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04 January 2008

Coming from another perspective: Things that happen at SnS at 3 a.m.

How much trouble can seven young adults get into at three in the morning without drinking alcohol? During our every other to three day get together last night at the now local blogosphere infamous Coldwater Road Steak~n~Shake, Ramblin Rosko (Harry), Homosef (Josef Holmes), and Caspian Greywolf (my brother, Curt), all decided to honor my request and give me some questions to answer for the F.A.Q.s part of F6's platform. I usually request questions from friends and family about every three months, and in true Fr. Fozy fashion attempt to answer them in an informative manner sometimes using myself as the guinea pig to prove the facts and queries or challenge common false perceptions and thought processes held in legend or myth.

A prime example is one of F6's first articles in its original old media forum several years ago. There was this one time I deep throat a smoked sausage for fifteen minutes to prove that *condoms don't taste bad but that the powdered latex comes off in the mouth and coats the inside; hence condoms don't taste bad but they make you feel numb on the inside of your mouth. They also make flavored and alternative fabric condoms to assist with any other hygienic, allergenic, or sensitivity issues.

[*EDITOR'S NOTE: Safe Sex Practices Advisory (see statement below too)]
One should always use condoms for all forms of penetration intercourse and
latex gloves and saran wrap for mutual play without penetration (rimming).

Ramblin' Rosko (aka, Harry) as a recent newcomer to Fort Wayne from New Orleans, Louisiana and Saint Paul, Minnesota questions have a unique innocence to them for not only is he still trying to figure out this new City but some how he has managed to become good friends with a segment of the gay community. One other note of humor and interest is that we are all watching as the "Curse of Fort Wayne" envelops him in this new adventure of his life. At the same point in time, we had a reverse statistic going on at SnS one other night as everyone was outside in the freezing ass cold to smoke thanks to the stupid ordinance revision by City Council last year we officially achieved a one in six straight versus gay ration, quite hilarious - you just had to be there, especially the look on Harry's face when it was pointed out.

Besides Steak~n~Shake what is your favorite hang out?

Well Harry that question has slight presuppositions, you see, SnS is not exactly one of my favorite hangouts to begin with. The reason I go to SnS is because my friends and end up there or start working there. Steak~n~Shake has the closest thing to an old style diner fountain shoppe atmosphere that one can find at three in the morning. I will say that I like the fact that the food is somewhat more affordable and I don't have to worry about my food allergies attacking since I know the cooks personally. The fact that I can say I know most of the staff by name and personality and it is almost like a large family (two beers short of being Cheers) and they know me, is what draws me back to SnS- it is almost like a virus. There is a sense of community there and that is what draws me to any establishment, common ground and friendships.

The only downside to eating at SnS is that a basic meal there takes my entire calorie intake for the day.

The Original Double Steakburger With Cheese Meal:
(info copied from

Food Calories Protein(g) Carbs(g) Fat(g) Saturated Fat(g)
Original Double with Cheese 580 32 29 38 16
French Fries, regular 472 4 62 23 5.5
Strawberry, large 1 shake 806 23 124 27 17.5
Deluxe Garden Salad 1 portion 226 13 10 15 9
Grand Total 2084 72 224 103 48

So you see Harry, I truly cant completely take in the entire Steak~n~Shake experience without serious ramifications to my health; but again, it isn't about the food it is about the community and the friendships. With all of that being stated beyond oblivion, the true nature of Fort Wayne hangouts aren't based on the services offered but the atmosphere provided; and with that in mind, here are some of my other favorite hangouts across the three rivers landscape: Powers Hamburgers, The Pointe Restaurant (Fort Wayne Truck Plaza), Jilly's Pub and Rich's Cafe (in New Haven), the (now closed) Hide~n~Seek's Leather & Levi Bar (on Sundays and Thursdays for karaoke), and El Azteca.

There will be more questions from Harry, Joe, and Curt being answered in the two weeks to follow. If you have a question that you would like answered on
F6 with an informative yet sarcastic queer view pointe please send them to frfozybearftwin@gmail.com with the subject line starting with "F6 questions:...."

6 has and will continue to discuss at length and promote safe sex as well as challenge racial bias/prejudice in the gay community as the black hole and eye that it is to the fabric of our own hard fight for equality.

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!