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"The experience of the United States is a happy disproof of the error so long rooted in the unenlightened minds of well-meaning Christians, as well as in the corrupt hearts of persecuting usurpers, that without a legal incorporation of religious and civil polity, neither could be supported."

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31 January 2009

White Trash Weekend: It's A Bitch! Sorting Out The Sordid Lives Of The Religious Self Righteous, Whom Keep Calling Us Sinners!

The American Family Association wasn't happy that everyone went out and bought Campbell's Soup Company products, over the holidays to thumb their nose at the Religious Right Political Machine; so they decided to go after Pepsi Cola Company's policies and practices, $500,000 donations a piece to PFLAG and the HRC, and regarding the company's new slogan "SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE", which matches their product redesign in recent months.

Pepsi Company also has workshops for its employees in diversity training which includes educating about sexual orientation and gender identity issues (Queers United). After this boycott was announced, the Pepsi Company decided to tell the AFA to bugger off and released in the United Kingdom, a truth or dare advert. In the advert a group of three friends are at a bar and the two challenged the one to go up and ask a person he was interested in for a number or a nookie. The friends were left slack jawed when he went right passed the woman they thought he was focusing on and into the arms of another tall dark and handsome man.

What a way to come out of the closet!

The SORDID LIVES theme song originally by Olivia Newton John starts out with very simple questions, "Who is to say whose a saint and whose a sinner?" Yet the answer that the original motion picture and current (12 episodes so far) series on LOGO, (the first season is an interweave prequel to the movie), validates, in part that everyone is. We all are both saints and sinners. Perfection, none of us could achieve. It is balance that is required.

When we realize that, we start to treat each other less precociously, and truly do become free and liberated. When one finds liberty to be who they are, is when we might find peace on this Earth or at least be able to live with one another without all the hate, drama, self doubt, and condemnation. When we all find that simple truth of unconditional love of ourselves, as made in Divine image, we will all be free to love, think, and worship as we choose.

But then the American Family Association and organizations like them wouldn't have anything to bitch about and misinform the public, or dig for something to harrass (dare I even suggest, slander/libel), another person and his husband and his children over. The head of the Florida Family Association decided to put out a press release earlier this month attacking through many misrepresentations the nature of the show SORDID LIVES, and then tried to get an email campaign going against the advertisers of the show. Then took he took it twenty steps to far and attacked the family of Jason Dottley and Del Shores, the Producer of the movie and new show series.

As an issue of fairness, I am putting excerpts of David Caton's Releases, with Jason's response betweeen.
New companies advertise on LOGO show portraying "Baptist Texas family" as genderly dysfunctional
TVGuide.com describes “Sordid Lives” as a “Comedy about dysfunction in a Republican Baptist Texas family, much of it gender-bending.” The program depicts various family members as transgender, lesbian, bi-sexual and gay.
“Sordid Lives” was written by Del Shores who won the 2001 GLAAD Media Awards Outstanding LA Theatre Production for the play "Southern Baptist Sissies."
Del Shores left his wife and two daughters and later married his partner Jason Dottley. This information is reported at Wikipedia.
Talk about hate and real dysfunction. The all gay LOGO channel, owned by ultra-liberal left MTV, paid a man who left a real family for other men to write a show attacking Christians. They are directly labeling Baptists and Christians as “Sordid.”
Additionally, any child with a remote can watch the explicitly homosexual programs that air on LOGO.

Bowflex is a leading advertiser on explicit show that degrades Christians. “Sordid Lives” star launches campaign against FFA, Bowflex continues to be a leading advertiser.
“Sordid Lives’” star Jason Dottley has launched a campaign against Florida Family Association (FFA) in response to FFA’s communications with companies who advertise on his television show.

Del Shores left his wife and two daughters for the homosexual lifestyle and later married his partner Jason Dottley.

Florida Family Association has sent emails to the CEO’s and VP’s of Marketing of the companies who advertise on Sordid Lives since it first aired in October of 2008. Additionally, FFA has launched several email campaigns to encourage supporters to send emails to companies who advertise on Sordid Lives.
FFA’s daily communications with advertisers and supporters’ emails to advertisers have influenced approximately 25 of 44 companies to stop advertising on Sordid Lives.
FFA typically reports the names of all advertisers who have pulled off of the shows monitored. However, these advertiser names will not be released at this time because the cast of Sordid Lives has launched a campaign against FFA and FFA’s efforts.

Sordid Lives star Jason Dottley posted a page on Utube.com calling on fans to send emails and make phone calls to FFA and the show’s advertisers. Del Shores (alleged) mother contacted FFA. Numerous fans called and sent emails. Del Shores (alleged) ex-wife called David Caton, Florida Family Association Executive Director on his cell phone on several occasions.

Del Shores’ (alleged) ex-wife’s numerous phone calls and this frenzy of opposition against FFA’s campaign to influence advertisers to pull off of Sordid Lives indicate that LOGO may be threatening to drop this show. If this is the case it is good news that LOGO Channel’s most degrading and hateful show toward the Christian faith could soon be gone.
With all the false trollop accusations coming from Florida Family in the name of "Christian" righteousness and "protecting the family", I found it interesting to note that: 1. Mr. Caton did not include the Wiki link in his second Release but didn't apologize for the blatant misinformation in either Release; and aside from the fact that U is not an acceptable shorthand for You Tube, 2. nowhere in any literature could I find a caveat from Mr. Caton that, made the simple suggestion for his constituents, to be parents, and block their children from watching any questionable programs on LOGO from their televisions. It is called a VCHIP. Now while Florida Family runs for cover and tries to claim to have been victorious at the same time, Kelley Alexander and Del Shores, released joint statements concerning the false attacks by David Caton of Sordid Lives The Series and harassment against their family, especially their daughters, and Jason :

DEL SHORES STATEMENT: I did not leave Kelley for Jason. I met Jason six years after Kelley and I divorced. There is no hate in our very REAL family which functions quite well, thank you very much. I did not abandon my daughters. Kelley and I are good friends and like many divorced couples we share custody and co-parent together. And my children are amazing young women! Finally, my show does not label Baptists and Christians as "Sordid". I have many Christian friends and fans -- straight and gay -- who practice what Christ preached -- love. But yes, I will continue to write about and expose those like Mr. Canton who continue to spew hatred in the name of the Lord.

KELLEY ALEXANDER: I cannot believe that I feel I have to to issue a statement regarding a hate-filled campaign by a man I do not know who is attacking my family. First of all, I have a REAL family that includes my ex-husband, Del Shores and his lovely husband, Jason Dottley. While my divorce should remain private, I have to defend Del. I encouraged him to embrace his homosexuality, live his life openly and honestly and to write about it. He has been the most supportive ex-husband, father and friend I could ever imagine. He never left or abandoned his wife or children. He has supported us financially and emotionally one hundred percent. But most importantly, he is the most wonderful father I could have ever asked for my children. They love him unconditionally and cannot understand the hate that is sometimes aimed at him. They are the most amazing children I could ever hope for, and Del is a total and complete partner in raising them.

I am sad that in the year 2009, that they are exposed to the hate that is aimed at their father, their step-father and the gay community. My heart is broken for each and every thought that goes against what we have created as an amazing family unit. Del and Jason are as much my family as anyone born into it. I adore both of them. Lastly, I would like to thank each and every sponsor of the show SORDID LIVES. You are all amazing and have a huge base of support. No more hate. Thank you, ~ Kelley Alexander


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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!