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07 January 2009

F6 Command & Ops: Taking time out of your busy life to break into laughter 3x/wk by visiting a distant Outpost on 1 1/2 lane electronic gravel road!

Let's take a moment to uncover how well we did this past year.

One of the things that any web forum must do to have credibility in this day and age, is have at minimum a Site Meter. This allows other Blog Editors or Webmasters and Marketing people to see if your blog is worth linking to their web resource or if they wish to advertise or cross link to you and vice versa.

By reading this blog and others you can find out what is going on in the world or around you. If the blogger is worth their weight in Ferengi gold pressed latinum, then you will also learn how to make a difference in this world and make life better for the next generation.

Hopefully you will also find a way to laugh about it. If you must laugh at us, instead of laughing with us, that is okay too. Laughing is a good thing. Some say it is the best medicine. I would assert, it is the best way to shove the truth down someones throat while making them believe they thought the same way the whole time. Bad humour is why even the best preachers rely on a captive audience for fifteen to forty five minutes on a Wednesday and Saturday evening or Sunday morning services.

This is why I try to make you groan, either in bliss or agony at least once per post, while reading F6. This means that you will think for yourself and just take me at face value, all sarcasm, and commentary aside, even though I have been proven correct several times over.

Over the last couple of days, I have been trying to catch up on certain managerial tasks (which it should have been done already but with my computation machine taking a flying leap into a pile of flaming.....) like this end of year review for 2008.
Here are the basic stats as we have computed them so far:

For the last five months we have been in the top 20 on BNN's Influence Index for Indiana consistently. Over the last year, F6 missed our goal of 14 posts per month, four times. We were ten short for the entire year. Anyone that knows me for a minimum of a year will soon find out I am numerically and homo phonically dyslexic. I can still balance a check book, sometimes; but give me complicated math or statistics, and you will soon figure out that any numbers I try to compute are going to need checked by at least three other people, to find out what eye did wrong. However based on the law of averages, and recognizing that somewhere in my brain, F6's Anniversary period from August to September were joined together in the averages count, we still maintained an average of 14.36 posts per month at eleven months of publication. It made cents to me.

So in actuality what are you saying?

The total results factor in both time and reality. We missed the mark a third of the time. We still met the mark when all circumstances were taken into account.

Wait a minute, that sounds like U. S. Government Accountability Standards at practice here.

Well F6 is a social and political commentary; if it works for them, it can work for me too, lol!....moving on....

Sometime in March, F6 finally did add Site Meter widget to the Main Site and the Links Page. Since that time until the beginning week of this year here are the stats on visitors this year, followed by an average for nine months, and Site Meter's projection by Month:

F6 MAIN:Ttl: 37,887 A/M 4209.66 Prj A/M 3,517
F6 LINK:Ttl: 3,181 A/M 353.44 Prj A/M 719
Total of both: 41,068 A/M 4563.1 Prj A/M 4,236

Now before anyone panics, I don't actually accept advertising revenue as a general rule, it would take away from my objectivity in this forum. I do however believe strongly in the barter system and fair trade forms of market economics, and capitalism.

What would be really awesome is that, if even ten percent of my monthly readers took note when I do promote something because I find it intriguing and cool, and you then decide to try it out, could you also tell the company you heard about them from F6, so maybe I could get thrown a bone or three for the experience, pretty please. Better yet, also leave a comment, so I can receive some feedback too, thank you.

I also encourage non tax deductible donations through the PayPal link somewhere on the left to further the work of equality and liberty of F6, OLRM, and three other organizations I serve with in the local area. We currently have three types of ad banners sizes and varied locations available and you can contact me via the information on the bottom of The Disclaimers & Copyrights Page for more information.

On a last note, the preliminary test of going to three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday), while not quite getting out of the Shipyard with out loosing the main support beam in the process, went better than expected. So our goal for this year is twenty posts per month.

I thank you all for enjoying this adventure and beseech to you and yours, Blessings Along The Journey this year!

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!