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24 December 2008

The Religious Right Is Niether: Leave our friends and families and Campbells Soup Company alone!

Does the Religious Right have nothing better to do in the Spirit of the Christmas Season?

The American Family Association doesn't think so. In a recent press release they decried a two page advert spread in the December 2008 and January 2009 issues of the Advocate. Which by the way, The Advocate is no longer the nations largest "homosexual" magazines, just one of the oldest. This also bears a question: How many Religious Right organizations have subscriptions to GLBT Magazines?

The AFA in their press release bemoan the Campbells Soup Company stating that, "Campbell Soup Company has openly begun helping homosexual activists push their agenda. Not only did the ads cost Campbell's a chunk of money, but they also sent a message that homosexual parents constitute a family and are worthy of support. They also gave their approval to the entire homosexual agenda."

The adverts which promote the Swanson brands, which highlighted amongst the many recipes and other ideas for the holidays, gasp, is a featurette "of two lesbians with "their" son." Mr. Randy Sharp, Director of Special Projects, continues to ring his hands in an interview one ONE NEWS NOW saying, " And in one ad, which...clearly shows two lesbians who say they are married, who say they have a son together, ...the Campbell Soup Company is saying 'we approve of homosexual marriage.'"

Excuse me, Mr. Sharp, but your an moron, which is a legal term!

If you bother to read the article, she is also a chef, and the co-owner with Carolyn, of their own restaurant in New York, hence the dual application of the word "partner" in this case. When is the Religious Right going to realize that the word marriage doesn't exclusively belong to them, it is a legal term. Partner, which does not always mean married, but signifies business partners, is why civil unions legally wont work, they are not equal, and fore to with, the language does not match. Civil Unions would create disparity between one type of relationship and another, let alone confusion on the other levels of legal terms using the phrase "partner". The way this Action Alert and corresponding media reviews sound is that, according to the religious right, not only are Gays allowed to be Christians; but they cant even celebrate Christmas with their family and friends, or their children; let alone be in business together!


The brief article with pictures (as you can see above left) discusses Chef Lea Forant, her partner Carolyn, and their young son Eli and includes a beautiful Butternut Squash Bisque recipe underneath. It also discusses the fact that, on Christmas Eve, they open up their restaurant for the Italian tradition of the Feast of the Seven Fishes.

Another part of the advert campaign highlights World renowned Personal Chef Wil Crutchley (pic to right) originally from North Carolina, who sixteen years ago decided to tie on an apron, instead of doing construction. Now he chooses to share with you his success, just like he does with his closest friends on New Years Eve, with this delectable, herb crusted, Rack of Lamb, roasted with a minted jus, for the savory side of singing Auld Axine and intimately sipping on a beautifully aged Brandy or Scotch, screw the champagne.

The other Chef spotlighted during this two page advert campaign is Executive Chef Christopher Lee with his pan sauteed Chicken with vegetables and herbs and a classic Roasted Turkey with pan gravy.

ARE YOU HUNGRY YET? Here is how to help out?

Well before you go scrounging around your deep freezer looking for leftovers from Thanksgiving or try the most dangerous thing, and attempt to sneak into the kitchen and steel a piece of pie or lick the batter out of the bowl, take a moment and stand up for equality show your support for Campbell's Soup Company. Please, over the course of the next two days especially, sit down and write via email: douglas_r_conant@cambellsoup.com or better yet, via the US Postal Service, and send your own personal letter or holiday greeting card to:

Mr. Douglas R. Conant, President,
Campbell Soup Company,
Campbell Place,
Camden, NJ 08103
Please communicate with him, that you (and if applicable, your family) are grateful that their company is willing to recognize the varied marketing capabilities and customer loyalty they have assured by just treating the GLBT Community, in all of its different facets, as an equal part of society with their advertising choices.

In an interview given by Anthony Sanzio, a Campbell Soup Company spokesperson, to OneNewsNow that the company reaches out to all segments of society. He stated that, "We support all types of families, regardless of how they're defined, for more than 100 years. We advertise in a variety of different media outlets that appeal to a broad spectrum of society. That's what we're doing here, and that's what we'll continue to do."

Unlike the AFA, I am not going to ask you to call their phone numbers (800-257-8443) and (800-442-7684) to show your support, but it is toll free.

I am however going to ask you to copy down the information or forward this blog post to your friends and parents, whoever supports you in your choice to be open about love and equal access under the law and sexual orientation, and ask them to also send Mr. Conant their own holiday greeting of equality and appreciation.

Lastly, make sure that the green bean casserole, in your family's celebration, is made with Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup this year! Happy Holigays Everyone.


AA Wulf said...

Well I can see their marketing ploy worked. Put an add in controversial magazine, get the AFA up in arms, and suddenly all the homos will become Campbell's loyalists. +5 for showing us that the AFA is still filled with morons. -100 for buying into Campbell's marketing scheme and pushing their product.

Anonymous said...

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
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