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13 June 2008

Scottish Highland Games are tomorrow @ Concordia Theological Seminary

Just the thought of sexy young men running around in plaid skirts... well you get the idea!

When: 14th of June, 2008 Time: 9a - 8p
Where: Concordia Theological Seminary Soccer Fields
6600 North Clinton Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46825
Free Parking: Red Lot (16b), Yellow Lot (16d), Green Lot (16c) and White Lot (17) Tickets: Adult $10 (13 & up), Children $5 (6 - 12) and Infant to 5 are Free There are two entrances: one will be off of Red Lot 16b by building #11 and the other will be at off of Yellow Lot 16d.

A day at the Indiana Highland Games will consist of: Bagpipe and Drums, Clan Tents, Food and Beverage, Genealogy, Highland Animals and Horses, Rugby (is back!!), Celtic Market Place - Shopping
9a - 5p Highland Athletic Competition,
9a - 3p Highland Dance Competition
10a - 8p Entertainment Tent, 9a - 12n & 1p - 4p Cricket
9a - 5p MacFarlane's History, 10a - 5p Children's Area
11a - 8p Beer Tent, 12:30p Welcoming Ceremonies
1:30p Haggis Toss and Bonnie Knees Contest (Sign up at Welcome/SCS Tent)
4:30p Athletic Awards Ceremony
6p - 8p Ceildah & Pub (one great party)

Children's Highland Games: will be available between 10a and 3p. Crafts will begin at 10a and run through 3p. This year the kids will have an opportunity to learn more and experience Scottish music first hand. They will have a chance to play a tin whistle bodhran drum, lesson are at 2p and 4p; the cost will be $10 each. The $10 includes the instrument, which you get to keep. Lesson sign up will be at the Welcome/SCS Tent. Scottish Country dancing lessons will also be taught at 2p and 4p. For more detail please check at the Childrens tent after 10a. (on June 14th) Don't forget about the children's athletics: Caber Toss, Sheaf Throw among others.

Live Music by Bag Pipe Bands from Indiana: 12n - Massed Bands* followed by the Parade of Tartans; 1p - The Ft Wayne Scottish Pipes & Drums (Fort Wayne); 1:40p - The Murat Highlanders Pipes & Drums (Indianapolis); 2:20p - FWPD Pipe and Drum Brigade (Fort Wayne); 3p - The Thistle & Heather Pipe Band (South Bend); 3:40p - The Indiana Caledonia Pipe Band (Zionsville); 5p - Massed Bands *Different Pipe and Drum bands from the area gather together and perform as one.

In the Entertainment Tent/Beer Tent: Dave and Trinity 10a, 1:30p; Melinda Crawford 10:30a, 3:15p, 6p, 7:30p (joint); Fonn Mar 11:30a, 12:45p, 5:15p, 6:45p, 7:30p (joint); Tugboat Jack 2:15p, 4p; Children's performance on Tin Whistle and Bodhran Drum and Scottish Country Dance 3p, 5p.

Food and Shopping Vendors: House of Douglas - Scottish Food & Bake Goods, Whistle Stop - American Food, Dough Ditties, Celtic Corner, CeltiCrafters, Scottish Banner Publications, The Scotland Yard, Faire Isles Trading Company, UK Market, Blossoms of Avalon


I previously have made editorial
comments that were republished on F6 regarding kilts/tartans or male skirts as an alternative to resolving the extreme sagging (below the buttocks) of pants issue with our teenagers.

And as a further note, if we did switch to a dress skirt for men, it would actually be more environmentally friendly. A basic male skirt wouldn't need to be washed after each wearing and you might actually get to wear it several times before having to wash it due to the lack of tight body/skin contact, thereby reducing the waste of water and the reduction of chemicals used to clean the fabrics. Of course by all means, don't pull a Brittney and forget to wear underwear, please!

I will post some modern male skirt links on the
F6 LINKS PAGE over the weekend.

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!