crisis.

Suit claims city denies comp time to police
Rebecca S. Green The Journal Gazette
14 November 2008

Three Fort Wayne police officers sued the city in federal court, alleging violations of fair labor laws in how the city handles officers’ overtime. Officers Jeffery Burkholder Sr., Martin Grooms and Sofia Rosales seek overtime pay, liquidated damages and a declaratory judgment for violations that have occurred over the past three years, according to the lawsuit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Fort Wayne.

The Fair Labor Standards Act allows police departments to pay employees overtime by granting compensatory time off with full pay instead of paying cash. Under the law, employees have the right to take the compensatory time off whenever they choose, according to court documents. Employers must grant an employee’s request to use the compensatory time within a reasonable time if it will not disrupt the operations of a public agency, according to court documents. “Under the (Fair Labor Standards Act), mere inconvenience to the employer is an insufficient basis for denial of a request to use compensatory time,” the lawsuit reads.

Fort Wayne uses compensatory time to pay its police officers, but the three officers filing the lawsuit allege the city violates the law by imposing arbitrary staffing requirements allowing the “arbitrary approval or non-approval of compensatory time,” according to court documents. “The plaintiffs’ compensatory time requests have been denied because granting the requests would require the payment of overtime to another officer,” according to the lawsuit.

Police Chief Rusty York was surprised by the lawsuit Thursday because the issue had never been mentioned by the police union, the Patrolman’s Benevolence Association, he said. The officers’ interpretation of the Fair Labor Standards Act and how time should be granted are at odds with the way the police department has traditionally handled the issue, York said. “Usually the union would mention it to us or file a grievance before a suit is filed,” York said, adding that there are union elections scheduled for today. Union head Greg Cassel referred questions about the lawsuit to the attorney for the union, Richard E. Beers, who would not comment regarding pending litigation....

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!