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14 May 2008

Support 3 Rivers Athletics: Spring into Summer, part 1

I am running so far behind these days. It is not even funny. I have been sitting here debating on what to post for this Wednesday. I am left with three options: social/gender Sci Fi show casting molds, another tirade about what our local elected officials have done or said this time around and local politics as usual, or a general queer community update. I thought to myself, "Meh, let's talk about something that interests everyone and has hot guys involved." So here goes another installment of Support Three Rivers Athletics:

Fort Wayne Komets wins fifth Turner Cup Crown

When even veteran news anchors Linda Jackson and Mellisa Long are sitting on the edge of their seats during Indiana News Center's 11p.m. simultaneous broadcast, waiting to see with bare knuckle anticipation, who would win in the tied for two, triple overtime, seventh game, in the series, between the Fort Wayne Komets and the Port Huron Ice Hawks, for the 2008 Turner Cup Championship you know it had to be a good game. The sold out crowd of over ten thousand fans were not disappointed either when the Komets scored early into the third overtime making this a fifth time to carry the IHL championship. The next day Komet Hockey Club held its end of season party and raised just over thirty five thousand dollars to go to local unnamed charities.

On another note regarding the Fort Wayne Komets, Blake Sebring's blog Tailing The Komets was reactivated for the season and it is nice to see the local author, commentator, and journalist from the News-Sentinel back on his blog which went on an unfortunate
hiatus last year. His second book Legends of the Komets is almost complete his recent book Tales of the Komets is for sale and available via Roof Top Publishing.

In our part to provide a full queer service to our readers, we have found that there is an International Gay and Lesbian Ice Hockey Association as well. To find other gay and lesbian etc. athletes like Kevin Battistelli, (pictured above) as copied from an article by Cyd Zeigler, Jr., go behind the locker room doors with the Co Founder of Out Sports and Sports Editor for Genre Magazine for starters.

Another random find while surfing

The Plex on California Road (north of Coliseum Boulevard and east of Parnell Avenue) offers year around opportunities and has three indoor leagues for those with varying skill levels and interests in: InLine Hockey, Flag Football, and Dodge Ball, amongst others.

Fort Wayne Dodge Ball and Yoga
@ Foster Park on Sundays continues

As advertised late last month a few individuals got together last year and started a hard core Dodge Ball Association in Fort Wayne that meets at Foster Park on Sundays @ 5 p.m., weather permitting. For those whom do not want rubber balls being flung in their face at questionable speeds they can participate in a Yoga class that is also free of charge. Please view the respective MySpace profiles of Fort Wayne Dodge Ball or Fort Wayne Yoga to find out more information.

One of the great things about Fort Wayne:
we have woman's semi-proffessional leagues and associations!

And on the subject of womens sports in the Summit City, one can not leave out the
Fort Wayne Derby Girls (MySpace) and their "kick ass now and ask questions later" attitude in the local and national arenas. Their schedule is a little on the lengthy side, as it runs from April to October, so I will refer you to a poster here. However later this fall they are hosting a major tournament Fall Brawl on the 20th of September @ The Memorial Coliseum that is open to both women and a limited amount of mens teams.

Wear your cups bois! We dont want to hear you cry about a groin shot or the plexi-glass that got embedded in the wrong place.

Fort Wayne Flash are in the middle of their first NWFA affiliated season and have a remainder of three home games left this year: this Saturday and next as well as the 14th of June. All home games start at four in the afternoon @ Bishop John Michael D'Arcy Stadium on the campus of St. Francis University and admission is five dollars at the door on game day. Come out and support the women in full contact american football style!

Now for the real game of football aka soccer

The Fort Wayne Fever soccer mens and womens teams are in season from May through July and host their games at Hefner Stadium near The Plex (see above for directions). To find out more specifics and how you can participate in next years team contact Coach Nick Potter @ 260-496-9999 ext 25.

Fort Wayne Sport Club has begun its season unfortunately their website is undergoing a transition so it was a bit hard to navigate. Tryouts for the junior (ages 11-14) and senior (ages 15-17) travel teams are the second of June for girls and the fifth of June for the boys with backup dates in that same order on the ninth and tenth.

The "German Clubs" (Turners, Sports Club, etc.) as they were called when I was growing up have a rich history in supporting healthy activities and sportsmanship as well as cultural awareness in our youth and young adults.

"Shoot that fucking bird down already!" (inside joke)

I am somewhat biased to the organization. I have a lot of fond memories at the FWSC and I met one of my first boyfriends there when I was half my current age.

Amazing Baseball!, oops, This is fun!

I am probably using the wrong slogan but I never said I was up to date. It is hard when you cant decipher the calendar without a legend for the Fort Wayne Wizards and their game schedule @ The Castle (aka Memorial Stadium) which we just paid off last year and will be torn down in the next two years as planned out by the Harrison Square
no politics you promised.... downtown development of a new indoor stadium, with retail shoppes and overly priced condominiums.
... I'm just reporting the news .... The condos are in jeopardy of not being built and now may loose the personal purchase support of the Mayor if the builders do what he wants them to do "to kick start" the project in the ass and get it built in time for the 2009 season or at least have some predominance of activity on the construction site.

see no political commentary just news and information... That is enough sportsmanship and athleticism for one post. I will post more over the next two weeks on an unscheduled post as soon as I verify some of the information I left under my dog's furry little paws. You can also visit F6's Links Page for more information.

The continuation of this post may be found here:
Supporting Three Rivers Athletics: Midsummer, part 2

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

To this point, no one has publicly stated The Harrison is in danger of not being built. Sales are slow, however, Barry Real Estate, developers of the project, have stated they are still committed to building the project.

According to the definitive agreements signed with the City, Barry has to have the condo/retail portion completed by April or May of 2008. I am uncertain of the date, but believe it is closer to April than May.

This presents the crux of the problem - if construction does not begin within the next 25 days or so, it will not be comleted in time to meet the deadline. But again, no one has publicly, or even inferred that the project is "in jeopardy of not being built."

And for the record, it's an outdoor stadium, not indoor. And tearing down old Memorial Stadium is not definite. The chances are great that will happen, but options are still being explored.

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!