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17 January 2008

One of the downsides to New Media: Old Rules

In true old fashion reminder that riddles with every person especially the minute they begin a new venture or start a new job within government or major corporations and small alike: scrutiny rears its ugly orifices. The person either has to sift their history or obliterate their previous or future independence of expression on views and events from the public view. One of the things that NEW MEDIA NEW RULES promoted, wrongfully so in my opinion, was "no anonymous blogging/comments"; unfortunately that lack of pseudonymous status, has now claimed part of the historical record of Fort Wayne politics and life events in its wake.

Rachel Blakeman, formerly the Editor of BE PART OF THE SOLUTION has, according to Jeff Pruitt @ Fort Wayne Left, accepted a position within the Mayoral administration of Tom Henry as the Public Information Officer; as a precursor to that event, BPOTS went dead about three days ago and is now completely wiped from existence. This is the ultimate reason why traditional print media will never go completely away as a primary source, because it provides an historical record and is independent from what your current and future boss or company might consider within the preview of your eligibility for or sustainability with employment. If we are going to embrace the New Media over the Old or Traditional, then the Old Rules need thrown out as well or at least revised to accommodate if not the independent thought then at least the historical recall; which due to these actions, whether undertaken by Rachel as a personal decision or directed to her as a condition of employment, has greatly diminished for our posterity part of the dialogs of our City's history.

I used Rachel's analysis to balance my own on certain thoughts and issues and the give and take across the blogosphere of Fort Wayne has lost a great contributer to the conversation. I hope and pray that at some pointe she will make an archive available. I also wish her the best as she explores these new opportunities to keep the citizen informed and government as transparent as possible.
BTW, Jeff, thank you again for the information.

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!