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02 August 2008

Random thoughts and sarcastic intuition about local politics and community events

So technically this was suppose to be Wednesdays post; but with the constant heat and humidity (as previously explained), plus everything else going on, I have not been able to sit down at length to write til last night and today. Today I would also like to wish a joy filled Sabbath of Lammas to all of my Pagan/Wicca readers out there. May we all one day learn to break bread together.

A lot of interesting things have unfolded in the
local political foray the last month or so, almost to numerous for any one person to keep track off let alone write summaries and commentaries over on a regular basis.

The bulk intent of this post is
to continue following up on stories previously covered on F6 and then catch everyone up on some newer stories that just compound the overall ignorance of government (H/t Spaulding Brothers @ WGD,T? ) to manage things successfully. Tax abatement should never be offered as an incentive for development, we cant afford anymore!

So first lets go on a tour of the local blogoshpere just to get caught up. I have
primary blogs that I use (lower center and right columns) as resource for local perspectives across the political and cultural landscape along our three rivers.


F6 previously has covered the Harrison Square continuing debacle (newest to oldest) here and here, primarily along with other posts and some posts in regards to our Mayor's promises during the election (3rd-5th ip) and actions while in office. According to local blogosphere (FWOB & FWP) coverage, a month ago my concerns regarding the campaign promise of "Safe Houses" have been validated almost entirely.

However, the main story for this post, is in direct reference to a previous story by Indiana News Center that was covered on F6 in mid March and at the time actually garnered an anonymous comment in opposition to some of my analysis and commentary.

In a more recent political news update, reported by Benjamin Lanka of the Journal Gazette, on Monday, Mayor Tom Henry, finally ups the anty on Harrison Square by putting a down payment on a one bedroom with den condominium for ten percent of the total price which will face the new ball field.

It is also reported as a rumor on
Fort Wayne Politics that some one went ahead and purchased/put a down payment on a block of thirty condominiums at a seriously reduced rate, which screams of "save our corporate asses from this deadline, pretty please" as a typical reaction from a third party private investor who doesn't want to loose his shirt and pants (If he is cute though, I would pay to watch it happen) over the deal.

Now it'll be really hard to tell whether the foul balls from City Hall are coming or going.

I will continue this post on Wednesday the 6th, the Solemn Feast
of the Transfiguration (2nd Peter 1:16) which is a universal major celebration in all the Anglican, Orthodox, Catholic Churches and Independent Sacramental Movement Communities. The Transfiguration of Lord Joshua~Emmanuel of Nazareth on Mt.Tabor this year also marks the tenth anniversary of Fr. James Koons death. May his soul, through Divine Mercy, always find eternal peace and happiness, may his prayers merit our true intercession with one another! He is truly a Saint.

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!