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27 August 2007

What about them? Oh God! The possibilities are endless.

Just some random thoughts about the mayoral race in Fort Wayne:

What if Matt Kelty wins and is then convicted?
Who will Slicer Shiney choose to replace him?
Could we end up with a has been of the Party
who wants to get 'their dues' in or payed back?

What is the impeachment process for a Mayor?
Will we have a legitimate precinct vote or will it be whoever Steve chooses?
If the Republican Party is already in shambles because of these fiascoes,
how much longer before it totally collapses to a barely existent Party?

Other thoughts about Tom Henry for Mayor

I out of good conscience can not vote for Tom Henry. He is a career politician responsible for twenty years of bad city policy since he served that long on City Council (five, four year terms). His experience and track record is one reason alone no one should vote for him. The other reason is that of the four initiatives he has announced two (Rivers and the Light Lease) come with hardly any details or action for the first year and a half he would be in office. That is wasted time as far as I am concerned.

For instance, the Safe House program that he is promoting still currently exists, and just needs the mothballs blown off of it; not a new initiative with a new fancy sign and more paperwork, than my mothers childhood pet sheep could chew in an hour. From one of the pointes made, "The schools will help to make children aware of the Safe Houses, distribute maps and teach them how to use them." The last things kids need to do when being chased by an attacker or abused by a parent or relative is to take the time to stop and look at a map!

They should not be Safe Houses they should be Safe Zones similar to the idea that every Place of Worship and Government Public Building (Library/City County Building/Fire Station) should be open to the public and a place of refuge or sanctuary. The other thing to consider is that anyone or a visitor caught off guard at their personal home or not expecting it in their neighborhood might blow the kid off because they are having a bad day. Not to mention the question, "Can the City be assured that some one wont refuse to help some one for social, religious, racial, sexual or gender associations?"

There are common misunderstandings of social gender roles/expectations e.g. 'a teenage boy can take care of himself against anything'; or more realistically, is when his girlfriend just beat the tar piss out of his mastodon and he needs a place of refuge two or twenty or two hundred miles away from home. Will the Safe House turn him away? You have to remember, most males wont talk right away, it is 'beat into us at an early age' and partially instinct to 'not show' when we have been damaged. Will he be told to walk it off or will he get help? Safe Houses don't assure that and neither do Churches completely which is rather unfortunate.

Now I realize that I am ranting on about more than Safe Houses but there is a gap in services for safety and refuge for male victims in this City. Unless you are a foreigner, female, or a drug addict, you almost cant get services without being made to feel like a French cross dressing prostitute coming down off of a three day crack binge.

The Rescue Mission is the only avenue for most adult males and that is a proselytizing hell hole that should be condemned by most Churches. I will say that the new Director has made some positive changes but the track record of the Mission is so historically horrible that it is going to take more than doilies and doorknobs to clean up some of the past sins.

The Salvation Army is a slave labor shoppe to the pointe that Good Will tried to petition the federal government to allow it to stop paying its workers in order to compete with its rival and to prove that SA was slave labor but it got buried by the Labor Department because of lobbying by the Sal. Army.

Anyway enough about that.

My pointe is simply this: fix the gaps in the current system before you try to start over with a whole new system that has so many gaps it is not possible to count them on my fingers and my toes. I may just abstain my vote in the mayoral race. Does anybody else have answers or thoughts?

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!