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16 August 2007

My response to HRC FW Chapter and Tom Henry for Mayor

Hello Everyone and Greetings,

As the Reformed Catholic Bishop in the area I have to take issue with two things that HRC's Fort Wayne Chapter have posted recently regarding Matt Kelty and his campaign let alone his personal honor and contributions.

1. Matt Kelty was led away in hand cuffs per normal procedure of a felony warrant. However unlike most felons he was allowed to have his handcuffs in front, which is a sign of two things: a. the warrant officer feels the person is not a flight risk or b. a statement by the sheriff that he thinks the charges are bogus. Let it also be made aware, as a matter of official record, he turned himself in of his own accord he was not 'arrested' he was 'taken into custody' (bad reporting on the part of the paper).

2. As a gay citizen it appalls me as to the rhetoric coming from this supposed non partisan group which unfortunately seems as bias in their affiliations. Keep in mind I am the Content Administrator/Editor for the Libertarian Party of Allen County.

3. As a Catholic Bishop, I stand behind Matt's previous record and reconfirmed commitment last night regarding GLBT citizens and still wanting to meet with all GLBT community leaders in the near future. I, as the Founder of Our Lady Rejoice Ministries, have been working directly with Caleb Jehl Director of The Rejoice House and Matt Kelty to arrange that meeting in the fall.

4. Furthermore, as a Youth and Young Adult Pastor in the area, especially, Matt has for six months and still is providing forums for all youth and young adults in the area to offer their voices and dreams to the future of governance in this city on three rivers we all love. He did by hosting concerts not where he spoke but where he let the youth and young adults come together and celebrate life and talk together with every voice being heard in a dialog with him.

I rarely swear my life blood on anything I say, simply because I am naturally too sarcastic; however, I swear my life blood on these words written above and ask you to consider them as truth.

Thank you for the time to consider my perspective,


The previous memo is in response to the following statements by HRC's Fort Wayne Chapter and by default Tom Henry for Mayor Campaign. These are personal and professional statements but not as official statements of the Libertarian Party of Allen County.

Quote One:
Yes, it's hard to imagine someone doing something so obscenely political. Just like it's hard to imagine a "Christian," Republican candidate using his opponent's pro-GLBT stance against him!! Now THAT is obscene!!!
(2nd paragraph of a bulletin post regarding the indicment of Matt Kelty, Aug 14, 2007 8:32 PM)

Quote Two:
As a councilman, Tom Henry authored the non-discrimination resolution in respects to hiring and firing practices including protection for individuals based on their sexual orientation. He was able to pass the resolution despite serving on a Republican-controlled City Council.
(HRC/IE Event House Party Press Release for the 18th of August 2007
One of the many press releases authorized by Tom Henry for Mayor)


Fr. Fozy Bear said...

Thank you Linda for your response and clarification of certain issues. The following has been posted to provide full disclosure of all parties involved.
~Fr. Fozy Bear

Aug 16, 2007 4:46 AM
Subject: In Response

While I value and appreciate everyone’s right to their own opinion, I do want to point out in response to Fr. Fozy’s bulletin that no posts, bulletins, blogs, emails, or any other forms of communication have gone out to anyone regarding Mr. Kelty from HRC Fort Wayne.

My opinions are my own, and while I volunteer with the HRC, I still retain the right to my own personal opinions. This is exactly the same in my position as a teacher. I am not permitted to use the title of my school district in any letters to the editor, etc. However, that does not mean I am unable to still write letters to the editor—they just reflect my views as a private citizen, exactly in the same way with regards to whom I choose to vote for mayor.

It is a fact that the Kelty campaign has been conducting phone call polls regarding the opponent’s pro-gay stance and is gearing up to use Mr. Henry’s commitment to civil rights for GLBT people against him.

It is also a fact that the HRC is throwing a party where Mr. Henry was simply invited, given his consistent, unwavering support of diverse people. This is very similar to how both candidates for mayor were invited to Pride—however, only Mr. Henry chose to attend, speak, and spend a considerable amount of time talking with those in attendance. You might also remember that the Henry campaign was at Pride for both days of the entire event, where the Kelty campaign was not in attendance at all.

I as an HRC volunteer have thoroughly sought out legal council and advice from all parties involved to assure that neither the HRC nor I were violating any code of ethics, let alone campaign laws. This is exactly the reason why Vince and I are personally financing the party on Saturday and have neither asked for nor received any donations from companies or the HRC.

Mr. Henry’s consistent, unwavering pro-GLBT stance is something that I personally support.

I simply find it ironic when people state that they are being persecuted, yet have no problem putting down entire groups of people themselves. I do sincerely hope that Mr. Kelty has a change of heart and does choose to support the GLBT community, but his actions up to this point speak otherwise.

I apologize for any confusion my posts and blog may have caused; however, I will not apologize for holding strong opinions regarding my personal support for the people who support me.


Fr. Fozy Bear said...

Thursday, August 16, 2007 at 7:21 AM

We do understand and truly respect your perspective, and appreciate you expressing it. The bulletin that we found, unfortunately after the fact, that contained 1 personal quote, has been deleted. We do agree with you on that issue. As we're open to any and all opinions and perspectives, and welcome any feedback offered to help us, please feel free at any point send any questions/comments/concerns to Linda or Vince at the following e-mail addresses as we truly appreciate any help people want to offer us!



HRC Fort Wayne

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!