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08 November 2007

The results of the municipal election sort of

It has been quite an interesting week as people from all three parties are just trying to relax and unwind after a hard fought and intense election cycle and recover from an even more intense results process and review of polling data.

So that the record and analysis is clear I am going to wait until all the numbers are in for an in depth review but here are some basic stats.

From the News-Sentinel or copied from Fort Wayne News

Without official numbers from the Allen County Election Board as of early this morning, the best indicator of turnout in Fort Wayne could be the mayor’s race. A total of 52,876 votes were cast for mayor, about 31 percent of the more than 173,000 registered voters. That would represent the lowest voter turnout in a municipal general election in Fort Wayne since at least 1947.

Fort Wayne City Council At-Large results

+Martin Bender 26719
+Elizabeth Brown 24920
-John Crawford 24813

+John H. Shoaff 26623
Thomas D. Essex Jr. 19645
A. Denise Porter-Ross 17402

Michael Brightbill 2880
Doug Horner 4516
William Larsen 4229

Now while the Libertarian vote looks dismal in the At Large races keep in mind that it is also a total of 11,625 votes compared to the almost fifty three thousand votes for mayor. Now just comparing the numbers as they stand here without having the actual stats one could guess that we had at least 2880 straight ticket libertarian votes and others who split their votes between all three parties, it will be interesting to read the final reports and spread sheets.

Within the district races it got more intense in the first district Byron Peters took ten percent of the vote and LPAC candidates averaged about five percent across the particular areas and certain races did stand out for obvious impact on the outcomes.

Jonathan Bartels pulled 6 percent from an even tie between Karen Goldner who won out over him and Don Schmidt by thirteen votes which are still in contention because of ballot discrepancies and will be decided later more than likely by a recount.

On another note, even though I had to pull my endorsement for Karen (because of the campaign flier which leveled accusations that could equally be applied to our new mayor elect Tom Henry as the tenure on City Council of both Schmidt and Henry overlap and certain other issues mirror), I also stand by my original statement of endorsement that she will be a welcome addition to the Common Council in her continued service to the community.

Robert Fuller while not defeating Timothy Pape in the fifth district still brought forth an eight percent pull of the vote lever or button in this case. Robert struck a cord with many constituents and like Karen took the time to get to know the people he lives and works with.

Hopefully this will allow both of the other Parties and the Journal Gazette to realize that the Libertarian Party is here to stay and is a force to be reckoned with in local elections. All bantering and posturing aside it was a fun ride and I am looking forward to next year.

It would also prove interesting to note how many abstained in either the mayor or city clerk race and how many others did bullet voting as the Journal Gazette suggested.

Special thanks to the News Sentinel, Frost Illustrated, and Nicole Pence, and Benjamin Lanka among many others for giving us assisstance in getting our message out to the general populous.

Fort Wayne City Council


Martin Bender, R – 26,719
Elizabeth Brown, R – 24,920
John Crawford, R – 24,813
Thomas D. Essex Jr,. D – 19,645
A. Denise Porter-Ross, D – 17,402
John H. Shoaff, D – 26,623
Michael Brightbill, L - 2880
Doug Horner, L - 4516
William Larsen, L - 4229

District 1

Thomas Smith, R - 6965
Kevin R. Boyd, D - 3538
Byron Peters, L - 1166

District 2

Donald J. Schmidt, R - 4549
Karen Goldner, D - 4562
Jonathan Bartels, L - 580

District 3

Thomas F. Didier, R - 5424
Debra McBride, D - 2897
Gloria Diaz, L - 491

District 5

Ronald Buskirk, R - 1715
Timothy Pape, D - 4006
Robert Fuller, L - 504

District 6

Joe A. Smith Sr., R - 789
Glynn A. Hines, D - 3609
Robert Enders, L - 248

stats copied from
Mark Rutherford's News On Electing Libertarians

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
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