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16 May 2008

"When I grow up, mom and dad, I want to be a.... HOUSEWIFE!" New music video by JAY BRANNAN premieres!!!

Hi y'all. I am officially turning F6 over to Jay Brannan for this unscheduled Friday post. Housewife, the second song Jay ever wrote, now has its own spankingly awesome music video. If I knew how to gank the codes, I would have it up here in a half a heart beat!! Below you will find some other things that Jay wanted everyone to know about regarding his new album "goddamned", upcoming concert schedule, contact information, and other random bits of intellect or wisdom. As always you can find contact information, more reviews and articles by or about Jay, on F6's Links Page in the top left corner. The picture to the above right was taken by Walter Briski Jr. and used with permission.

Well, there's a lot of cool stuff happening RIGHT THIS SECOND. so I'm writing to give you the info. Keep in mind that I need your help with this shit. the music industry is changing because people who listen to music are the new power players, not all the rich conservative types. So if you like any of the stuff I'm doing, tell people about it! not just for me, but for the next generation. (cue theme music)

1. Click here to view the music video for "housewife"!! It is exclusively available on the homepage of spinner.com (part of AOL Music) and I need you and all your friends to watch it a billion times so these people realize that us freaky independent types are not to be ignored. Get the single on MAY 27 thru iTunes and other digital download stores.

2. Click here to pre-order your CD copy of goddamned!! although it will eventually be in stores, I am a small, unknown person who can't pay big retail chains to carry & advertise my album -- they need people like you and me to show them what they are missing out on. Reserve your copy NOW before it goes on backorder, and have all your friends do the same.

3. Uh, I made some t-shirts (also at the above link http://jaybrannanstore.com/ more coming soon). I have to quit my day job soon, and things like t-shirts will help put food on my table (not that i have a table. and not that i actually need more food in my life)

4. "HOUSEWIFE" will be available as a digital SINGLE on MAY 27 on iTunes and other digital retailers. The entire album will be available for download worldwide (I believe) on the 1st of July.

5. Click here for my TOUR DATES and the links where you can get tickets! (the last few are going up tomorrow (saturday). I feel really bad, cuz I know Madonna's tour is going on sale this weekend too...and I don't want to steal her thunder or anything, but PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THE SHOWS!!! so these bitches will let me come back someday and so I can pay for the fucking plane tickets to get there. You asked for it, so I'm comin! ......one thing you can do to help is add the Facebook events for my tour dates and invite your friends (only the ones you think might care -- no spamming)

6. I lost my virginity to Paula Cole's album This Fire. I just thought you should know.

xo jay

jaybrannan (main site)
myspace | youtube
The Morning After (blog)
... and coming soon to a cd player near you!!

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!