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02 February 2009

TOPHER TIME: REMEBER THE POOR GROUNDHOG & Break OUT The Candles Were Having Another Round Of Queer Holy Days!!

Break out the Candles! Does anyone know if Canterbury Jack saw his shadow? It is time for another joint holy day news cycle. Yes you read correctly folks Today is a holy day on the calendar of two religions.

From the Pagans, specifically the Celtic traditions, you have the major Sabbath of Imbolc, the last of the winter night festivals that concentrates on final purification for the new life that is brought forth in Springtime. This is a time for new beginnings for the year or initiations, this is historically when the female sheep start showing signs of milking for the new baby on the way and when people would do a final restock of supplies for the rest of winter weather.

From the Christians, we celebrate the Feast of Mary's Presentation of the God-Child in the Temple, previously (and by some groups still) referred to as, the Circumcision of Jesus (which was originally earlier but merged with this Feast Day in common practice) to provide the cyclical 40 days from Christmastide. This is also a time of refreshing nourishment and purification before the fast of Lent and the watching for the lamb that is to be slain. It is both a Festival and a moment of Reflection in anticipation of what is yet to come in the Liturgical celebration and to prepare the members of the Body of Christ in their spiritual journey and living relationship to one another.

It still baffles my mind that so many Leaders in the Church abhor sexual expression and at the same time the end of the second holiest season of the Churches' Liturgical Celebration focuses solely on baby boy and the historic act of his Divine penis getting trimmed up for a healthy sex life and ritual sacrifice thirty years ahead in life. Is it any wonder that more Catholic Boys have not come out of the closet?

In three days or next weekend, depending on your tradition, Christians will also celebrate the Memorial Feast of Saint Blaze, where there will be the Blessing of the Throats with the remnants of the Advent/Christmas wreath candles which were extinguished during the Presentation Liturgy. Christ is now the light for the whole world to see!

It is about time for this flu bug to go away, it will be nice to actually be able to have a clear head without the assistance of over the counter medication in a week. (photo: Definition Of A Man)

As Pagans wonder where they put the beeswax for the winter night festival, Catholics already have their candles tied off with red ribbons and are ready for the holy slaughter of viral infections everywhere; however on a Secular act of faith, we get to watch a bunch of idiots standing around at five in the morning to pull a poor defensless little groundhog/prarie dog, and the one unfortunate incident a long time back with a badger, out of its winter domicile to see whether or not it can see it's shadow, to determine how much longer winter is going to be.

As I finish up this post, I have been told Puxy from Philly, did see his shadow. And humanist and atheist call those of us whom are religious crazy, but I am pretty sure not as crazy as this next story, provided by 9 News in Australia:

Thailand's Medical Council has exonerated a male nurse who mistakenly circumcised a 12-year-old boy instead of removing an abscess from his mouth, news reports said. Acting Medical Council President Somsak Lohlekha said the unwanted circumcision was the result of a "miscommunication" between doctor and nurse, reported the Bangkok Post. The boy's mother, Rattanaporn Manaschuen, on Thursday lodged a complaint with the council after her son had his foreskin removed at a clinic in Samut Prakan instead of receiving treatment for a mouth abscess.

After investigating the case, Somsak concluded that the clinic's doctor had ordered an "excision" be performed on the boy but the nurse had understood that a "circumcision" was needed. Looking on the bright side, Somsak advised the mother of the now circumcised boy that the operation would help him keep his genitalia clean.
Thanks to Phillip DeFranco for the story tip. Can we also say that was an ultimate burn by the Medical Council President! Come on this is a twelve year old boy who received unnecessary surgery and underwent a painful ordeal. The next thing you will hear is that the Hospital charged them for the procedure, geezers.
NURSE: "Yeah I am just going to come in, pick up your penis, like the
good Doctor told me to, and slice off your foreskin it wont hurt a bit."
12 YR. BOY: "What the (with mouth still full of crud and slightly swollen shut) *mumble, mumble* high pitched screaming!* the fuck are you doing!" As he passes out from the shock.
What else is there for a day after the Stuper Bowl? No offense intended, I love to watch men play sports, preferably half naked and with sexual tension (2 photos: hottie Xander Scott with Brent Diggs (Randy Blue), via Dude Flesh, nsfw), but some of these ultimate championships bouts are so overrated, and ridiculous in their marketing ploys, I cant support them because of a lack of economic equity to the common man. I am not saying they do not deserve a hefty hunk of change, but nothing is worth a thousand dollars a second for ad rates. That money could be spent somewhere else and on better initiatives and actually do more then a thirty second commercial that is little more then the latest in mental masturbation and marketing scheme. And in this pre-depression economy we should be encouraging a better more frugal use of economic resources. Besides most of the commercials I have viewed from the event sucked major ostrich eggs. The commercials that were banned are better than the ones aired and they have already begun having parodies and impressions created. This one below, was created as a spoof of the PETA commercial that was banned, by Alex Mercado @ SOTC on [You Tube] or [MySpace]. F6 spotlighted Alex before, last year.

What else is creeping its ugly head out from hiding? Discrimination and police entrapment. Gay Agenda is reporting that: A great deal of anger is building against the NYPD due to an increased number of gay men being arrested for prostitution at various Manhattan adult video stores....

Police allegedly have been using good looking, young undercover cops to try to pick up middle-aged gay men, The undercover cops offer to go home with them for consensual sex. As the officers leave the store with the men, they offer to pay the men for the sex, which often confuses the victims who don’t understand why a younger man would offer to pay them for sex. Then, as the officer escorts the unknowing male out of the store, they find themselves surrounded by undercover cops, handcuffed and charged with prostitution, even though they never agreed to taking money for sex. (photo Wicked Gay Blog)

Many citizens, gay and straight allies of the gay community, view the arrests as an effort by police to shut down pornography stores the city, and also view this as an attempt by police to criminalize gay sex, much as they did prior to the Stonewall riots of 1969 when it was illegal for more than 3 gay men to congregate in any given location at one time. Homophobia, even in Manhattan is alive and well.

Back to the Super Bowl, Queers United, is relating the story of the Get To Know Us Ads (viewable in the player below) and how they were previously rejected by KABC-TV during the inauguration festivities of Barack Hussein Obama.

Now Los Angeles affiliate KNBC-TV refused to air the same ads during the Superbowl citing that the NFL doesn't allow for "advocacy ads". GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, had the following to say, "Despite this policy, other advocacy ads aired multiple times throughout the day’s NFL-controlled programming. Among the advocacy ads which did air were PSAs for TobaccoFreeCA.org and DontBeAnAsterisk.org, an anti-steroids advocacy campaign" in clarification as to why they are queening out about it. Click here for the contact form for KNBC-TV.

Absolut Vodka has its own take (pic to left) on the controversy of pro queer advertising in sports and media. Keep up the good work, Absolut! The next time I am offered cinnamon blow jobs, I will take a shot and it will be you. (Photo: Swish Embassy)

Talking about fire and ice, and things that just weren't suppose to happen according to conservative Christians, specifically tRick the Dick into Submission Warren and Pompus Benedict I'm God's Rottweiler the XVI. There is now even more proof that Homosexuality is present and prevalent in nature. The Gay Penguins, not Roy and Silo of New York, talked about in the controversial children book And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell, that garnered the honour of Top Challenged Book by the American Library Association in 2006. We are talking about the Gay Penguins from China that were segregated a couple months back for stealing eggs and trying to raise the kids on there own have now been released from their captivity, allowed to marry. Having proven their parenting capabilities through foster parenting a couple of eggs while in seclusion, Zoo Official hope that by blessing their union and restoring their relationship they would stop trying to persuade or recruit new penguins to their flock.

I am laughing so hard right now! What is even more funny, in honour of the Cardinals getting there balls handed to them and told to go back home, is that, according to a report on Towle Road, there is a Cardinal missing one of his balls. Not the football team's member but an actual bird, that is male and female, and not a drag queen or a hot trannie mess. Nope this bird is straight the fuck up half and half, part of what Our GLBTIQAS Community calls InterSexed. To be honest it is probably a rare case of Chimerical Genetics, but not unheard of either.

It is official F6 has gone towards the edge and flipped every birdie possible @ the Religious Right!

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!