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12 October 2007

News At Six: Spotlight on Local Libertarian Candidates for City Council

The Libertarian Vote in Fort Wayne Elections by Nicole Pence

(Fort Wayne, Indiana) Election Day is just 25 days away. This year, there will be more than the candidates from the two major political parties for Fort Wayne voters to choose from. Nicole Pence looks at the impact the Libertarian party could have on the November election.

Allen County's Libertarian party is making history for itself. The party has a candidate in every Fort Wayne municipal race, but the mayors seat and the 4th district council slot.

At a forum last week, Libertarian candidates turned heads. (showed clip of Byron Peters with no audio from earlier YLNI coverage)

Sam Wiesenberg IPFW student: (Will it make a difference in the way you vote?) Actually it will. I usually lean republican, but i really liked the libertarian candidates tonight."

Nicole Pence Indiana's News Center: "The Libertarian party of Allen County was reborn about four years ago. In the last major election in fort wayne, they had no candidates on the ballot. This year they offer eight."

Robert Fuller 5th District Candidate: "I've always been a die-hard Democrat, but I found a party that I really generally like and I'm willing to support it in anyway I can."

Doug Horner At-large City-Council Candidate: "I got tired of the status quo consistently people. Most people are ignoring the will of the against Harrison Square."

Jonathan Bartels 2nd District Candidate: "City council is saying we need to spend money on this or we need to spend more money on that. Well no. Fort Wayne's got a lot going on for it, you just need to advertise a little better."

A win for a third- party candidate is a long-shot -- but the Libertarians could still have an impact on the races.

Andy Downs: "Many say the Libertarian party appeals to the Republicans who are a little less interested in social issues, sort of traditional republicans. So, it's conceivable they'll pull some votes from there."

Jonathan Bartels 2nd District Candidate: Irrespective of the final count in November, we've still gotten some of our ideas out there."

To watch the video please visit the Networks of Indiana's News Center

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
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