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19 October 2007

Kelty has repeatedly shoved my *Head 2 Brick Wall*

Unfortunately I am now left with no choice but abstain from voting in the Fort Wayne Mayoral Race because of certain incidents. These other incidents at initial light could be considered novice mistakes like a slip up on a form or a cake decoration being taken just a little to far in satire and offending everyone elses sensibilities. But the recent incident has no excuse for its self and it is not even the initial incident that I have issue with but the response or more important is the lack of response on the part of the Matt Kelty for Mayor Campaign.

He was informed of the advert at 21:10 the evening before the day he gave the interview to Pat White and the fact that he stated he was informed of it only that morning is a direct and bold face lie. It is poppy cock for him to say that he did not have the opportunity to here the advert throughout that day when I in fact told him where to go to listen to the advert. Plausible Deny Ability doesn't tread water on this one.

In regards to the radio advert by the AFA IN PAC against Gays and Tom Henry.
AFA IN PAC President, Micah Clark, had this to comment (s: Dan Turkette,)

As the person who wrote the ad, allow me to explain what the ad is about and why it is not negative, for those who do not understand the difference between an issue contrast ad and a negative ad.

I wrote the ad based upon specific ordinances Councilman Henry introduced and actual votes that he cast on others. It was not deceptive. It was not about about anything he has merely said, or speculation of what he may do as mayor, nor was it a personal attack on him. It concerns his record, whether or not that record is a negative or controversial matter is up to the voters to decide.

Unlike a negative ad, this issue ad is not a distortion of those votes. Again, the ad is not an attack, but a reminder to a specific audience who cares deeply about these issues.

I believe that is why the far left blogosphere is so upset. They can’t deny Mr. Henry’s record, and they know what groups are supporting him. (This info was posted on this blog weeks ago, and is fairly common knowledge.)

People who are upset with us for focusing on these votes claim it is negative to remind people who would strongly disagree with these legislative actions from any politician, of these specific actions, at a time when the media is focused on cake, a congressman and other sensational matters that one could argue matter less to a city office than the city ordinance issues raised in our ad.

Many voters (particularly parents and people of faith) are concerned about the culture of Fort Wayne. They wonder why Constitutionally allowed regulations of adult businesses designed to reduce the verifiable negative effects like crime and lowered property values, were never passed years ago by the FW city council, even though similar regs were adopted in South Bend, Mishawauka, Indianapolis, and dozens of other Hoosier cities.

It is our role to bring up those issues people care about during elections. That is largely why our PAC, (or anyone else’s) was formed. If the NRA has a PAC it is to bring up Second Amendment issues in an election and to educate their supporters of those issues and where candidates stand on firearms freedoms or restrictions.

By the way, for those on the lefty blogs who took issue with the sentence that as a parent, Matt Kelty understands the dangers of our sex-crazed world. As originally written, I used the term sex-saturated, but thought that the voice over might stumble on that, so I changed it to sex-crazed. Some person either without children or living in another reality, said in reporting about the ad, that they did not think we lived in a sex-crazed world.

There are currently an estimated 447,000 people on the sex-offender registry in the United States. There are 11,274 in Indiana. (Many pedophiles and rapists violate the law and do not register.) The porn industry in America, each year brings in more in revenue than ABC, NBC, CBS combined. In another example, it more money in the US is spent on porn than is spent on the Superbowl.

According to the CIA, each year in the United States over 50,000 people, mostly young girls and children are trafficked through the country as sex slaves.

I’d say we are a nation that has become sex-crazed and responsible parents know it and fear for the safety of their kids. (What parent in their right mind today, says to their child getting on a bicycle, what those of us over 30 routinely heard as kids . .. “Be back by dark” or “Be Back By Supper”? )

The ad is about issues aired in a forum of people who care about those specific issues. A good way to prove this fact, is to watch people who disagree with those issues, talk about the ad, smear it as negative, but shy away from quoting exactly what the ad really says for fear that people reading the ad might actually consider it and agree.

Lastly, in case someone wonders, this ad is from the American Family Association of Indiana PAC. The Kelty campaign knew nothing of, nor had anything to do with its content or any other factor regarding the ad, its placement, duration, etc. I have no idea what Mr. Kelty thinks of the ad, or if he’s even heard it on the Christian station. We ran the ad for our own reasons in accordance with our own purposes regarding family values issues and our many supporters who listen to that station and care about these topics.

Agree or disagree with us or our ad, we did nothing unusual, unethical, negative, cruel, untruthful or even uncommon to a significant political race of this size.

You can find a rendition of the interview Matt Kelty did with Pat White on WOWO's The Big Show this afternoon regarding the advert on American White Guy's Blog.

I am extremely disappointed in these statements in the advert and lack of action or response by the Matt Kelty Campaign and while I cant fault Matt personally I also can no longer endorse Matt without reservation due to the fact that those whom he has chosen as advisors in office will be as incompetent then as the ones he has now for the campaign. My prayers and thoughts, go out to Matt and his family. My heart wishes he would win because between the both of them he is down right the better choice but the likely hood of that happening is slim pickings of sour pickles.

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give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?

give medals 4 killing men but 4 loving men they wish you were dead?
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