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10 January 2009

National DOMA Protest: While the Queers march on Washington, President Bush is in Virginia naming an Aircraft Carrier after his father?

While Gays and Lesbians marched on Washington and around the country in organized protest and action against the Defense of Marriage Act, President Bush was in Norfolk, Virginia giving his Dad an, "I'm going to be getting kicked out of the Executive Mansion soon" gift.

President Bush had the US Navy name the CVN 77 in honour of his Father President George H. W. Bush in a ceremony today. The other record of note is that this is the first time a namesake of a Warship was present during the Commissioning and Launch. The ship will begin its service to our Country sometime in 2010. (Source: Fox News with additional coverage of GHWB comments here.)

The U.S. Naval Carrier Vessel 77, a Nimitz class Aircraft Carrier is has a dual Nuclear reactor that wont need to be refueled for 20 years and will serve this Country for the next 50 years. The GHWB can house up to 6,000 United States Service Members and 80 combat aircraft. Its breadth is 1092 ft long (comparable with the length of The Empire State Building), a 4.5 acre landing field, and a tower that exceeds 20 stories above the water line, it weighs in with over 47 thousand tons of steel and 1 million pounds of aluminum. The GHWB will be the tenth and final Nimitz class Carrier produced by the United States.

Talk about an impressive monument to a failed legacy. "See Dad, I even named a ship after us." In all honesty, this honour, for President Bush I, is something he truly does deserve. In 1943, he became the youngest naval aviator at that pointe our Country's history and he followed that dedicated sacrifice of 58 missions, by going to college and then serving in Congress and as the CIA Director back in the 1970s, eventually becoming Commander In Chief as our 41st President. It is just the timing and the fact that they didn't wait until he passed away, that makes it suspicious and flawed historically.

Wait! There were marches? There were protest? Where?

Well there was suppose to be a nationwide protest against the Defense of Marriage Act, but the latest dusting of the white stuff combined with a general lack of interest and organization locally, meant that once again Queers in northeast Indiana didn't participate unless they went to a larger City, or did something in smaller groups. Yet another failure to organize the local Queer Community has happened in the Summit City.

Later on this month there are two other days of action. On the 27th they are holding an Equality On Campus Rally and of course Dont Ask Dont Tell turns 16 years old two days later. Let's hope and pray that President Obama and the 11th Congress bend both DADT and DOMA across the mast of U.S.S. GHWB, CVN 77 and spank them both like the disgraced stepchildren to American law and Civil Society that they are!

Stay tuned I have two more posts to come today.....

Cite and Credit

The Top Video was done by Sean Chapin for Join The Impact.
The Second Video is an excerpt of "On The Other Hand, Death" starring Chad Allen in the lead and he is supported by, Sebastian Spence as Donald's life partner Timothy Callahan. This is the second in the series (which was originally written in 1984) of nine novels so far, written by Massachusetts journalist Richard (Lipez) Stevenson, beginning in 1981. The video clip is from the Donald Strachey Mystery Series on Here! TV Network

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!