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17 October 2007

UTSCC is starting to issue damage control

*singing (to the tune of jingle bells)
"... Oh what fun it is to watch the drama unfold. Hey!

UTS, UTS, UTSCC, Come down off your blind old horse and join the jubilee.
UTS, UTS, UTSCC, Open the books, Throw out the crooks, and make us happy... as can be"


The UTSCC's real name is the Fort Wayne Community Educational Center Inc. in order to have the Educational as part of their corporate title their primary objectives and functions must meet the titles name eg. Community Education. The primary source for that title or function before 1997 flows from one source Charles Miller, and therefore the source must be reimbursed.

Let me give everyone a basic rundown of the Charles Miller matter. It goes back to the fact that old Chuckmiester is the head of the CAAT program which receives funding from two original sources (as the story goes) one is the Annual AIDS Benefit, which has raised a crap load of doughage that "has stayed in local hands *cough*" and the other is the State of Indiana for some Health program to minority at risk group members who cant receive assistance from normal (read hetero) channels.

The second part of the controversy comes into play when you look at at the fact of how much he did make for no accountability of hours worked in the field. The time sheets were not just rubber stamped they were hardly never turned in and therefore for several years Aunt Chucky was improperly reimbursed with full knowledge by the Board of Directors.

Back in early 2005 when I went after both Charles and Donald Archey I was stopped by the UTSCC by both the Treasurer and Chairperson at that time and threatened with libel, slander, and defamation of character, amongst many other charges.

So if you look in the March issue (pg 20-21, ip 5-6, 8-9) that year of The Rainbow it clearly shows the infringement when one reads between the lines. The last monthly article of that issue was mine. Which was followed by Chucky giving (pg 22) the Annual Service Award (in his own name of course) to Archey to blow over the chaos I had started by uncovering the corruption on both sides.

By September I was forced by the Chairperson to stop running HORIZONS since it was me protecting the kids from those who would assault them that started everything in full swing even after the Archey/Miller issues somewhat subsided. The fight continued throughout the year, until I was banned from the UTSCC under false pretenses because I was uncovering more and more corruption and to top it all of the Center had known felons of certain varieties working with youth and young adults. They sacrificed our kids safety by banning me and others to keep a 75,000 dollar gift
which never materialized from a violent sexual offender.

So much for ethics.

More To Cum... eer .... Come!


The UTSCC board has not publicly responded to the JG article as we have been working on plans to address some of the issues raised in that article. However, since questions have been asked, they deserve answers.

First, there is no money missing. What the writer failed to state in his article is that month over month for the period of 2000-current, all accounts balanced to the penny. All bank accounts were reconciled to the statements and at no time did any discrepancies appear. We are working to again try to determine why the tax forms showed variances.

Second, as for our "refusing" or "declining" audits as the article stated, we have never refused or declined an audit. Instead, we have not been able to have an audit simply because the center could not afford the cost (estimated to be in the thousands of dollars) of what an extensive audit would cost. We also have not found a CPA who could do this for us either at no cost or greatly reduced cost.

Lastly, we have started working with the Non-Profit Resource Center at the Allen County Public Library. This organization has already given us a wealth of information that we plan to use to reorganize the operation to make sure that UTSCC is not the subject of another article such as the one this month.
28 October 2007 courtesy The Rainbow Reader Yahoo Group without signature attached.


Ron said...

MAN OH MAN....I was threatened by Charles Miller when I began my exposure of Pastor Donald Archey. I received a SCATHING email from Charles telling me how CRAZY I was...and how I should watch out becasue..."You point one finger...and many fingers come back pointing at you...". He then proceeded to go on about did I let my partner know what I was doing ....blah blah blah.

I telephoned him and told him I had proof Archey was scamming money...and gave Tula (aka Charles Miller) names and phone numbers of past Archey Aids Foundation supporters I had spoken with regarding Archey's continual use of AAF funds for his(Archey's)personal use.

MAN OH MAN AGAIN...when Archey asked me to be his treasurer(I now realize it was only because I would be arrranging a BIG benefactor for AAF)I was shocked and appalled to see the AFF checking statements. Archey had been using it as his own personal ATM.

NOW...Archey is back on the prowl again. He is scheduled to speak at the annual "NATIONAL ASSOC OF BLACK SOCIAL WORKERS (MINNEAPOLIS,MN branch) on Oct 26, 2007.

I was able to obtain a brochure for the event. AS BIG AS YOU PLEASE...Archey states he is the "Associate Pastor of New World Church, Ft Wayne, IN.

I left messages for Rev Bobby Markey at all three numbers....SPEEDWAY BINGO, New World Church(next door to Speedway Bingo)and also the New World Church Outreach(where Archey (AAF) USED to preside till New World fired him after the article by Dan Stockman in the Journal Gazette.

In recent Frost Illustrated Articles Archey has repeatedly stated his NEW home is Union Baptist Church on Smith St here in Ft Wayne...YET...no mention of AAF is made at the church...or no schedules of the kids after school (LET'S TALK) he insisted were being done at Union Baptist.

NOW...he says he's back at NEW WORLD CHURCH?????

He states in one Frost Illustrated how he STEPPED DOWN from AAF...then in another article he states how AAF is now financially strong and secure thanks to Rev Sylvester at Union Baptist Church. YET...AAF or Archey is NOT on the Union Baptist website.

Archey tells so many lies...I know he cannot keep track of what he tells to whom.

This guy is a scam artist...how can he continue to scam so blatantly?

PLEASE.....blog administrator...if you are the one who wrote on the Reality site...please contact me..I need to know how to stop this insanity.

Ron--- graway925@yahoo.com

Fr. Fozy Bear said...

Just call me 260-312-2200 and leave a message with your phone number please.

Fr. Fozy Bear said...

According to recent rumors

Someone at the Community Center has downloaded all of my blogs again and are going to attempt harassing me with charges in order to cover things up again. Don't they realize that covering this shit up for the last several years is what got them in the mess they are in now. Oye vey!

Not to mention the fact that several persons within the matrix of the Center are making defamatory and homophobic remarks about Dan Stockman which according to Fort Wayne ordinance might be labeled as a hate crime, thanks to Tom Henry's tenure on City Council, lol!

It is pretty sad that all they would have had to do is come clean two years ago but still yet they are choosing to duck and cover over all the bad press and community outrage.

Here is your warning, UTSCC, the Indiana Attorney General is right around the corner and he is coming in with a vengeance. I would strongly recommend you change your attitude quickly before you loose everything.

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
thanks to the sacrifice of many the scourge of Dont Ask Dont Tell in the land of the free and home of the brave will be gone by the end of June!!!!