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12 January 2008

FAQ's: These were a few a my favorite things

In this latest installment of F6 we continue with the list from Harry Reineke IV @ Ramblin Rosko. Some of the most awesome things to do along the three rivers, Harry, are completely illegal. Here are two examples:

1. Sometime after midnight me and some of my best friends will periodically go to to Reservoir Park on Creighton Avenue between Clinton Street and Lafayette Boulevard, after a good rain or snow storm and go sliding down either the east or southwestern face of the upper hill in our underwear. Normally someone snags themselves on a tree the second time down and so slowly but surely we'll probably end up naked as the game progresses. The goal is to not fall down completely if you do you loose and the punishment for loosing involves either a few smacks across the ass or purchase of the next case of beer the second one that looses buys dinner along with the third (usually Arbys since Powers is no longer open 3rd shift). The fourth is the pre-elected guinea pig or bait for any future pranks we decide to pull in the next forty eight hours. Yes we know it is illegal but damn it is fun. Between the hours of midnight and three hundred hours everyone else is either home asleep, working, or drinking at a local establishment; so aside from, an occasional yelps from: an almost castration, a few good smacks, and a tumble down the hill backwards, no one can actually see us frolicking around naked. We aren't disturbing the peace either since the hill and trees muffle the sounds of our little tangos.

If you ever heard me or any alternative Christian and pagan in the City affectionately refer this hill as God's Rock now you know what we are talking about. This is also a really cool place to go and meditate or just hide away from the world for a while. I would make one recommendation that you never go to La Rez alone, at least take someone with you as a look out. For a pointe of reference, F6's Title Banner Picture is taken from the northwest face of God's Rock.

2. Sledding or inner tube down the BMX hill at Franke Park (still clothed by the way) at like one in the morning at one in the morning. With the exception of that one hump in the very middle which will cause someone to loose the use of an appendage for at least two weeks. Grabbing a cauldron of hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows with a lighter finish out the event and make for an awesome way to meet new totally random friends in the course of just a few hours.

I think that is one of the truly beautiful things about our city,
"We are truly a 'Crossroad Community' and it shows in the everyday bounty; which rather unfortunately, goes overlooked by most when the daily grind takes over their lives. Take a moment to explore the hidden kaleidescope that is here in the midsts of this historic community. Take a bike ride along the River Greenway but don't feed the geese they do bite back. And while you are exploring the Summit City, take time to introduce yourself to a stranger and inherit 40 friends in five days flat."

3. We have some wonderful trails within the City and surrounding country areas although if you take the time to go on any length or duration of a trip you will want to make sure that you have a full service of food and water on board with you as well as a roll of toilet paper, first aide kit, and communication device of some form. Our parks also don't have full access toilets either so be prepared to squat at random places to relieve any byproducts that have built up. In addition study your maps (pg 2 pdf document) carefully because it is easy to get lost on and off the trail.

I spent a better portion of my weekends during my teenage years on the Greenway just exploring nature and the hidden beauty outside of everyones typical vantage pointe. After you get used to the River Greenway a little bit and I can find a seat that will accommodate my over sized balls I will show you some of the secret passages built in across the City. You would be surprised to find out how intertwined the City really is and most residents don't know it.

4. And while my fourth favorite thing to do around the Old Fort is not illegal it might be considered blasphemous by others. I developed this last one on my own while visiting my grandparent's grave. It is called "how far can you get around" and what you do is as you enter Lindenwood Cemetery you throw your car into high idle, lock in your cruise control at random speeds (no higher then forty mph) and then put your car in low gear. Then as you traverse the hills and valleys of the outer rim road of Lindenwood you see how far around you can go without loosing momentum. So far I have made it half way around at thirty two miles per hour and a quarter of the way around at twenty eight mph.

Photo of a map of Lindenwood Cemetery was ganked from the Northeast Indiana AIDS Memorial. While I do support the Memorial I do not support the CATT program which is where some of the money goes when purchasing a brick; so therefore can not suggest that anyone purchase a paving brick at this time, until Tula (aka Charles Miller) gets her fat little fingers out of the cookie jar and the pocket book of the Memorial- or the UTSCC for that matter.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Links not working; Image not showing]
[Apparently due to
F6's investigative work, before this post was made available to the public; enough questions were asked in the right direction/ towards the right people, that some heads decided to roll and websites were taken down, all because a cute little bear decided to paw at a few loose branches, oh well. Here ==> is a thumbnail of the picture you should have been able to see if F6 hadn't sent certain organizations scrambling for answers or cover, which ever applies.]

5. The fact that we are such a diverse City is one thing that makes us great. At one pointe you will still have the stereotypes and misnomers but in the same breath when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of the matter at hand whether Gay or Straight, Pagan, Jew, Christian or Muslim or any other random personal belief structure held by individuals, the betterment of the greater community usually shows forth before any individuals' bias in a given situation. Even when the occasional hate monger shows its ugly presence there are usually enough people to back up the one being attacked or at least available to assist afterwards, going beyond general Hoosier Hospitality, that is something ingrained upon us from childhood, to look out for each other and our occasional moments of stupidity.

Unfortunately as the City grows and we modernize we are starting to loose our sense of individuals making up a community rather than organizations as evidenced by the gang of little drunk homophobic twerps that attempted to shove a three hundred and forty pound bear (me) down last night after I broke up a confrontation they were having with another party by involving Fort Wayne's finest. Let's just say the picked the wrong priest to piss off, thankfully for them, I am a pacifist.

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!