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21 February 2009

Obamanation Part III: Hail 2D Beef 4 its economic value & all those we paid off along D way. 2 slaughter D economy & leave huge debts 4 R kids 2 pay!

The clip below is from What You Ought To Know Show earlier this month produced by The Brothers Winn: [Website] [YouTube].

In F6's constant effort to be fair and balanced, in all of its reporting and provide full commentary to complete stories, this post is going to update the stories previously covered in this post & this post two weeks ago in order to bring them to conclusion.

Gregg retains Senate seat disses Commerce nomination

Republican Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire still wants to be Obama's Water boy even after withdrawing his name from consideration as Commerce Secretary. After "being invited" (read: seeking after) to become the new Commerce Secretary, after Govenor Bill Richardson withdrew due to a scandal over the issue of bond issues in his home State of New Mexico, Gregg accepted the offer and within a week choose to reverse that acceptance when it was revealed that the White House and Democrats in Congress removed the Census from the control of the Commerce Secretary, after the nomination had occurred.

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Additionally, Senator Gregg recessed himself from the vote on the American Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, citing a potential conflict of interest, which I have to give him credit for that, because it's the most ethical action coming out of Washington for a long time.

2nd stimulus bill passed w/o pay caps for CEOs

The AERRA which passed the Senate, with three Republicans voting for the trillion dollar addition to the national debt. The House and Senate versions were reconciled in Conference Committee, then at the last minute (read: at four in the morning with no one aware) it was found to be lacking the CEO pay restrictions that were first introduced by Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri and then plagiarized by Obama and Geithner a week later.

CEO Pay Caps proven to be false rhetoric and pandering to force vote aka trial balloon.

Besides the CEO Compensation restrictions introduced by Senator McCaskill as an Amendment to AERRA 5 days prior to the Policy Announcement by Obama and Geithner to much fan fare, being reduced to dust during the Conference Committee between the House and the Senate, when Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, introduced his new Policy a week ago it was also void of pay caps and compensation restrictions. He stated that, the Companies would not participate in the stimulus program with the restrictions in play, specifically the cap that would have matched the CEO pay to that of the President or slightly higher.

This is clear and simply put the CEO Pay Cap was a test balloon that popped and political firestorm for no good reason. The Democrats floated a bill amendment that they knew would distract other conservatives from something else hidden in the bill or going on in the world. But the question remains, What were the Democrats or Obama trying to seclude or cover up from the current legislation and or social political events going on around the world that they had to start a forest fire of empty promises and pseudo accountability?

As most people are aware now because of the process that took place with this legislation, once a Bill passed both Houses of Congress they must be reconciled to each other in Conference Committee and then brought back for a final vote. In the very last move made by Congress before the President signed the "stimulus package" into law, they went back and included some of the compensation restrictions, without the cap on CEO base pay. (video, TYT)

Tim Geithner is definitely January's nominee for the 2009 Hunk Of Flesh Award.

I have more to say about the Geithner issues as a whole that should be left to one last additional post to this series. Needless to say but definitely illustrate Mr. Geithner showed himself to be lacking in his ability to both govern and publicly speak.However I don't want to drag it out that much and am frankly tired of covering these numskulls anyway.

The American people are tired of being strung along!
Set up a plan, put it out there into the marketplace, and let us talk about it. Please quit trying to pander to Wall Street and the Unions and lets get the job done. That wont happen as long as anything is done in secret or by trial balloons. I had more faith in you sir.

[Photo: Hope Male Art @ Towle Road==>]

Additionally Congress gets a nomination for HOFA in February because they failed to give the Citizens let alone the 530 plus members of Congress five days to read the final bil. No they got 6 hours notice to read and vote on an 1100 page bill before it went to a vote. The Congress, specifically the Democrats in the House, are doing it again also with the Omnibus Spending Authorization this week as well. Call or write the Congress and tell Speaker Pelosi to put it online for at least 48 hours for the entire world to see, like she promised too even if it falls 72 hours short of the original goal. Certain Republicans in Congress also get a nod for the February HOFA for voting against the AERRA and then attempting to take credit for the money coming back into their respective districts, that is hypocrisy 101.

My apologies for missing Wednesday and running late on Saturday; the reason is simply that, my injury received from a carjacking several years back, which I have written about previously, has been acting up severely with all the weather changes and general stress of my life. The other reason for the delay in posting is that since this is a social and political commentary not an direct news source, I have the liberty of waiting until all the ducks have quacked to comment on news, events, or culture. This provides me the liberty to have the full picture to work with, rather than flying off half cocked and end up loosing my....credibility in the process. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

What is the difference between Barack and Jesus?
Jesus was a carpenter, He could build a Cabinet.

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!