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11 July 2008

It's Three Rivers Festival Time...

Pardon me while I breakout into song with that old jingle "Come On Ever body" and "It's Three Rivers Festival Time" just for nostalgia sake. Of course some of these adamant evenings of clandestine debauchery began last night with the Midway @ The Memorial Coliseum and Verizon Karaoke Contest, but the 40th Annual Three Rivers Festival does not truly commence for the next two weeks until this morning @ 10 a.m., on West Wayne @ Rockhill when the National City TRF Parade begins in the historic West Centeral Neighborhood (map courtesy of Left In Aboite) and ends just south of Head Waters Park East on Superior at Clinton.

This year, fellow local blogger
Mark Carboni @ Creative Mind Of Carbo, will be on the Grand Marshall float along with others whom have shown strong support for the Festival over many years previous.

There are so many other events going on that deal with arts, theatre, culture, history, sports and athletics, of course education, and fun for the whole family. Take some time this weekend and checkout, take part in, get involved with, these organizations which are providing opportunities for us to grow together as a community. The TRF Festival Guide can be found on their website with the events broken up by each day.

I do want to issue a challenge though to THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF ALLEN COUNTY.

The TRF is a non partisan event and does not allow politics to be brandished during TRF events. While the sidewalks may be fair game, I am still crying foul for certain candidates going ahead of the
National City Parade on the same route and harassing the citizens and visitors with campaign materials. This is a clear violation of spirit behind the TRF Rules and Practices and the nature of The Festival itself. They came to see a parade not a politician. If the candidates do go through with this, I hope that Shannon White will consider pressing criminal trespass and civil rights violations against each of the candidates participating.

For other events read F6 articles on TTD In Ft Wayne
or visit
F6's Links Page under Fort Wayne Indiana
This post will be updated a little bit more with an addendum post after I get some sleep.

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!