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05 January 2009

First Post of the Green Year! Let's Have A Quickie? A Quick Political Review That Is.....

Well it has been an interesting two weeks, while I was finishing my 33rd birthday post last Monday evening, my computer decided to take a nose dive into flames and burned itself internally. Talk about trying to blow out a candle, I am not sure yet what caused it, but it died a horrible, painfully agonizing, death. Wait a minute, I thought I was the one experiencing the pain and the agony of loosing.....

F6 Command and Operations has been repaired, all records were backed up, and we are burning the plasma injectors out but still able to achieve basic warp capability. Even though my temporary 20 gig hard drive feels more like a Battle Bridge on a class three Frigate than the 160 gig Luxury Sovereign Class Battle Cruiser hard drive I had previously, gratitude more profound than words can describe go to my brother, CASPIAN GREYWULF. He spent days on end, in dry dock, salvaging what was left of my mainframe and slaving over hot processors to get a used hard drive to work for me temporarily. Thanks also go out to Mark and Topher, for letting me interrupt their New Years Eve, to ring it in with all of you throughout the blogosphere; and remind you too, recycle your Christmas Trees, but keep the tinsel please.

Talking about getting burned and watching your life go up in flames.....

The truce between Hamas and Israel ended over the last week as well. Zionist are on the defensive and Leaders from Hamas have gone into hiding and civilians are now running from white phosphorus bomb attacks by the nation of Israel, who are labelling the civilian casualties as unfortunate and then writing them off as collateral damage. In the recent Military force response this week, they used the condemned weapons, on a key leader of Hamas, Proffesor Nizar Rayan's, family dwelling - which is a violation of the Geneva Conventions, but they did not sign on to - and raised the civilian death total to 15 Hamas, 5 Israelis, according to the latest reports availble to me.

EDITOR: For more information, read this article from the LA TIMES and watch this video and then this video from The Young Turks for more.Please also refer to this and the end of this post on F6, as they are sort of intertwined. What was that I said a while back about revenge in the name of religion over Sovereign peoples, oh well, I digress.

But guess what, the United States also used WPBs during Operation Iraqi Freedom, in 2004, during the offensive in Fallujah and denied such until November of 2005. So it looks like when all is said and done there will be even more war crimes for President Bush, who will probably get away Scot free. Thank God/dess he is finally ending his eight years of divisiveness and hatred in America.

On the home front, stormy waters are ahead for the inauguration in twenty days.

Besides the ongoing scandal of the Governor of Illinois trying to sell off a Senate seat to the highest bidder, getting stopped in the process by the FBI, and then everyone in Chicago's political machine running for cover, including sitting Federal Representatives. The Governor decided to thumb his nose at the Legislature and the Courts and use his Constitutional power anyway. He appointed Roland Burris, a 71 year old, former Illinois three term Comptroller and one term Attorney General, to fill the vacancy left by Mr. Obama's selection as our next President. Which has now forced Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, to noticeably consider eating his words about standing squarely against any tainted appointment, with possible pressure by "Black Leaders/Community" as this man would be the only Black member of the Senate.

In other news, Governor Bill "sorry but I was confused by the question" Richardson of New Mexico has stepped down from his nomination as Commerce Secretary, in the incoming administration, due to a scandal brewing in his state regarding the distribution of government bonds.

How was that for a quickie, eer, quick review?

See y'all on Wednesday! We should be almost fully operational and triangulated back to our original course by then.


Anonymous said...

Maybe this is me talking nonsense, but it seems like Google isn't a company run strictly by the top and they seem to be doing quite well.

Anonymous said...

Hey i am suuper boy

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!