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14 August 2007

Local Libertarians Show Support During PRIDE Fest

(Fort Wayne, IN.)- The Libertarian Party of Allen County showed up en masse to support the GLBT Community during PRIDE Fest X at Head Waters Park East, held the last weekend of July. Representing the group was the Party Chair, Jennifer Jeffrey. Along side her were three district and one at large candidates for Fort Wayne City Council in this November's elections, and all officers of the party. It was a scorcher of a day, Saturday, and the Libertarian Party of Allen County was honored to celebrate PRIDE with you all.

The Libertarian Party holds to the platform in which governmental intrusion into business practices should be reduced to minimum levels, while allowing the free market to guide business practices. They support the passage of laws that promote individual responsibility and freedoms, and would seek to repeal those laws that remove from the citizenry their responsibility to lead their own lives as they see fit. (Vision Statement, Libertarian Party of Allen County)

There was a paper easel where people could leave notes for their governing officials and for the LP to guide further communication with the public. Jennifer Jeffrey goes further to explain, "The only way to get the consensus of the citizenry is to provide an avenue for that communication to be achieved without censorship. The graffiti board is a perfect way to collect the thoughts of the average person and compile them all together for a unilateral response by our party and our candidates." Some of the responses left by you on the graffiti board were: Keep your laws off my body!, Get out of the way of small business, Support equality for all, The sign code is a taxation and censorship of free speech and property rights, and Get off my back about where I can smoke.

The other way to find the consensus of the citizen is by good old fashion canvassing and attending functions like PRIDE Fest. The LPAC chose PRIDE to be the first big push into the spectrum of community event networking for this election cycle. They introduced you to some of the LP candidates and the listened to what you had to say about politics as whole, as well as your feelings about the current conditions in the Summit City, especially for GLBT persons. At least two officers, the Content Administrator and Chair of the IPFW Campus Libertarians, and several other members are part of the GLBT Community. MRev. Kenneth White, Jnr., Content Administrator for the Party, summarized, "We are out in the community! We are active in the political and civil discussions of our beautiful city's future."

For those who were unable to meet with our candidates at PRIDE the Libertarian Party of Allen County would like to invite any one to contact the Party Chair via phone at 260-418-2750 or email at jenniferjeffreylpac@gmail.com. Any of the candidates are happy to talk with you regarding questions or concerns through their emails listed on the LPAC website www.allencountylp.org .

Come find how their vision for a better Fort Wayne and Allen County is implemented. Monthly meetings are usually on the third Monday of the month. This month and next, they will meet for a business meeting then social gathering at the ACME Bar and Grill on East State Boulevard August 20 and September 17, 2007 at 6:30 pm.

"We are at the City Council meetings. We are getting involved across the board with other organizations like Heartland Communities, which is working with Save Maumee, on amongst other things, to clean up our Three Rivers. Bar and night club groups have endorsed several Libertarian candidates. These are all examples of small business and entrepreneurial spirit and initiatives changing Fort Wayne's future for the better. That is what best describes the Libertarian Party goals: removing the obstruction and regulations hindering the individual and small business and stand back as they explode with success." said Jeffrey.

So who are the Libertarians running for City Council? The Libertarian Party of Allen County has eight candidates running for three at large and five district City Council seats this year. Candidates in the 1st District, Byron Peters; 2nd District, Jon Bartels; 3rd District, Gloria Diaz; 5th District, Robert Fuller; 6th District, Robert Enders; and the At Large Candidates are Doug Horner, Michael Brightbill, and William Larsen. They are hard working people, business owners, local television program host, security guard, commentator and journalist in a local magazine and newspaper, retired teacher, programmer, and the list continues on. Next month the Libertarian Party of Allen County will have an in depth article introducing you to each of the candidates. However don't wait until then. Find them out in the community, talk with them, and share your thoughts on how to make a brighter future for the Summit City, and they will add your comments to the Graffiti Board.

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!