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21 June 2008

Supporting Three Rivers Athletics: Midsummer, part 2

Did you all break out the chamomile tea and eat fried sunflowers to get through the rain storm this morning? For those whom have no idea as to what I am talking about, today is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year; the day the sun stands still, per say. Christians remember the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist, Prophet and Martyr and Pagans celebrate Litha, those with a more literary panache will know this day by Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. Remember to enjoy the strength of the Divine Light within each other today and always.

Do you want to be a Fort Wayne Derby Girl?

Are you a dedicated business-minded woman able to help with the day to day administration of the business? Are you a tough woman looking to strap on some skates and get rough? Here is your chance. Fort Wayne Derby Girls are holding mid season tryouts to recruit fresh talent for next season on Tuesday the 24th of June from 6-8p.m. @ The PLEX on California Road north of Coliseum and east of Parnell Avenue. You need to bring a helmet and skates if you have them, rentals will be available for those whom don't; all other padding is optional for tryouts. Contact KonaKrusher@fwderbygirls.com for more info.

In Fort Wayne women play full contact football too!

In other Woman's professional sports news the Fort Wayne Flash completed their playoff season today in a contest against the Cleveland Fusion in a highly anticipated away game. No results are available yet, which is why this post was delayed as well. In other news regarding our National Womens Football Association team, Ben Smith @ the Journal Gazette did a good opinion-feature during their Fathers Day game against the Indianapolis Chaos.

Mentioning Cleveland and Football aka Soccer!

The Fort Wayne Fever's Mens Team lost against the Internationals, 2-1, whom they will play again in an away game on the 3rd of July. This evening they were playing Toronto Lynx @ The Fort Wayne Sport Club fields. The Mens Fever next home game is the Wednesday 9th of July vs. Michigan Bucks.

The Fort Wayne Fever's Womens Team has three home games coming up: Tuesday 24th 7p, vs. FC Indiana Lionesses;
Friday 27th 7p, vs. Michigan Hawks; and Sunday 29th 4p, vs. Kalamazoo Outrage.

Games are @ Hefner Stadium near The PLEX unless stated otherwise. Tickets are $6 at the gate per person per game, with season passes per person $30 and Family passes $75 Children 3 and under are free. To tryout for the Fort Wayne Fever Mens or Womens Teams call Coach Nick Potter @ 260-496-9999 ext. 25 or by email: nickp@plexsports.com, (note: tryouts are in March). For more information about the Fever visit their website.

In local politics and minor league baseball shenanigans

The Fort Wayne Wizards have garnered some flak for wanting to change their name when they move to the new Downtown Stadium next season (If it is built on time?) Citizens can go to the Harrison Square website and enter their suggestions for a new team name. Although one word of caution, according to certain reports across the local blogoshpere, the recommendation must include the letters "IN" for Indiana, supposedly.

Some of the recommendations reported so far that I like personally are:

Maumee Valley Mosquitos, (it is kind of cute); The Runaways, (historical reference to Josiah Harmar who ran away during the Battle of Kekionga in October 1790); The Summit City Sandbaggers, (which is referring to the Flood of 1982 where Fort Wayne earned the moniker "The City That Saved Its Self" and a fly in by then President Ronald Regan (who now has the interstate around Fort Wayne named after him) on Air Force One to access the damage and revitalization by the citizens afterward).

F6 is all for historical significance! We could always pay homage to Chief Little Turtle or one of the other foriegn nationals who governed this geographical area before it became a military installation and City named after an insane and abusive General in the United States Continental Army.

In my honest opinion, it is time to rename the Wizards!
Over all I think the Summit City Sandbaggers has the best historical significance as it continues to tell the story of individuals coming together no matter what their race, creed, colour, religion, or sexual orientation might be and working as a community in one accord for the sake of their fellow man. To prove that we recently had a similar experience with major flooding for about two weeks and once again the residents showed up and shouted with their bodies in action that "We is a commUnity!" That is something deserving of a team name. As much as I and most Libertarians and Conservative Republicans or Democrats disagree with the way Harrison Square was carried out politically and financially and will continue to bitch about it, this is not an issue of money or clout it is about our Community Pride being established in everything that we do. In my honest opinion, it is time to rename the Wizards!

This post is a continuation of
Support 3 Rivers Athletics: Spring into Summer, part 1 which is part of the continuing editorial service of F6 in promoting a healthy life choices in all gay bois and gyrlz. Through showing our support of the local amateur and professional sports and athletic associations F6 intends to prove it is possible to concentrate on more than just tight ends, wide receivers, pitchers and catchers, etc. Although it is nice to know that we can do more than think about swinging your nine inch piece of wood around in our hands.

The Photo:
Pemberton Ditch Sandbags Flood of 1982 is by John Stearns of The News Sentinel.

1 comment:

Elizabeth mK said...

The Summit City Sandbaggers.

As we discussed before, it has historical roots and since we're nowhere close to being a major league baseball city, why not have something with local historical significance?

It's rather amazing that this is happening now, to me at least. The other week, my sister Anna, my son Lex and I went to the fountain at Headwaters Park. We walked around half the circuit, taking pictures of the Fort (for the LPAC brochure) and various other graphical design things, statues, flora, and the like. Even some geese. In any event, I stopped and read almost every one of the historical factoid triangle plaques around the circuit. One of them jumped out at me, the one about the floods, and the floodplain and the nickname "The City That Saved Itself". I remarked to my sister that it is rather true. For all the crap we go through living here, when push comes to shove and something really bad happens, the city rushes to the aid of the less fortunate citizens. And even those citizens help their neighbors who may not be able to do much to save themselves. If there is one thing to be said about the City of Fort Wayne... We're usually a very hospitable lot. Every year, when the rain gets as bad as it has again this year, the volunteers to sand bag the river and lower areas come out in force.

The Summit City Sandbaggers!!!

That's my vote, even if I still hate the concept and reasoning for Harrison Square. Stupid stupid city planners.

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!