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12 October 2007

Considering the options

So after reading through everybody's blogs that I am aware of I am still left with the secondary option of abstaining my vote in the Fort Wayne Mayoral Race. There is no way on this green earth I could vote for Tom Henry. He is just hands down the wrong choice for this City. However as certain events and issues unravel I am left no choice but to abstain my vote for either Tom Henry or Matt Kelty. As I posted in a previous blog on 27 August 07 I asked several questions which I haven't found an answer for yet but I am still looking. I think it would be a good idea to repeat those questions again.

Just some random thoughts about the mayoral race in Fort Wayne:

What if Matt Kelty wins and is then convicted?
Who will Slicer Shiney choose to replace him?
Could we end up with a has been of the Party
who wants to get 'their dues' in or payed back?

What is the impeachment process for a Mayor?
Will we have a legitimate precinct vote or will it be whoever Steve chooses?
If the Republican Party is already in shambles because of these fiascoes,
how much longer before it totally collapses to a barely existent Party?

Does anybody else have answers or thoughts?

I wonder what it would take to get a "write in campaign" going so close to the election. Better yet what would it take to get everyone to abstain their vote for the mayoral race but vote in all the other races. Either option would throw Allen County and Indiana politics on its ear for the next two years at a minimum but the more doable would be the write in campaign because people in general are too incompetent to abstain from pushing a straight ticket vote and then going through to correct or dis elect the straight ticket options per item line.

Just some thoughts,

Fr. Fozy Bear

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!