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16 November 2007

A Crapload of Conduct Issues (Final Copy)

Over the last week or so several blogs in the area jumped on two particular bandwagons.

The two primary issues that did get coverage over the normal City of Fort Wayne government corruption or citizen's general stupidity, were discussions (which I started lurking across from Mitch Harper's
Fort Wayne Observed) on a certification of civility for bloggers who were being asked to moderate their blog content under the principles drafted by Tim O'Reilly.

A second bastion of cross blog politicking came when Rachel Blakeman of Be Part of the Solution started a discourse that comes down to boycotting businesses/owners that support a particular opposing political ideology, candidates, or platforms.

As of earlier this morning, also reminisced by Kody's
Tinnel Vision, it has been quite an interesting recovery from the elections. Even with the aforementioned cross blog debates as the blogosphere around these Three Rivers traffic has seemed to slowly trickle to a log jammed stream with no hope of recovering for a couple of days to a week, to the pointe that this blog, yes my blog, actually almost made it to the Top Twenty on the Indiana Influence Index of the Blog Network News site! Thank you!

To give you a basic rundown of my thoughts would probably take forever; so before I continue my response, let us first review the basics of the Civility Enforced platform from Irish blogger Tim O'Reilly.

We celebrate the blogosphere because it embraces frank and open conversation. But frankness does not have to mean lack of civility. We present this Blogger Code of Conduct in hopes that it helps create a culture that encourages both personal expression and constructive conversation.

1. We take responsibility for our own words and for the comments we allow on our blog.

We are committed to the "Civility Enforced" standard:

We will not post unacceptable content, and we'll delete comments that contain it.

We define unacceptable content as anything included or linked to that:
- is being used to abuse, harass, stalk, or threaten others
- is libelous, knowingly false, ad-hominem, or misrepresents another person,
- infringes upon a copyright or trademark
- violates an obligation of confidentiality
- violates the privacy of others

We define and determine what is "unacceptable content" on a case-by-case basis, and our definitions are not limited to this list. If we delete a comment or link, we will say so and explain why. [We reserve the right to change these standards at any time with no notice.]

2. We won't say anything online that we wouldn't say in person.

3. We connect privately before we respond publicly.

When we encounter conflicts and misrepresentation in the blogosphere, we make every effort to talk privately and directly to the person(s) involved--or find an intermediary who can do so--before we publish any posts or comments about the issue.

4. When we believe someone is unfairly attacking another, we take action.

When someone who is publishing comments or blog postings that are offensive, we'll tell them so (privately, if possible--see above) and ask them to publicly make amends.
If those published comments could be construed as a threat, and the perpetrator doesn't withdraw them and apologize, we will cooperate with law enforcement to protect the target of the threat.

5. We do not allow anonymous comments.

We require commenters to supply a valid email address before they can post, though we allow commenters to identify themselves with an alias, rather than their real name.

6. We ignore the trolls.

We prefer not to respond to nasty comments about us or our blog, as long as they don't veer into abuse or libel. We believe that feeding the trolls only encourages them--"Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, but the pig likes it." Ignoring public attacks is often the best way to contain them.

Of course this new campaign came with logos and banners and all the fluffy feel good bull lark that comes with "making the world a better place" feeling expressed through the "thoughts of those who are enlightened". I am so sorry, sometimes people just need a good deep dicking or ass spanking (read: brain refresher), whether it be from someone pointing out the practical or the more ideal response to an issue or at least educating through a tense situation or ignorant populous regarding a particular subject matter.

So of course others in the blogosphere of Fort Wayne decided to add their own explosive rhetoric into the mix. Eric White @ The Centerline, actually brought up that Tim O'Reilly added the category of "Anything Goes" as an option to amend the Code of Civility. All the blogs in the area included disclaimers and new applications of the Code, with some illustrating with cartoon animations one of which was that of a lit fuse on a dynamite stick amongst others.

Now of course this blog with my propensity to use male erotic art and photography has several ideas for how to illustrate each option and I will post those later. As to where this blog stands on the issues of blog civility? Blunt force trauma has always worked best in my case.

The questions posed by
Rachel Blakeman after some review of the cross blog debate still ring of the same hypocrisies that the liberals bitch and whine about when Christians boycott Disney and other theme parks for "Gay Days" or when conservatives bitch because liberals boycott certain manufacturers and clothing companies or grocery stores for certain work site practices and labor violations; yet still neither party, conservative or liberal, have bothered to chastise the S.A. [edited/cite] which uses homeless men as sweat shop labor and spend approximately 80,000.00 dollars a year to promote discrimination of gays and lesbians, or on occasion other minority group members.

My point is simply this, if you want to draw your line in the sand, fine do it; but then make damned sure as hell that you, put a concrete slab on either side of that line and erect a ten foot high by ten foot long fence between those slabs of cement, and post a don't trespass sign on either side. Don't be the ecological/environmental/economical conscienceless who preach against abusive work environments, for abstinence only education, protest harmful chemicals, and preach intolerance on a Saturday rally and then secretly shop at Wal*Mart on Thursday night when no one is watching or go to a gay bar on drag night while wearing a dress because no one will notice. Duality is what pisses me off more than anything hold your stand on ideals and in reality not just against individuals or companies.

I dislike the way Wal*Mart treats it's employees and what it does as a company to small mom and pop stores even here in big old Fort Wayne, Indiana. But there are three reasons why I still shop at Wal*Mart:
1. They carry my particular favorite brand of underwear, Hanes Forward Fashion Bikinis, String Bikinis, and Low Rise Briefs, with my over sized balls and a ghetto booty as big as mine they provide the support and longevity, sheerness, and breathe ability I desire in essentials wear. Three pairs that I still have from 1995, I know I am a bad queer boi, are just now starting to show wear and tear.

2. The five different medicines I am on for my two heart failures and kidney failure in the course of a year only cost me thirty six dollars a month, before Medicaid kicked in since I haven't been able to work my primary paying jobs since mid March. Now it roughly cost me sixteen dollars a month. Thanks to the Wal*Mart in house co pay of four dollars a prescription on certain medicines I am alive today and have not had to go onto dialysis yet.

3. The third reason is my nine year old boy Bruno, who I am probably going to have to take for his walk here shortly, before it gets to cold and beyond dark. He is on a special food diet and the only place that carried the type of food that he could eat during the E-coli scare that hadn't been contaminated was a Wal*Mart brand Lamb and Rice blend.

By the way, for those who don't know, Bruno is an Australian Cattle Dog (aka, Queensland Blue Heeler) with throwback traits.


As I can not find one of the pictures I am looking for, and knowing my luck it will appear as soon as I publish this final post, I am going to revisit this post in a couple of months. I hope that: a. the conversation will have not subsided as it is one that we as bloggers need to progress through and evolve around for a while; and b. as we try out these new codes of conduct and stretch and skew them to our own application of civility, we will remember that it all started with one man writing down his thoughts across the world wide web and all of us jumping his bones or at least bitching up a storm about it.

Now if I were still in advertising or marketing regularly I would tell my big standard company to take note of this power of one blog to change the conversation even for just a brief time from Ireland to Indiana and across the world. That is called in marketing, 'a desired return'.

I think that the biggest concern is that we don't become complacent in the comfort that we all have behind a screen of electrons and strokes on a well worn keyboard. For most of us if we didn't have the news sources either online, through television, or the good old fashion black and white newsprint, to feed off of for stories to banter about, what would we have left? Each other and that is exactly what we have now both in person and through traditional industry.

There is a huge debate going on about the future of news media in this country and everywhere else. The blogosphere hasn't just changed the status quota or flipped mainline journalism on its ear, it has changed the way we all look at cultures and ideas and common practices that aren't considered abnormal any longer.

We as bloggers have taken the time to share either our lives and our opinions on certain matters and sometimes a little of both about this small part of our world around us and hopefully along the way have learned from others what a true normal world view really is.

Truth be told, I am lewd and graphic (and I probably use the strong man argument style more than I should); but more so important is that I inform you of my sarcastic and queer view of life and love and doing them both well, sometimes. I can only pray you enjoyed the exploration and beseech to you peace in every imaginable form.

Blessings Along The Journey,

Fr. Fozy Bear
MRev. Kenneth White, Jnr.


Phil Marx said...

I think the idea of promoting civil discussions is valid, but I also think you have to be careful not to edit out too much.

I think defining "abuse" and "knowingly false" are often difficult to do without injecting ones own opinion into the matter.

Eric White said...

Father Fozy,

I cannot take credit for the "anything goes" amendment to the code. That was created by original author, and I just blogged about the addition of that category.


Fr. Fozy Bear said...

I must have misread your tabs it all looks the same in style font so it is hard to tell when you are quoting someone else, my apologies.

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!