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10 December 2008

DAY WITHOUT A GAY National Strike & Some queries at the end.


Video from NBC is courtesy of OUTOfTheCloset Studios. There is a four minute commercial break between 5:20-9:20. Leno (@ 4:32) tells Lesbians to go to straight guys houses and make love on the living room floor and they will pass equal rights in a heart beat. Sykes (@ 10:30) declares we are finally going to have some botty slapping, ear pulling, action in the Whitehouse since we "finally gotta First Lady that has a nice ass".

Same-sex marriage supporters urge gays and lesbians to 'call in gay' Wednesday
By Lisa Leff Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO — Some same-sex marriage supporters are urging people to "call in gay" Wednesday to show how much the country relies on gays and lesbians, but others question whether it's wise to encourage skipping work given the nation's economic distress.

Organizers of "Day Without a Gay" - scheduled to coincide with International Human Rights Day and modeled after similar work stoppages by Latino immigrants - also are encouraging people to perform volunteer work and refrain from spending money. Sean Hetherington, 30, a West Hollywood comedian and personal trainer, (UPDATE: who was the first openly gay contestant ever to do battle, however briefly, in the Gladiator Arena and jokingly suggested that he had become involved in the movement as a way of making up for his poor performance on the show (cite below), dreamed up the idea with his boyfriend, Aaron Hartzler, after reading online that a few angry gay-rights activists were calling for a daylong strike to protest California voters' passage last month of Proposition 8, which reversed this year's state Supreme Court decision allowing gay marriage. The couple thought it would be more effective and less divisive if people were asked to perform community service instead of staying home with their wallets shut. Dozens of nonprofit agencies, from the National Women's Law Center in Washington to a Methodist church in Fresno collecting food for the homeless, have posted opportunities for volunteers on the couple's Web site. "We are all for a boycott if that is what brings about a sense of community for people," said Hetherington, 30, who plans to spend Wednesday volunteering at an inner-city school. "You can take away from the economy and give back in other ways." Hetherington said he's been getting 100 e-mails an hour from people looking for volunteer opportunities, and that his "Day Without a Gay" Web site has gotten 100,000 hits since mid-November.

Despite Hartzler and Hetherington's attempt to fashion a positive approach, some organizers of the street demonstrations that drew massive crowds in many cities last month have been reluctant to embrace the concept, saying that it could be at best impractical and at worst counterproductive to "call in gay." "It's extra-challenging for people to think about taking off work as a form of protest, given that we are talking about people who may not be out (as gay) at work, and given the current economic situation and job market," said Jules Graves, 38, coordinator of the Colorado Queer Straight Alliance. "There is really not any assurance employers would appreciate it for what it is." Graves' group nonetheless is arranging for interested participants to volunteer at the local African Community Center in Denver. The agency said it could find projects to keep 20 people busy, but so far only 10 have pledged to show up, said Graves.

Scott Craig, a fifth-grade teacher at Independence Charter School in Philadelphia, had no problem requesting and being granted the day off. So many of the school's 60 teachers were eager to show support for gay rights they had to make sure enough stayed behind to staff classrooms. About 25 teachers plan to take Wednesday off and to have their work covered by substitutes while they discuss ways to introduce gay issues to their students and volunteer at the local branch of the American Civil Liberties Union, Craig said. A letter telling parents why so many teachers would be out went home Monday. "We want to get the conversation going in the community that gay is not bad," Craig said. "For kids to hear that in a positive light can be life-changing."

Join The Impact, the online community that launched protests last month over the passage of gay marriage bans in California, Florida and Arizona, has urged people to withdraw $80 from their bank accounts Wednesday to demonstrate gays' spending power, and to devote the time they might otherwise spend watching TV or surfing the Internet to volunteer work.

Witeck-Combs Communications, a public relations firm in Washington that specializes in the gay and lesbian market, published a study this year that estimated that gay and lesbian consumers spend $700 billion annually. Bob Witeck, the firm's chief executive officer, said it would be difficult to measure the success of Wednesday's strike since gay employees occupy so many fields. And rather than suspending all consumer spending for the day, gay rights supporters would have a bigger impact if they devoted their dollars to gay-friendly businesses year-round, Witeck said. "Our community leaders who are running book stores, newspapers, flower shops, coffee houses, bars and many, many other things are hurting right now, so paying attention to their needs during this hard time is an effective form of activism," he said.

Hetherington said he has been careful to design A Day Without a Gay — he came up with the name after the film "A Day Without a Mexican" and liked it because it rhymed — so no one feels excluded or threatened. He has specifically urged high school students not to walk out of their classes and assured college students they won't be disloyal to the cause if they go ahead and take their final exams. He also has listed opportunities — ranging from writing letters to members of Congress about federal gay rights legislation to spreading the word about Wednesday on social networking sites — for gay marriage backers who cannot miss work.

Gay Marriage Ban Inspires New Wave of Activists
by Jessie McKinley of The New York Times

So I have a few questions; a small survey in fact: Did you participate?
If "Yes" than:
Why did you choose to participate?
How did your employer respond?
Did you loose your job?
What do you think will be the effects of this Action or Protest?
If "No" than:
Why did you choose not to participate?
Does your company have protections in place for those who are Gay or Lesbian?
Were you threatened with job loss or other ramifications if you did "call in gay"?
Should we continue to fight in these traditional ways?
Is there something new that we can do be equal-in-laws?
Leave your answers to the survey in the comments below anonymously if you choose.

Next on the list of the Join The Impact Actions is Light Up The Night For Equality.

On December 20th, we ask that you join us again for a nation-wide demonstration that will make an impact on the private sector. Candlelight vigils will be held at commercial centers in cities across the country in vigil for the rights of 18,000 same-sex couples who married and look forward to the day when those rights are available again - for EVERYONE. Please take to your local commercial district be it a shopping mall, outdoor financial center, you name it. This will be a peaceful demonstration in the spirit of the holidays.

This will be the culmination of our National Food Drive for Equality. We will stay silent unless asked a question, we will not yell, instigate, or bear signs. Instead, we will let our shirts do the talking and our candles pay our respects. Bring candles (battery powered if you'll be huddling inside). Singing and/or silence encouraged...chanting is not....keep it peaceful and in the holiday spirit.


Robert Enders said...

The private sector has showed more tolerance in recent years than the government. Companies like IBM and Microsoft currently offer the same benefits to same-sex partners as they do to hetero-spouses. The State of Indiana and the federal government do not offer benefits like this for their own employees. I think you only call in gay if you do not get the same benefits for your life partner as a married couple would get.

A A Wulf said...

I didn't call in gay, because well, 1) I didn't have work that day anyway, and 2) my employer (RGIS) is pretty gay friendly from what I can tell considering I work with at least 5 other openly gay men and women whom I've never heard complain about discrimination.

As for the vigil, I think it'd be neat, but like Robert says, the private sector is far more friendly to our cause than the public sector! We should be having a vigil at our state buildings, not the malls. But I think the purpose is to hit the message home to the voters, not the elected, for it was the voters who put Prop 8 and other similar measures into place.

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!